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  1. Of course we will soon get used to it. I'm an old timer that was around when you had to drop over your shoulder and dropping with an extended arm from shoulder height looked silly at first. That's not what makes the rule "absurd" as Bryson DeChambeau commented. It's just another case of the USGA making something way too complicated. Instead of "knee height" all they had to do is say from "no lower than knee height". That would give an out to a player who forgets until they all get used to it. In a short amount of time everyone will be dropping from knee height and that will be that. But by saying only knee height it puts rules officials in the position of looking like a bunch of anal idiots when they have to penalize someone 2 strokes for inadvertently dropping from shoulder height. Us amateurs can joke about it, but if it happens to a professional it is a real penalty for doing absolutely nothing to gain an advantage. Yes, it is absurd when it could have so easily been avoided.
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