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  1. Bought a set of Maxfli Vhl irons in pristine shape. Anyone know anything about them? They say made in the USA
  2. Put a Walking Bag together with only 6 clubs,and broke 80 last to times I played took all the decision making out of the process. Anyone else try this.
  3. Bought a set of Tommy Armour 845s irons 3-SW in perfect condition. Love trying out older irons
  4. Anyone else play with a Sunday Bag when they walk? I carry about 5 to 7 clubs and try to squeeze in a quick 9 after work once a week.
  5. Or like most amateurs they are unrealistic how far they hit their driver. Shot 81 today with 3 iron off every long hole. At 55 I'm satisfied with that.
  6. Have at it. The post was asking if anyone ever had done this before not for what you preferred. But thanks for feedback
  7. I don't think there is a difference I said I was having problems with driver. Rough or trees it's still easier to hit to the green from the fairway. Some people on here think they should base their percentages on what the top pros are doing as stated in an earlier. By all means if they can recover as good as those pros maybe they should be on tour.
  8. I will probably get back to my driver one day. But I can hit my 3 iron off the tee 220 to 230 and almost always in the fairway,so that's better than me being in the trees and having to punch out. I believe what make you play your best you should play what works for you. I'm 55 and play off a 12 so my days of a single handicap is probably gone ,but still love the game and my wife is just learning to play so that makes it even more enjoyable.
  9. Anyone play a round with just irons. Been having problem getting driver in fairway,so bee hitting 3 iron off tee on par 4 and 5 hasn't messed with my score that much but I'm learning to hit longer irons into the green.
  10. Been teaching my son to play golf left handed so I have tried to learn to hit some shots this way . So I decided to learn to play left hande for a couple of months. Got a great deal on a set of Callaway x14 I'm pretty sure I can break 100 but want to see if I can break 90
  11. No have a couple of vintage sets I will play sometimes but usually hit Callaway supersoft but gonna try vintage a balatas so I can say I hit them.
  12. Ordered a sleve of new in pack Balatas. Gonna try them with my 1969 Hogans this weekend.
  13. Put a Sunday bag together to walk quick 9. It's original Big Bertha warbird 10 degree driver original heavenwood and divine nine titliest 962b 6 iron 56 degree wedge and old ping putter.
  14. I have the Wilson's and I also have a 1969 Hogans I bought from another member of the forum.
  15. I found myself concentrating more with irons. Also they were probably a club shorter. Driver straighter than my 400cc driver
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