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I started playing golf about five years ago as a defense against being a golf widow.  My husband was a well-established golfer and I didn’t intend to play much with him; but since the game brought him so much joy and we were already members of a club, why not give it a try? (He swears I started playing because of the "cute clothes." Not true!)  I rented clubs and enrolled in a three-day women's "golf camp."  On the second day, I hit the ball in the air, and I was HOOKED!  

I got a nice set of Adams clubs for my birthday and applied myself to learning the rules, etiquette, and how to play quickly enough to be welcome in any group.  Now I play 3-4 times a week, mostly in women's leagues and with girlfriends, but at least once a week with Hubby, often in social couples' groups.  We WATCH golf, we TALK golf, we VACATION golf...it’s been great for our relationship!

Skill level?  Not great, but lessons have helped a lot.


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