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  1. Im very good at the low burner from under trees so that wouldnt be in my top 5. 1. Severe downhill lie in the roung. 2. Plugged bunker shot from fairway bunker. 3. 20-40 yard flop over trees. 4. Plugged greenside bunker in the lip 5. Over hazard to close side pin.
  2. Aint no deals like a Shotly deal. Shotly.com added to the Sig, liked on facebook also! You guys rock.
  3. I knew there had to be someone else out there that's went through the same problem I was hoping to find a drill or something someone has used to fix it. I played 18 today and had zero confidence after hitting about 50 balls all irons on the range. Hit the first 5 SW shots great then as soon as I thought I had it boom going right. I started taking L to L swings with my feet together working on turning my hands over. Hit roughly 50% of em pushed out to the right worse with my longer irons. I said at the first tee this is going to be a rough round. Only to my surprise my first to last iron shot o
  4. I have a theory as to what is going on here but would like to hear what you guys think and also any tips for the range you may have. ( please exude any spelling errors I'm on my cell phone at work). So I had a dymo 2 str8 fit regular shaft 10.5 loft. ( anniversary present) my driver swing speed is 106-111 but I learned how to hit it with ease. My irons have always been deadly. Extremely accurate and I bomb them. 140-143 PW and 6/9 yards on each iron up. Well I had some extra money and wanted to be fitted for a new driver. It's was Nike vr pro 9.5 stiff. So went from 10.5-9.5 regular to stiff
  5. Just read a article on Comcast homepage that stated Tiger Woods is leaving sex addiction rehab where he could not practice Golf and practice for a return to the Accenture match play championship in 2 weeks. I was a little skeptical at first but i did a search on Google and found many websites and articles also stating the same thing. I my self feel that he needs to come back for the sake of himself and Golf as a sport. I have missed him and im sure alot of other people who are fans of Tiger have missed him also. Im not sure how good he will play but this will help him get back on track if he w
  6. God this is a tough one. It all really has to do with the courses you play, your confidence level in the said club and what other clubs you have to replace it. I love my 60. I use it when im short and got to fly a bunker to a close pin. Alot of the course around where i live the greens are elevated with bunkers all around the front. So when your around the bunkers the 60 comes in hand. I use my SW alot to. My wedges are my best friend. I also have mastered the art of the flop shot, the backspin shot and the bump in run. It depends on you yourself. Noone can really tell you what to play with. M
  7. I would start with posture. If i knew how to work a video editor i would show you the difference in my posture over the last year. The easiest way to fix it is infront of a mirror. You want to stick your buttocks out and up in the air and straighten your spine so that your back is flat. Bend your knees infront of a mirror and do this and you will notice a huge difference. You will not see anyone on tour and any good golfer of that matter with a slouched back and horrible posture. That would be the main thing i would work on first.
  8. My 2 cents. I would never walk in there with a plan. You dont walk in a start saying this is what i want to do or this is what i want to start with. The teacher is a PGA pro and he is going to know what you need help with after seeing your swing. I personally never even heard of starting off with putting and chipping like the other guy said. Whats best to do and whats most likely going to happen is your going to walk in there. He or she is going to tell you to warm up for 5-10 minutes. There going to come in after your warm and tell you to hit a couple 6-7 irons shots and watch you. After you
  9. Hard to see your swing plane with the camera so low. The only swing you can see is the one staright on. I would try setting the camera back a little farther so we can see the full swing not just the ball being hit. In the face on is your right elbow going out like a baseball swing. A.K.A Chicken wing? Its hard to tell but thats what it looks like. Need to see a camera angle from behind full swing.
  10. Your swing plane looks good and so does your CHS. I see what your saying about the lower body. Your lacking the hip rotation in the start of your backswing. Thats a wierd loooking little place your in hitting balls. I would love to have something like that around here. We have a few outdoor ranges and 1 indoors about 20 miles away. They got greens and real sand bunkers there and you can play 18 in the simulator but its just to expensive. Good looking swing and keep up the good work. Nice blog.
  11. Will we still get the points from what is done today?? I have Matt Kuchar just killing it and jumped to co leader. I benched Weir and started Kuchar. I also got 2 other guys in the top 10 so im hoping these stats count
  12. Yea i jumped from like 25th to 7th with this tournament. Hey quick question. Whats the deal with me trying to set my line up for the final day today yet it says Farmers Insurance and is telling me i have a couple guys not starting and to select a new roster. I sent them an email. They need to fix it asap. We got the final day today and i have 3 guys in the top 10.
  13. First thing noone mentioned but was the very first thing i seen in your swing is you take the club inside on the backswing. On your backswing you are not in the zone. Your coming inside then when you get to the top your making a over the top move and then your downswing is coming through the zone. You want to take the club back on the same plane as your down swing. The way it goes back is the exact way you want it to go down. You lose alot of of distance and accuracy doing this. When you take the club back on the proper plane, drop your hands and then downswing. The move at the top to get back
  14. Yea my club looks exactly like / when im waist high on the follow through and i hit the ball dead straight, if i miss hit it will fade right but not bad maybe 5-10 yards at the most. The pro's who i talk to and swing with are the ones telling me that its bad and it should be like the 2nd one straight up and maybe even a little more closed. Im having a huge problem with it because im trying to explain to them that the way it is like / is hitting it straight. They dont want to hear that. So im going back Friday and going to fool around and hit some balls with John who is a pro around here and te
  15. When my club is at my waist line on the backswing my toe is up, then after my full backswing and i hit the ball if you pause the slow speed camera when its at my waist line after i hit the ball the toe is a little open and not pointing straight up. I had numerous talks with 3 different pros and they all tried to get me to roll my right forearm over to where you couldnt see my glove on my left hand to where my arms made and X and my toe was up at my waist line on the follow through. I found this very uncomfortable on my follow through and it has a tendency to make me hit hooks. When i swing the
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