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  1. when I walk & carry, my bag has a driver, 5W, 4H, 5, 7, 9i, 52* & putter. never tried 4 clubs... but think 5W, 6i, 52* & putter would suffice. Using fewer clubs and choking down with 3/4 swings is good practice 🙂
  2. if a 20 index senior were to get fitted for irons, previous using10 YO cavity back, what is a realistic expectation new tech would bring? e.g. +7 yds distance from +2 mph clubhead speed less spin, 4 yd narrower dispersion assuming spending $1000 is affordable.... thanks in advance, mike
  3. I concur. I have been fitted at Titleist Thursdays 3 times. twice with same pro :) who has patience to try fitting various shafts, flexes, shaft weights, kick points... etc. bottom line was i am in between stiff and regular shaft flexes, subseqent heads 917, TS yield only 3-5 more yards, stiff shaft less dispersion than reg flex shaft that gets a few more yards.... so no magic arrow for me.
  4. any thoughts about a lighter weight driver? received an informercial email about this, hawked by Gary McCord.... the logic is that 90% of golfers have slower swing speeds, that could increase by swinging a lighter driver. thus faster clubhead speed translates to faster ball speed.... more distance..... I don't know the specs, but logically this might make sense. However golf is a game of feel, and many of us are conditioned to a certain swing weight... so just asking for opinions.... (eternal hope for magic arrow) mike happy with Titleist
  5. in the SF bay area, I estimate 90+ % of public courses use golfnow or teeoff. previously, we had others ( EZlink, golf707, et al...) but these have been assimulated.... I find online rates, are slightly lower that retail rates at courses. (however I concur that shopping is wiser) since the merger, I suspect there will be no more competive online pricing. and some perks have already been removed. -------------------------------------- in CA, two online voucher services offer good rates -- only for specific courses. these are Clickit golf and golfmoose.com
  6. Just noticed my 5 year old (out of warranty) watch has a blank spot (size of a pea) in the middle of the display. called Garmin, who declared the blind spot was caused by dead pixels? says it is a hardware issue, not software - so no reset possible. (kinda like macular degeneration....) does anyone know how to fix this condition? or is it time for a new watch...... ???? mike wong
  7. anyone notice fees raised? I'm in bay area of California, and I guess I should have anticipated an increase... especially when courses need more help to clean up carts and facilities..... and make up for lost income during 2 month of shutdowns..... mike
  8. how many of you joined both online sites? I did, and now the merger has removed several perks 😞 I joined for the discounts in booking tee times; not all the other videos, vacation info, etc.... now I'm disappointed. NBC which already owned golfnow, purchased teeoff, last year. They had promised to keep the entities separate with their own booking policies.... But I think the shelter-in-home shutdown most courses for last two months... and when revenues decreased, NBC had to re-org and merge.... and layoff bunch of employees 😞 yes, that handwriting was proba
  9. as someone who decided (after 20 years with a Slotline blade) to switch to an Odyssey two ball fang, toe hang.... the main difference I notice is that the two balls help me align my short putts faster, and better :) not sure about all the other details, but I agree with Patch's tips and have tried them. I'd suggest practicing with some alignment sticks, too. double check that what you see as the correct line, is actually the proper line on the green.
  10. agree you can loosen and tighten with a torx bit screwdriver, nut driver, rachet.... HOWever, the golf tool has a torque limiter which won't over-tighten the screw. I guess some of the screws or seating threads are not made of thick steel, perhaps even aluminum, in which applying too much torque can strip the threads 😞
  11. disclaimer note: I play with old clubs: ping eye2 coppers. wow, I had a R7 9.5* S for 10+ years. just upgraded to 915 D2 10.5* S 2-3 years ago.... was fitted for either R or S Diamana 60 shaft. I prefer the S and set to 12* slight draw. took me several rounds to dial it in. swing speed around 88-90. can drive 220-240 with intentional fade or straight and sometimes a draw. I am about a 20 index. With the R7, could only hit straight or fades, no matter where weights were placed. still 210-230. ================= Don't know your swing speed or your index...
  12. there should be several tiers to this Rushmore Hall of Fame... but at the peak: Arnie, Jack, Tiger & Ben because you're asking who's synonymous with golf; like who do you think of when golf is mentioned... not who has the most majors or wins...(those are different evaluations)
  13. just a miscellaneous thought: anyone compare these top players' struts?
  14. obviously one's height is a major factor. but overlooked is length of arms.... long arms may work better with shorter shafts.... and visa versa. agree with others that checking the lie angle should be first adjustment, before cutting the shaft. ============================================= hey, what about those equal length shaft irons? those might be good for the shorter player, who is not comfortable using long shafts?
  15. I agree with getting the body in shape and toning the muscles. Pretty hard to get significantly stronger at our age though:( To build up swing speed, I would also try stretching exercises on regular basis; not just before playing golf.... Stretching and flexibility can help keep your swing 'long'. ================== I've read somewhere that delaying your release, actually making sure you don't hit from the top, can increase swing speed, or at least release the speed closer to impact zone, where it counts the most. perhaps a refresher lesson from a pro can spot some pl
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