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  1. I’ve always said that I am proof-positive you don't need to play well to have fun at golf. HOWEVER, as a newer golfer, I thought I’d finally begun to conquer the game last year, when I began to break 100 fairly regularly. My handicap dropped to the mid-20's—the average for U.S. women golfers. I fully expected my game to continue to improve, and then the exact opposite happened: my game went to hell and continues to WORSEN. Handicap Index is back over 30 and trending ever-higher. Golf is much more fun when I play well (by my own standards). Now there’s a shock! 😏
  2. I’m not a very stuffy person, but I’ve observed a general decline in behavior and deportment (now there’s a throwback word!) when clothing standards are thrown out the window. People naturally behave better in dresses and coat and tie than they do in shorts or jeans and flip flops. From that standpoint, a dress code IS "better for the game."
  3. Come to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. You might even be able to snap a pic of the elusive lone female golfer in her natural habitat! 😉
  4. I can understand your hesitancy to play with others, but it will actually be good for your game. If the GUYS can avoid offering unsolicited tips 😉, you can learn course management, club selection, and golf etiquette...just by observing. I’m NOT a good player, but as long as I can keep up, I’ve always felt welcomed into other groups. Heck, I can often complete my 6 strokes in less time than some people score their 4's!
  5. I was so surprised by this thread since I occasionally play by myself and enjoy it; helps my game, too, since I’m concentrating instead of socializing. I told my husband that the men on this forum found it VERY unusual for a woman to be playing alone. I said, "But I play alone!" And he said, "Yes, and you’re very unusual!" Not that that’s a bad thing...😉
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