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  1. Thank you for the update. Hate to see him injured
  2. I'm curious myself. I always liked Perez.
  3. Tales from the Q school by John Feinstein
  4. I was thinking the same thing, especially with the way he ended last season.
  5. I love my Adam's clubs. I have Adam's a tour irons, Adam's 3 and 5 wood and they all hit great. I have 0 complaints.
  6. I wore one at my last job. They are very comfortable. You will like them.
  7. I currently am play with Adam's a tour irons. I have so many friends who ask me why I'm playing with Adam's clubs there sub par clubs. I personally like them and hit them decently well for my level of play just getting back in to the game. Is there something I am missing about Adams golf clubs?
  8. Not to far from 321. I live in cherryville.
  9. Just saying hello from NC. Just getting back in to golf after a few year hiatus. Loving this place so far.
  10. I'm going to sat Xander, he has all the tools to be a real player this year. Also keeping my eye on Champ, he looks to be a great player if he puts everything together, he definitely shows promise.
  11. I like the putter I was just wondering if anyone else had played with one before and could give feed back. This is a great putter I think. I'm getting used to the milled face I've never had that on a putter before.
  12. Picked this putter up a few months back. Played a round or two with it. Was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this putter.
  13. Sounds good to me. Just dont laugh at my golf game I'm not very good lmao
  14. Gaston county here. In Charlotte all the time
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