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  1. No torque and I develop the swing system, may need to check again. if you don't understand how Foley created the issue for Tiger it's understandable. Now you may need reading comprehension, I answered the guys question, don't change the context please when you answer. If you don't understand what Tiger does here with Foley instruction, it's understandable again.
  2. spine compression. when the lower body goes up and upper body goes down. it's why Tiger crushed a disc with the Foley experiment. (stacking left side) It's why you want a free movement that don't compress as much.
  3. I just await that his surgery disc be the reason he cant play more as his back gives up. 20 years and they haven't been able to fix him when he plays. funny.
  4. at age 55 I putt consistently under 30 putts. its 8 on average better than in my 40´s Putting is the easy game.
  5. Hi, had an account but not used in a long time and e-mail wasn't in the system so made a new one. It's been an interesting week. I replicated the feeling of greatness an expression coined by Moe Norman and how to replicate Moe swing action. It allows the student to add 100 yards from tee and accuracy along the way. Numbers based on amatuer mid handicap 13-15 with a swing speed of 93 mph and 215y driving. Showed video I am making to student and he went from 220 yards to 300 yards with a 3w! Instruction works out of the box and is the biggest discovery in golf's history. I leave with a teaser trailer what is to come
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