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  1. We have been back to normal since the governor said masks where optional. The older guys that did stop playing in our men’s game are back now that they are vaccinated. Water coolers on the course. No masks anywhere.
  2. Most people at my club have speakers. I listen to music and most weekends I listen to sports. Played in 7 tournaments this year and heard music from a lot of people in every one of them. Like most people have said mine is low enough that only I can hear unless we are on a tee with a close proximity to the path and I try to turn it down in that situation unless the aggies are in a close game then they have to deal with it.
  3. My Rejection email has finally arrived as well.
  4. I absolutely would care if they lost the license. But that’s not going to happen. As the poll results state it is a common practice and I have never heard of a course losing its license. our opinions are different. I am sure we will both survive.
  5. I bring a cooler every time. Most of the time I buy beer from the club and replenish with my own when needed. My F&B bill each month is a fair amount so the club is better off when I am there.
  6. Played a member guest this weekend at friends club. Stableford type scoring system where you had to get a certain amount of points as a team depending on handicap. My partner had a bad couple of days but the guys that won shot 11 points over their goal. So oh well. next weekend is my clubs two man Hopefully it turns out better.
  7. Birdied the last hole to shoot a 76 on my home course. Par 70. Was a good round but left way to many putts 1 roll short or it could have been special.
  8. It’s going to be another 95 degree day with over 90% humidity so taking cart for sure. Happy 4th.
  9. My parents and sister’s family live in Weston Lakes. I really like the area. I have been meaning to play the course but have not found the time. Do they have any regular games on weekends or any day for that matter?
  10. Sounds like we are going back to two per cart in Texas. It does not impact my club because our men’s games have been one per cart for years.
  11. no problem I filled out my application this morning. good luck
  13. Shot a good round for me of 78 on our par 70 yesterday evening. Missed 3 birdies inside of 10,feet.
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