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  1. Had a break today and was coming by course. Only had my 5 iron which I have been practicing with during my lunch hours. Walked 9 holes and shot 49 even putting with it. Might practice some chips in backyard and go back tomorrow to see if it improves.
  2. Krazy883

    Wish Me Luck

    Yep very interesting knowing you had to hit what you had
  3. Krazy883

    Wish Me Luck

    Well I learned I can't putt with a 6 iron. But overall not to bad 48 for 9 holes with a water ball
  4. Gonna play some course management tomorrow . Bringing just my 6 iron and 4 balls tomorrow to play 9 holes. 2 goals . 1 get imaginative Next create different shots with same club and hopefully break 50. Should be fun.
  5. Krazy883

    Walking Golfers?

    94 today and putted like crap.
  6. How many dedicated walkers. I walk everywhere I'm allowed. Luckily I belong to club that encourages it. I carry a Sunday Bag a Ping Moonlite that I only carry what I know I can get around course with management tomorrow I'm carrying a 19, 23 degree hybrid 7 iron and putter a few balls and tees.
  7. Krazy883

    Hybrid and Putter Only Round

    Just for fun and course management . I can blast it out if just in bunker, but your right if bunker has a lip
  8. Played 18 holes today with just my 23 degree hybrid and putter. Kinda of difficult on short par 3 and one bunker hit. Shot 90. Next time will also take 19 hybrid for help on par 5's
  9. See if anyone wants to take a challenge. We have a sporting goods store here that sounds old and no name golf clubs $1 each. My goal to put a basic set together and see what I can shoot. Think I will try 9 holes first. Goodwill thrift store clubs can be used also. Let me know if I'm only one crazy enough to try.
  10. I played today to try this and shot 93 with jus 21 degree hybrid and my putter.

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