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  1. 57 pages of hot dress code talk! I LOVE IT!!!! my 2 cents: It depends on the course. Private clubs / country clubs can establish whatever they want, and probably should. My $25 muni should have almost no dress code. For the Muni I would say: Sleeveless on guys and cutoff shorts on anyone should be prohibited. I have no issue with basketball shorts. (thought, shorts of any kind should not allow the group to know what brand your skivvies are). I have tended to wear cargo shorts and I don't see how that is an issue (but picked up some decent golf shorts a month ago and won't be wearing my cargos again). I think denim shorts on guys are awful no matter what the situation, so I roll my eyes on those when I see them, but you do you. If you want to play shoeless, GO FOR IT!!!! It's a freaking game. It's outside. There's sunshine (usually). ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm MUCH more concerned about players behavior and I'll politely inform a playing partner not to talk when others in the group are addressing the ball, not to walk in others lines, to fix their ball marks, to rake the bunker - etc. Doesn't matter if you're wearing slacks and a tie to play or basketball shorts. Be nice to the people around you.
  2. Do you think that the stance DJ took that put his foot on the path was the stance he would have taken if there were no path there and he had to hit the ball from that spot? (and to be clear, my tone is question, not challenge) You know the golf swing MUCH better than I do and you would have a MUCH better idea of what would be done there, so this will be my last comment, but fairly standard width stance and ball on front foot was the only way to get his foot onto the cart. Having to punch out from there I would have thought his stance would be more of a chipping stance with the ball on the back foot. More succinctly - It's hard for me to believe that when he saw the ball and the cart path he had any thought other than "how do I make sure my foot is on the path and I get a drop?" or slightly more charitably "oh, cool, I'll get a free drop from this spot with the cart path there!" I agree with all the comments on Rory - that shouldn't have been a drop.
  3. All fair points and I'm probably wrong about the specifics of the rule as currently written. But in the spirit of the rule (I know I know... I'm going into a rabbit hole) - DJ could have easily found a stance for a reasonable swing that didn't have a foot on the cart path. Ball back in stance. Feet closer together. Either or both would have been reasonable for a low chip out to the fairway which is what he would have had to do if there wasn't a cart path there. I'm certainly filing that away for my next $1 match!!! 🙂
  4. I agree that Rory shouldn't have received the drop/relief. But his point that "it's just like DJ on the last hole" was accurate. Both completely in jail behind a tree next to a cart path. DJ managed to get his heel on the cart path in an effort to beg for a drop, Rory wasn't able to manage that con. I don't think either should have been given relief. If I'm incorrect about the rule then I would argue that the rule is wrong. "I'm in jail here, what rule technicality can I use to escape" doesn't seem like the proper approach to the game.
  5. thanks for the willowick quick review. 🙂 "Walkable and not expensive" - sounds like my kinda place! Good luck on Sunday. One of these weekends we'll get us all out as a 4some. When the weather starts to cooperate it will be easier to plan.
  6. I've never played Willowick - how is that course? Is it walkable? I'm going to try to play on Saturday afternoon. Hoping to get a tee time around 1pm. Not sure if I'm going to play DeBell (Burbank) or Brookside or Hansen Dam. I'm taking kids for a hike in the morning and not sure when we'll be back so not sure when I'll get out. I can text you guys Saturday when I have a plan if you want? I can't play on Sunday.
  7. My kid turned up sick today so I logged on to cancel.
  8. I'm admittedly easy to amuse, but I almost spit out a sip of coffee on this unit. "DeChambeau's per cubic Bryson?" wasn't bad, but the Bryson's per Chambeau got me. Well played.
  9. I would like 1 day with "this game is easy." Right now, I'm satisfied with "it feels like it's getting better." I'm sure tonight's practice session will fall into 'I look like I have never played."
  10. 510yd par 5 which is NOT reachable with my distance. But it was downhill and downwind so maybe ... or at least close. I hit a really nice drive 260, but pushed it right. I had a clear shot to the green, but out of a little rough. There was a bunker on the left/front of the green with the closest edge about 230 away. As I was waiting for the group in front to get on the green playing partners asked "can you get there?" "No, but I can get even with the bunker and just short of the green." I hit the 3W dead straight, 230, 5 yards short of the green. Exactly where I wanted it. I refuse to discuss the rest of the hole. 😞
  11. Where in OC is this? I would love to try and hit balls into a boat. 🙂 Looks like they had the good sense to pull down the yardage signs @ SA.
  12. I would love to get 20 yards longer on my driver (who wouldn't), but it is reasonably accurate so I'm not complaining. My putting is in the 34 - 38 per round, so it needs to improve, but it's not destroying my rounds (significant improvement from 4 to 10 feet is a priority for me). I chip/pitch "meh" - again, much work to do, but I'm not ruining rounds with this. I get out of sand traps with 1 swing. But my irons.... ugh. So wildly inconsistent. Pulls, pushes, fats, thins, shanks, hozel rockets, chunks, slices, etc.... I spend MOST of my time practicing these and they aren't improving as fast as I want them to. Hoping that we get a break in the rain Tue/Wed this week so I can get some work in. But I need to get my irons working for me.
  13. good luck with the shoulder! My wife has been working her way through this. Wish you all the best.
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