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  1. Bought a set of these in like new condition. Anyone hit them. Hit a small bucket on range and felt great.
  2. Took my Driver today hadn't took it in about 5 rounds and hit it great. Couldn't hit an iron to save my life. Shot 92
  3. Bought a used 49 degree Cleveland Niblick today. Gonna try it on shots within 100 yards and bump and runs this weekend
  4. Thanks for all the help guys he has learned to hot a left handed draw about 120 carry and I have been trying if I can get over hitting fat shot. Gonna take him to play 9 and see how it goes.
  5. You can message me . I dont need bag but would like some woods and irons from 70's 60" at earliest I live in Fayetteville nc
  6. Thanks if you have a wood and iron set would greatly appreciate it. Goodwill sucks here where I live . Let me know what you need compensation
  7. I have been trying to teach my Autistic son the game but he is left handed and yes I did try to switch him to right handed but he struggled. So I have been trying to learn how to hit ball left handed to get his perspective. I have at least learned to hit a 7 iron 120 yards fairly straight. Anyone else tried to learn opposite swing.
  8. I have been struggling lately with my short irons lately and have been just bringing my 8- low and putter to course to improve not worried about score. But still shoot in 90's
  9. Gonna start putting me a vintage golf set together. Gonna start looking for some Persimon Woods and 70' style blades and go play a round for fun to see how I do.
  10. I use to play with a 10 finger grip when I was younger and played with a single digit handicap. Gave up golf for years because of shoulder injuries and only started playing again about 6 months ago and can't get out of 90's . Anyone else using an orthodontist grip.
  11. Had a break today and was coming by course. Only had my 5 iron which I have been practicing with during my lunch hours. Walked 9 holes and shot 49 even putting with it. Might practice some chips in backyard and go back tomorrow to see if it improves.
  12. Yep very interesting knowing you had to hit what you had
  13. Well I learned I can't putt with a 6 iron. But overall not to bad 48 for 9 holes with a water ball
  14. Gonna play some course management tomorrow . Bringing just my 6 iron and 4 balls tomorrow to play 9 holes. 2 goals . 1 get imaginative Next create different shots with same club and hopefully break 50. Should be fun.
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