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  1. Chasing_Bogeys

    Hi from CA

  2. Chasing_Bogeys


    Thanks. I'll download the app and mess with it before we play.
  3. Chasing_Bogeys

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I won't be up at 5am tomorrow morning. It's usually 8a before I roll out of bed on (non-golf) saturdays. I'll check here when I get up and can call if needed. But I'm in for sure 1/26. 6:45a is earliest I'd want to play. Any time after that is fine.
  4. Chasing_Bogeys


    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.
  5. Chasing_Bogeys


    A couple questions for the GG users if I may: 1 - is there a way to not include a shot in the yardage calcs for a club? If you completely top a 3 wood and it goes 50yds, I wouldn't want that included in my "how far do I hit this club?" information. 2 - would you say that your game is better for using GG or that it drives practice habits/improvements or game management decisions? I am a data guy and am trying to figure out how much data, what data, and how much time I want to spend gathering it during a round. $89 for the Live setup looks like a good deal, but I'm wondering if it really is driving anyone's improvement or if it's just become background noise and distraction? Thanks!
  6. Chasing_Bogeys

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    As many have said, I plan to leave it in, but won't be particular about it. If I'm hitting a long putt I'm probably away and will just say "leave it in" and then I'll do whatever the rest of the group wants after I tap in my 1-footer that I left myself (allow me to dream a little here please). If I've got a 10 footer and I'm 3rd to putt and it gets pulled I'll leave it out. My concern about pace of play is that the groups that are already a little slow will want to put it in and take it out 3 times each green. Groups that are keeping pace are going to be aware and will adjust order of putting or adjust their preference to keep things moving.
  7. Chasing_Bogeys

    Mirror Vision - New App in the Works

    any plans for android version?
  8. Chasing_Bogeys

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    I was a good HS baseball player. Not great and not good enough to be recruited by colleges. But I transitioned from baseball swing to golf swing without instruction. 20-something years later I'm still fighting baseball tendencies. Primarily the "extend your hands" portion of a baseball swing. A golf swing from the inside feels like I'm getting jammed on the low inside pitch. Thus... OTT and a really spectacular left to right ball flight. Oh to have a time machine and get a years worth of lessons at 25 instead of waiting. So my "Eureka!" moment was deciding to get a lessonl.
  9. Chasing_Bogeys

    Swing Shot 2.0 Giveaway

    I'd be a great candidate for you as well. I've declared 2019 to be the year I learn how to actually swing a golf club. I've filmed multiple practice sessions in the last 3 weeks and my swing page has a compilation of those videos. The tripod I bought to film them is a failure and is getting sent back (phone mount connection to tripod doesn't lock in place and will flop over if not set "jusssssssst right.") so I'm looking for a new option. I've got alignment sticks that go with me everywhere and would love to test your phone mount. Any new videos will post in my swing page and I'm happy to write up a review as well. Either way... best of luck with the project!
  10. Chasing_Bogeys

    My Swing (Chasing_Bogeys)

    Thanks for the feedback. I thought I had replied but apparently I didn't hit the send. I took a lesson a few weeks ago and worked on some fundamentals. I have another lesson scheduled for next week and instructor said we'd be working specifically on how to solve the OTT move. I will admit that most of my "practice" has been full swings at the range trying do it different. I have used the "hold the alignment stick sticking out from the end of your club and go through the swing in steps" drill and I get my hands to come straight down with that. I have read every bit of the "Stubborn Steepness" thread looking for drills and possible solutions. That thread has a lot of "lay the club down" at the top of the backswing recommendations and drills. If I make that move which will force a more shallow swing plane will that solve my issue? Is it that I'm too steep or is it that my 1st move from the top of downswing is to push my hands towards the ball and for my right shoulder to move towards the ball? Thanks!
  11. Chasing_Bogeys

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    This is a GREAT thread! In November my wife and I were in Vegas for our anniversary. She took a spa day and I played a round of golf at Bali Hai. I shot 42 on the back 0 including a birdie on a 190yd par 3. I had an 11 hole stretch that I played at 5 over which is by far the best stretch of golf I have ever played. I have much to learn and my swing needs a ton of help for me to be able to consistently play well. But that was a really good day.
  12. Fair point. I don't think he was referring to scratch golfers. His point was that guys that play practice rounds with the women and/or ProAm type events with them are playing the same game yardage wise but, generally speaking, are not playing the same game.
  13. I listened to a podcast with the LPGA Commish and one of the things he said was "they'll play the same tees as you, they'll hit the same clubs you hit from the same distances, and they'll beat you by 25 strokes." It's amazing how "slow" those swings appear to be and far the ball carries from them. Lessons to learn for sure.
  14. Chasing_Bogeys

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    Great! I'm in.
  15. Chasing_Bogeys

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    Yes to Brookside if @tehuti can't join us.

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