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  1. Tees if I break 'em!
  2. Have you got a pic of the font?
  3. The Goose neck was Wilson's entry into the forgiving forged iron arena back in the early 1990's. It was considered the oddball in that field because it was a "channel back" design in a field of newly introduced forged cavity backs. Its competitors were the Ram Laser, the Macgregor JNP, Hogan Edge, and Mizuno Grad (not a true cavity either). Evidently, Wilson thought the forged cavity back design was a passing fad.....Wrong! Having said that, I currently own/have owned all of the above sets as well as two sets of Goosenecks . Believe me, those Wilsons are as good or better than any forged iron on the market today. Game them and enjoy!
  4. Good advice!
  5. Nice Tractors. Reminds me of the 110 I had in the late 1990's. I can't remember if it was a '72 or '74 model but it was a hell of a machine after my buddy and I got done restoring it. That old cast iron 8hp Kohler was as tough as nails. We also rebuilt/restored a bunch of other Deeres...110,112,111(yuck),214's,212,318,322,332....all nice machines. I loved the 322 and hated whichever one had the big vibrating single cylinder ONAN. THat may have been one I forgot to mention....216?
  6. I'll vote for Bagger Vance.
  7. Make sure your ball position is correct. Make sure you complete the backswing (make long and slower practice swings to get the feel). Focus on the striking the rear inside quadrant of the ball with the driver. Should eliminate the pulls....Gook Luck!
  8. You ASSUME I don't have a clue and you ASSUME I'm not being sarcastic. You also assume that I've never been a a successful professional baseball player on my own merits. Oh, and I know what it takes to play golf at a high level as well. Alot higher level than my current handicap....
  9. Baseball Come on!! I would contend that golf is AT LEAST as physically demanding as baseball. If baseball players didn't jog to and from the dugout they would all look like Stadler.
  10. Wilson Staff and MacGregor for sure.
  11. Off the top of my head: MacGregor Muirfield 2-PW (Don White Customs) MacGregor Vip Tour Cb92 2-PW Macgregor JNP 1-PW Hogan Apex Redline Nicklaus N1
  12. Without knowing your setup or swing I will say this. Just make sure you dont have excessive tension in your grip, forearms, shoulders, thighs as you start the backswing. A relatively relaxed takeaway will insure that you complete the backswing and virtually eliminate the straight "pull" shot.
  13. I did it one time....years ago. I remember it as a round with great driving, iron play, and putting.....but seldom on the same hole. Quite frustrating but I'm glad it turned out the way it did.
  14. No discussion of sorry golf balls can be complete without mentioning the Bullet ball of the early 90's, the TopFlite II, or.................... THE MOLITOR!!! Ouch... what a brick!