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  1. Josh Bowen

    Scotty Cameron Putter Certificate

    I have purchased a scotty cameron newport putter, but it didn't come with Certificate of Authenticity or written guarantee. I am not sure it is authentic. Do you know scotty cameron putter which model come with COA or written guarantee? Such as 2018 Newport 2, Fastback, Squareback, Laguna, are there come with COA or Guarantee?
  2. Josh Bowen

    Scotty Cameron Putter Certificate

    I have scotty cameron newport 2 putter ,but I didn't received any certificate. Does it normal? I am worried if it's fake. Who can help me ? If anyone can send me a certificate about newport 2 putter
  3. Do you known if scotty cameron has launched newport 2 left hand putter?
  4. Josh Bowen

    Is this a Fake Scotty Cameron?

    thanks for your reply and all information.I feel use this putter play well You can PM me via email for the price. Email: golfwin@126.com
  5. Josh Bowen

    Is this a Fake Scotty Cameron?

    I order a newport 2 from a shop ,is it fake? I don't know how to junge it ,who can help me?
  6. Hello ,USA friend,I have collect scotty cameron 2018 newport 2 putters right hand and left hand in USA ,I have never use it yet ,now I have to leave USA and want to sell it for someone who really need it . If you are interested in ,just PM me. Thanks for your time to read this note.

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