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  1. Miits

    Beginner in need of help.

    Thank you all for your comments. I will try and get someone to video my swing and then set up a 'My Swing Thread'
  2. Hi All, I have recently started playing the game (September 2018) and am fairly obsessed with it - I have been following these forums since then but have only now decided to post. I have been playing on my local par 3 course (1 attempt at the larger course) and need a lot of help with my iron shots. I would say that I am probably happy with 1 or 2 out 9 tee shots. It was particularly bad this weekend and one of my playing partners (an experienced golfer) suggested I tee the ball up very high just to be able to get under the ball. This approach seems completely opposite to everything I have read about hitting down on my irons etc and I feel it will be adverse to my longer term development and hinder my when I move to the bigger course and am trying to hit iron shots from the fairway (more likely the rough). I watch YouTube videos and it looks so simple but I am really struggle to replicate it. I think my back swing works most of the time now that I have worked on the wrist hinge but I don't seem to be able to get any consistency on the down swing (the most important part). I really enjoy the game and the challenge but fear that carrying on down this route will just push my away. I am assuming the obvious answer here is take a lesson and then practice on the range rather than going out ont he course... Thanks.
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