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  1. I also play with their balls. I use the Pro Soft X and absolutely love them. I used to use the NXT s or occasionally the DT soft but at the price I paid for the Pearl balls and how they perform compared to the Titleist balls I doubt I will ever buy anything else again.
  2. Pearl Liberty Stand Bag vs Sun Mountain H2O vs Titleist Sta Dry New to the forum but not new to the game, I've been a weekend (summer) hack for 18 years and have only being taking the game seriously for the last couple. Have really enjoyed reading the product reviews and other golf related things so I thought I would put one up myself. After dragging around a ancient old worn, torn, dirty Taylormade Burner bag around on the days I can't take the (clic gear) buggy I decided to treat myself to a brand spanking new carry bag. After much research and consideration I landed on a not very well known brand and I must say I am pretty stocked with what I ended up with. A quick synopsis: - Looks great - Very light - Ample (and versatile) storage, with added pockets in the bigger compartments - Nice little details and finish - solid metal towel holder incorporates a bottle opener, nice loops on all the zips to open and close them easily I've played a couple of rounds with two mates, one has a Sun Mountain bag the other a Titleist STA dry so I've had a chance to compare. My Pearl bag is taller than both the Titleist and the Sun mountain bag which I like as it keeps the clubs in the bag a bit more solidly. The Titleist has one storage pocket less but the Sun Mountain has the same amount (5). The Sun Mountain doesn't have a cooler pocket though (not sure how my mate is going to survive Aussie summers without a cold one on the course....) which the Pearl bag does have (thank goodness) Another major advantage the Pearl bag has over the other two is the 14 way full length divider even though I realise that the other brands also make bags with that option. They started of a bit tight but have worn in slightly but I can image that people with fatter grips might find it a bit annoying at the start One of the downsides is that the Pearl bag does not seem to be made from water resistant materials where the other two obviously are. Overall I am wrapped with my choice, the look, feel and functionality easily stand up to the other bags but at less cost and the advantage of the 14 way divider. My mate with the Sun Mountain bag is now considering selling his on Gumtree and getting the same as me. (I am sure it's the cooler pocket that got him 😉)
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