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  1. Nah, keep on golfing, i just play for the fun with the crew and to have a few drinks and on the driver ive tried multiple thing and the only thing that may have worked is to close my grip but still i think i hit 7/10 slices i think im going to take a few lessons whit the golf club pro
  2. Hello, i use the nike pro combo, i hit them prety well, i thin i hit 8 out of 10 shot spot on for example i hit like 150-160 on the 8i the problem for me and why mi game is 20hq is due to the driver, i constantly hot slice so i go ob or rough
  3. Hello, ive been playing golf for like 13 years, im not the best player i just play for good fun with the crew, i have like a 20 handicap, my question is that since i started golf my firts golf club set was a set of blades, still using them, but a dude i played with yesterday told me that i should throw the blades away and get som CB clubs, i told him that it will be a silly downgrade but i want to know some opinions from golfers arround the world thx a lot
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