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  1. Day 59, 28 February 5 minutes, using a practise club, working on pull-back, releasing through the ball, and turining to target. Thereafter, I used my 9i and hit about 20 balls, focussing on same things. I finished off with a carpet putting session, working on set-up and alignment, from 12ft.
  2. Day 58, 27 February Working on irons (6, 8 & 9) - focusing on swing plane, releasing my hands, and turning shoulders, through the ball. I finished off doing the same with the driver.
  3. Day 57, 26 February 30 minutes working on my shorts iron (w) and 58 degree wedge. The focus was rotation through the ball.
  4. Day 56, 25 February Carpet putting after along day travelling to London and back. I did my drill, this time from 10ft and 5ft: working on set-up and steady stroke through the ball.
  5. Day 55, 24 February I played four, par 3, holes on my simulator - to focus on itinsnand wedges. Then, a putting drill from 12ft and 5ft, focussing in pace.
  6. Day 54, 23 February the day after a round of golf, I took to my garage to work on my irons. I shortened my back swing to great effect - more control, better strike and no discernible loss of distance.
  7. Day 52, 21 February Preparation for a game tomorrow: short irons, 3 wood, driver and putting. Still focusing on shoulder rotation, and coming through the ball.
  8. Day 51, 20 Feb Extensive practise this evening, using SkyTrak, in the trsusting mentality, preparing for a game in two days. Sessions included: 7i, wedge matrix, hybrid, then driver.
  9. Day 50, 19 February Carpet putting today, doing my % drill from 5ft and 12ft. The focus was on shoulder rotation and a steady stroke through the ball.
  10. Day 49, 18 February Pitching from c30ft. Working on set-up, feel and turning through the ball. I hit over 100 balls. Used my driver, hit 20 balls on SkyTrak, working on takeaway and rotation through the ball.
  11. Day 48, 17 February Three sessions today. 1. Driver, 40 mins, working on rotation up through the ball. 2. 6i & 8i, 30 mins, turning my upper body on backswing and walking through the ball to my finish. 3. Long driver competition, using SkyTrak, to test distances with 4 different balls.
  12. Day 47, 16 February- Part 1 Pitching from +30ft out. 100+ balls, working on connected feel (shoulder rotation), passive hands and pace of the stroke.
  13. Day 46, 15 February 90 minutes, 90 balls, using SkyTrak, in my garage, working on shoulder rotation. Great fun, decent results. Happy.
  14. Day 45, 14 February just a short putting session last night - from 12ft. Again, i was working in my set-up, feeling connected, and a steady, well-aligned, stroke through the ball. Bring in the weekend and more time to work in my full swing.
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