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  1. I used to play lakeballs, but I changed to new balls. After searching I found PearlGolf. Affordable and good quality!
  2. That is great to read! I've had the same with the X, my swingspeed is just not fast enough.. But hey, who cares? The PurePro's do fit your game!
  3. Please let me know if you like them! I've been talking about them a lot, would love to read a fellow fan!;)
  4. I've got the PurePro and the PureSofts, the bag (that is waterproof btw) and a ball marker.. I'm impressed, and yes... I am a fan of PearlGolf!
  5. I agree that playing the same balls has a positif effect on your game, I started playing the same balls a few months ago and I feel more confident. (esp. with putting) PearlGolf, Vice and Cut are great affordable balls to play. So you always play new balls aswell, that way you have nothing else to blame but yourself;-) (the lie, weather, unlucky bounce, course, someone else breathing to loud... We golfers always find something/ someone to blame but ourselfs!lol)
  6. I used a Garmin S6 for years, now I use my Apple watch with the Golfshot app and use that all the time. Love to have a quick view of the distance. Do sometimes use my rangefinder, but more as a backup.
  7. I would go for a smartwatch or Shotscope.. It just gives you all the info the others give you, and more!
  8. Ecco's are cool shoes and very good quality, also like FJ and Adidas..
  9. The looks of the Mizuno's.....🤤
  10. Anne is great, think (and hope) she'll do good on the LPGA.
  11. I've been playing "lakeballs" for years ( Titleist mostly), but i've been playing better since I started playing the same type of (new) balls. At first I didn't want to, because it's just to expensive to lose €5,= balls. Ever since I found affordable golf balls with equal quality, I'm sold. Just knowing the ball reacts/ feels the same from the irons and putter is worth a lot to me and it gives me more confidence standing behind the ball. I would recommend every player that wants to improve to play the same ball (brand & model)every time.
  12. Goal was to break 50, so good job! Did you enjoy it?
  13. Abelvis


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