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  1. Day 20, 20 January (wrongly posted yesterday’s update as day 20). Again following-up on my lesson on Friday, I was in my garage, using my SkyTrak, working on my takeaway and rotating my shoulders through release - with my 8i. I am beginning to see consistent strikes and distances. I then moved in to my driver, same principles, and again starting to see respectable results. Having read many folks in hear refer to TRAIN FOR HOLF LIKE AN OLYMPIAN, I too delivery of a copy yesterday.
  2. Day 20, 20 January, Having had a lesson yesterday, I worked on my takeaway, and my release through the ball. Used a 7i, and progressed on to working on my driver.
  3. Day 18, 18 January 1 hour golf lesson working on takeaway and driver set-up and release.
  4. Day 17, 17 January An early start, pre-heading out to work, to maintain the momentum. Hitting into a net for 10 minutes, with 9i and 6i, working on takeaway on plane and position at the top of a backswing. I saw some footage of a nice swing on Twitter and it resonated with what i am working on, so I had that visual in my mind and it helped. Also, carpet putting from 6ft. Building on recent focus on bringing the putter back on a straight line with a steady stroke through, I was focusing on th distance of the takeaway. I minimised this to help gain control and I sunk 24 consecutive putts.
  5. Day 16, 16 January An early start today, so far over 30 minutes of putting. From 5ft and 6ft, working on taking the patter back on a straight line then a steady stroke through. My challenge is to get 5 in a row before a short break. I have achieved this on a number of occasions, with 10-in-a-Row being the max score. I also spent 10 mins with my 6 iron, hitting shots into an impact screen, working on the same principles as I did with the putter: bringing the club back in plane, followed by a steady stroke through the ball. Posted now but I will continue when I get the opportunity later this evening.
  6. Day 15, 15 January Working on swing plane, with focus on takeaway and position at the top of my backswing. Also working on pace / rhythm. Used 8i. 15 mins. 5 mins putting from 6-7ft.
  7. Day 14, 14 January New driver: 40 mins working on takeaway and release. Roll-on my lesson at the end of this week!
  8. Day 13, 13 January Played 18 holes at my course. Scottish winter: gusty winds, some rain and prett soft underfoot. i struggles off the tee but improved as the round went on.
  9. Day 12, 12 January A number of sessions total totalling over 2 hours. Used various clubs working on set-up takeaway and swing plane.
  10. Day 11, 11 January Spent one hour in my practise area focussing on staying over the ball and dropping into the slot at the top of backswing. A slow start, i didn’t feel loose today, but I got there. I brought out my new driver for the last 15 minutes. Lots of work ahead with that!
  11. Day 10, 10 January i feel so inept posting alongside those folks who are in the hundreds, but getting to double figures is the most consecutive days that I have ever done. But it is working because keeping it going is making me work on my game when ordinarily I wouldn’t bother. Whilst it’s only a paltry ten days, I really feel that it has already made a difference. This coincides with me signing up a winter programme with my pro so the quality of my practise is better too. Quality and frequent! Today - 15 mins working on my new swing: the feel at the top of the backswing, staying over the ball and whipping through at impact. 5 mins on 12 foot putts too - taking the putter back on a straight line and a consistent stroke. More to follow tomorrow after my new driver arrives!!
  12. Day 9, 9 Jan 5 minutes in my top hall putting area. Working on taking the club back on-line and a steady stroke through. I’m really seeing the results. 15 minutes on my SkyTrak, 8i, working on staying over the ball, dropping into slot at top of back swing and whipping through the ball. Onwards! lesson booked for next Friday, game this Sunday.
  13. Day 8, 8 January A short session today: 10 minutes working on position at the top of my backswing, and growing what that feels like. Hit a number of shots with a 8i. 10 minutes putting from 12 ft, working on a straight takeaway and consistent strike through the ball.
  14. Day 7, 7 Jan a shorter session today due to work and ill health. 10 minutes of putting at distance of 12 ft. Really concentrating on a straight take away and steady motion through the ball. It felt good and amazingly I putted 9-in-a-Row.
  15. Day 6, 6 January 1 hour and 10 minutes using SkyTrak off a mat, working on my swing plane. Main focus is coming from inside as I start my down swing. Also working on releasing through the ball. 15 min carpet putting from 12 feet. Working on taking the club back straining. Straining = straight line

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