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  1. Hey Abelvis, I got the balls and that´s what I think. I´m not good at all in writing that much but it shows my opinion. So, I´ve got the balls and what I can say is that I am more than impressed. Didn´t expect that at all but shows me again that I don´t have to spend 50 bucks a dozen for “premium” balls. The last years I already started playing “cheaper” balls because of an injury (shoulder) I lost a lot of swing speed and also weren’t able play golf that often I wanted :/. So I bought nearly everything what´s around there like Snell, Vice and also some ChromeSoft, which was the ball which accompanied me the last month. Now I had a very impressive round with the PurePro, which finally will be my ball for the next time because it fits my game. I don´t see a big difference in driver shots , but the first thing I thougt was “they sound very nice”. Okok, I know that’s not really important but I like it when the sound is smooth. So far no big difference to my last balls but then it came to my irons and then my game started. Such a great feeling with a high class of control I haven’t felt a long time (like I´ve mentioned my last ball were Chromesofts from Callaway). The nearer I got to the hole the more I felt in love with the PurePro.My putter did his work as good as I told him. I also tried the PurePro X but I think I won´t get that swing speed again to get use of the 4th layer. My father tried them and after his usual grumbling about a new ball he asked me to order balls for him. He wants to try PureSoft from PearlGolf and I will do that either. And now the most important thing: The ball marker with a beer :D, I love it even if its non magnetic but hey, it´s a beer 😄 😄 😄 After all I want to say thank you for drawing my attention to them and I´ve seen that they got some other stuff as well like gloves and so on. At the moment my inventory is filled up with all I need but I think I will definitely order other stuff as well when needed.
  2. I´ve placed an order. Trying the PurePro and PureProX ... and i couldn´t resist the beer ball marker 😄
  3. A friend of mine got those and I had the chance to let some balls fly with them. I was surprised and impressed at the same time how they work. Especially when you see the price
  4. Also my opinion ... there must be some "free" hours a week
  5. I think I´ll give the PurePro and PurePro X a try. Have you seen the ball markers? They look great :D, especially the beer 😄
  6. Ahh thank you very much. Never heard of them I guess. Just watched out the webshop, the stuff looks quite good. Has someone tried the PearlGolf balls yet? Haven´t read all details but love the packaging of the PurePro. Asked google a little bit. They are based in germany as far as I can see but also working in the US.
  7. I´m searching for a new golf bag as well and the last 2 were Sun Mountains. The new colours are not my favourites so I´m looking for something new. What is a Pearl bag? Can´t find ?
  8. Well ... my father and golfballs is a neverending story... Ask me again in 1-2 months he will play another ball 😄
  9. Lol sorry, maybe it was the wrong word ... Just meant giving some hints or just my opinion to something :)
  10. My father played Srixon (Z star xv) a long time .. Now switched to balls called "Softfli", Maxfli I guess. I can´t understand but he feels better with them
  11. Live in Santa Ana ... maybe will move if wife got new job near Phoenix...not happy about that :/ No I´m not ... I´m not good in teaching something to someone :P
  12. Hello together, sunny greetings from CA. Had a long break with golf (accident :/) and now getting back to old strength ... One year away and now some new rules ... but ok, the game is the same :P Happy to read and write here in future, maybe to learn and to teach Have a nice day
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