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  1. No have a couple of vintage sets I will play sometimes but usually hit Callaway supersoft but gonna try vintage a balatas so I can say I hit them.
  2. Ordered a sleve of new in pack Balatas. Gonna try them with my 1969 Hogans this weekend.
  3. Put a Sunday bag together to walk quick 9. It's original Big Bertha warbird 10 degree driver original heavenwood and divine nine titliest 962b 6 iron 56 degree wedge and old ping putter.
  4. I have the Wilson's and I also have a 1969 Hogans I bought from another member of the forum.
  5. I found myself concentrating more with irons. Also they were probably a club shorter. Driver straighter than my 400cc driver
  6. Play a round today with Wilson fg 17 irons and Karsten Blonde Driver and shot 84 which is right on my handicap
  7. Put a Sunday bag together just for fun out of $1 bin at local play it again sports . I have metal shafted Taylormade preferred Burner plus driver and 3 wood. Old Wilson anser style putter mizuno 5 wood Old King Cobrs pw. Played 9 holes and was only 5 over and a lot of fun. Anyone else wanna try this.
  8. Play a round of golf with my Wilson Fg 17 irons and Ping eye 2 driver and 5 woods. Shot an even 90 despite several 3 putts, Think I'm gonna play vintage golf for a while to get better ball striking better,
  9. Went to try 2 used Nike hybrids I bought,an18 and 26 only took them and my 58 degree wedge and shot 81, my low round since shoulder surgery last year
  10. I am 55 and play to a 15 handicap. I have Cleveland smart sole chipper and sand wedge in my bag. I can hit a 60 degree wedge but choose what I choose what works for me for my hone course where there is a lot of run up links style holes i say play what works for your game not someone else's. Just like i never would criticize someone for what was in there bag.
  11. I love the Hogans I bought from you.
  12. I have just started playing vintage clubs I have some 1960's Hogan irons and Hogan woods and wanted to know what would be the best modern ball to play with vintage clubs.
  13. Bought a set of these in like new condition. Anyone hit them. Hit a small bucket on range and felt great.
  14. Took my Driver today hadn't took it in about 5 rounds and hit it great. Couldn't hit an iron to save my life. Shot 92
  15. Bought a used 49 degree Cleveland Niblick today. Gonna try it on shots within 100 yards and bump and runs this weekend
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