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  1. Yeah i checked that, only 1/8 inch difference between the 2 drivers. Still a difference but not more than 1-2 grams i guess. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. So i just got a reply on the Callaway forum, and a guy has his weighed in at 209 grams. The one i'm looking at has a 65-gram PX shaft, and a regular golf pride grip weighs 50g. Which would total it out at 324 grams, which seems nicely low for me.
  3. It is lighter, just measured them. Mine is 355 grams total (head, shaft, grip), and his is 333. Haven't been able to find swing weights for either, but mine is a beginner set Wilson HDX 3-wood and his is a 2002 King Cobra SS hypersteel with a 60g "XQ-3" shaft. His shaft is regular and mine is "uniflex", which i suppose is regular. But mine feels way more slinky and uncontrollable. Standard grips on both too. Picked up a GBB Epic driver for peanuts in mint condition a few days ago, weighed it in vs the wilson driver, 305 grams on the GBB and 338 on the wilson. I am planning to buy without testing. Never even seen one for sale here in Denmark, neither privately nor in one of the bigger shops. So i don't really have a possibility to try them out. No offense taken! I'll take any info and insights i can get :-) Worst case scenario is to flip it for a minor loss.
  4. Thanks - but it still does not say anything about the total weight of the head. I know the movement of the crown weight to the sole makes for an easier launch, but the moved weight still keep the weight total the same. My playing partner has an old cobra steel 3 wood which is alot lighter than my Wilson 3 wood. I can barely get mine airborne as i feel like i can't control the heavy head, whereas i can launch his 215 yards almost every time i borrow it.
  5. Hey gents and ladies!I'm seriously considering grapping a GBB Epic Heavenwood. I'm struggling hard with my 3w, and hoping the higher launch angle can help me get some air up there. I don't mind losing some distance compared to a "proper" 3 wood hit (which occurs maybe once every 36 holes for me), but looking for a stable distance which can find fairways.But the only thing keeping me back, is that i don't know the headweight, and i can't really find it on google. This is that i prefer light heads with stiffer shafts.So if anyone here has a Epic Heavenwood i'd be foreever grateful if i could get you to weigh it! Either weigh the head alone, but weighing the whole thing together and just write me which shaft and grip is on is just as good.Thanks alot in advance!
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