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  1. i got a set of womens golf clubs here... theyre called "lady chargers" made by palmer. the woods are laminated persimmon and have the PG logo on the sole and an umbrella under the insert. the irons all have the umbrella mark on the back. its a full set, and it came with a matching palmer bag. and the set is blue. blue paint on the woods, blue grips, and a blue bag. i'm tryin to figure out when they were made. i've got it narrowed down to between 1967 and 1985. lol. but i'm thinkin mid 70's. bag looks mid-70's. anybody have a guess? is there any way to tell other than just lookin at the style?
  2. the problem is really the department store shafts. the other problem is those are really bad blade designs. the souchak isnt terrible, its still not good though. that nicklaus design is garbage. if you managed to get it in the air, youre a friggin single digit player. those are all a weird mid-60's concept of a higher center of gravity designed to hit low, boring, piercing shots. but to hit those right, you almost have to take no divot. theyre insanely hard to hit well, and theyre really not that cool when you do hit em well. balls just bounce once and take off runnin to the back of the green. unless its really soft conditions. none of those are a muscleback. a muscle back has extra weight in the very center of the back of the club. and a lot of it. right behind the ball. the exact opposite of what we do today, where we take all that weight and spread it around the perimeter of the head. youll know youre swinging a set of musclebacks when the range on youre 7 iron is 145-195 yards. when you know youre 7 iron will land somewhere between 145 yard away and 195 yards away... youve got yourself some genuine muscleback irons. and what you wanna do with em is snap em all in half and throw em in the garbage. just for the record, if you found a nice set of wilson staffs from the same era, or even an early set of pings from the early 70's, except for the "scoring lofts" you probably couldnt tell em apart from a new set of blades. (clubs used to have much tighter gaps. 12 1/2 yard between clubs or so. so... you never really had more than a 20 ft putt. but... courses played longer. you werent gettin home with a 3 iron from 240.)
  3. i played the fluid feel staffs with the bore through hosel for... i dunno. 8 years maybe. if i was going to play a set, i'd probably play those. i think the hogans are more interesting, as a collectible. i've got a small collection. i dunno what i'm doin. i dont really look for em, but sometimes i buy stuff and people send me 40 year mint-condition never-played stuff and i'm like... 'damn. i think i'll just keep that in a box and buy another one thats used.' and now i have a collection. i guess. what i look for from that era really, although i'm definitely not a hard-core collector, is the early ping irons. one of the very few sets i bought intentionally to collect is a set of patent pending black dot K1's. 3-S. i think i got it for like sixty bucks. theyre from '69, or even possibly '68. and theyre pretty nice. lightly played. (thats the first set of clubs ping ever made, other than putters.) i have no freakin idea if theyre even worth the sixty bucks i paid for em. like i said, i dunno what i'm doin. but i think theyre cool as hell. obviously. thats why i'm braggin about em. nice bunch of staffs ya got there. i look at those and flashback to high school and junior golf. those were awesome clubs, year in and year out, back in the 70's and 80's. tough to beat em.
  4. i'm sorry none of you know how to hit a driver. i can have my buddy teach you. that the only golf lesson he gives, is how to swing a driver. sure... he's a hall of fame athlete and 3 time world champion (in a different sport), and sure, he holds a course record 61... but the dude is still 63 years old. and he still AVERAGES 285 off the tee. and he never misses a fairway. ever. i'm probably a better athlete than i think, too. i've competed for world championships, and beaten hall-of-famers and world champions (in a different sport) and won championships in 4 out of the 7 years i played football and stuff like that. but i'm tellin ya, for real, that the difference is technique. i dunno what the hell your problems are... but i'm pretty sure your grip is wrong, and its moving your club on both your backswing and your downswing. i'd guess you dont keep your back straight and struggle for extension. id guess you dont shift your weight correctly during your swing. your swing plane might be too flat. your balance might be off. and your rhythm might not be dancing. serious. as cancer. but more than likely, its a combination of all those things. in which case its probably hopeless. i doubt you can hit it 250 yards. i'd be stunned if you can hit it 250 yards. i dont even consider myself a long hitter. i dont swing that hard. i average maybe 275, not counting the ones i miss cuz of my bad back. it doesnt count if i bail out at the top cuz of a sciatic nerve flareup. but i still outdrive every random i play with by an easy 40 yards. i never said its easy and anybody can do it, i said that for anybody who knows how to do it, its easy. i guarantee you nubs i generate much higher clubhead speed than you do, and i do it with much less effort. i dont even really start to swing until my club is halfway back down. but once i do go, i go friggin hard. none of you guys complaining about not being able to drive the ball far for your age or whatever, understand how the swing works. its that simple. you cant do it because you arent good enough at golf. if you did understand how the swing works... you could do it. see how that logic works? if you want to hit it 280, you need to practice. just like anything else. if you want to play beethovens sonta sympathetique in c minor... you have to practice. anybody with rudimentary piano skills and enough reach to make one octave can play it. its easy. but none of you can play it, because you never practice it. it takes 3 years for a good pianist to learn it. it took me 3 years to learn it. it took me 15 to learn how to hit a golf ball 300 yards. i can hit a golf ball 300 yards because i'm better at golf than all of you. apparently. not because i'm stronger, faster, and better looking. none of those things are important.
  5. its not nonsense. its sense. they dont understand how the grip works. your grip is 65%. of everything. your stance is 35%. and your rhythm is whatevers left over. sure, i just made that up... but still. look how important the grip is. if you understand the grip, your grip will actually dictate the shape of your swing. the whole swing is 'designed' to maintain constant grip pressure. thats it. thats as far as this lesson is going. i can talk for 8 hours on the golf grip and how it works. thats why i can hit a golf ball 300 yards. (i'm still recovering from back surgery, too. and i drove a 360 yard par four last summer.. i'm over 50, i have a bulging disk, i have nerve damage in the lower right 1/4 of my body, i'm 5' 9" if i stand on a towel... and i can hit a golf ball 300 yards.) not only do a lot of people not understand how the golf grip works, they dont even understand how a golf club works. (there are two mechanical principals in play at the same time. a lever, and a cam. i'm only saying this to prove that i do know how a golf club works. i have no intention of explaining what a lever or a cam is. so... good luck with that.) if you understand the golf swing... for real... it is easy to hit the ball 280 yards. by easy, i dont mean its easy to figure out how to do it, i mean it doesnt take extraordinary strength or flexibility to do it. if you know how to do it, you can almost certainly do it. if you dont, you cant. the grips the rip. the spines the line. and rhythm, obviously, is a dancer. no. really. i'm serious as cancer... when i say rhythm is a dancer.
  6. alright. thanks. i dont think those are pp sets. they sounds more like the prices of unmatched and matched sets. i know i paid 500 bucks for a matched set 3-S with an added L wedge. (sn doesnt match.) all i got is that theres one guy on ebay with a patent pending set of k-1's with pitted shafts and chewed up heads, and he wants 1000 bucks for it. so yeah, i'm probably just gonna go with my 100,000 dollar reserve if i decide to sell em. 😛 thanks again though.
  7. i buy a lot of used golf clubs. i have a lot of bad habits. anyways, i come across some cool stuff now and then. and was wondering if theres any kind of organized market for rare / collectible golf clubs. thinkin about selling some matched ping eye II becu black dots marked patent pending. and maybe some K-1's. same story. matched, black dot, patent pending. i figure each set is worth about 100,000 dollars, but maybe thats just what theyre worth to me. i dont think i paid more than 50 bucks for either set though, so i might have some room to come down a little. anybody have any idea what these clubs sell for? or should i just guess a price. i'm probably gonna guess way too high. 😛
  8. its not that hard to hit it far. it really is all technique. if youre a good golfer, you'll hit it pretty far. 275+. without really trying that hard. most of your power comes from understanding how the golf grip works, how to use gravity to your advantage, and how to generate your power at the bottom of your arc. i'm over 50, and i hit a drive 360 yards last year. and i hit dozens of drives over 300. but heres the thing... i play with a guy whos 10 years older than me, and he outdrives me over half the time. (we both use 20 year old drivers, too. cuz we like em.) it really is all understanding how the golf swing works, and just letting it happen. if you want to hit the ball 280+ every time, you need to take lessons (or watch em on youtube or something) and you need to practice. there arent any shortcuts. you just have to learn how to hit the ball 280 yards. i dont wanna give a lesson, but i can tell ya one thing, it takes wwwaaaaaaayyyyy less energy than all you guys are putting into it. when i say its not that hard, i'm not kiddin. it is hard to hit it 360, but its not hard to hit it 280. you have to be strong and athletic to hit it 360... you just have to be not weak and athletic enough to hit it 280. most men who play golf have plenty of strength to hit it 280, but their swing is too crappy (has way too much weird stuff in it) to get the club back to the ball right. its not your driver. its not your age. (unless youre 80+. and maybe not even then.) its your crappy swing. take some lessons. or watch some lessons. and practice. if you figure it out, you will hit the ball 280.
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