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  1. Is this Redwood still available, and for how much?
  2. These MC irons first came out in 1969. Original List price 2 iron . 9 iron were $182.00.
  3. Nicklaus assisted in designing the VIP series irons. They first came out in 1969 and 1970. Those VIP's had a very slight step sole. The muscle back bulge where the VIP is etched in kind of ended just shy of the sole. Your VIP's have almost the same muscle back, but it ends at the sole and is part of the sole. In other words your club soles are slightly wider and are not stepped. My Kaplan Book only goes to 1970 for irons, but I am sure they are mid 1970's models, just prior to the same irons that came out in 1975 that had "by Nicklaus" etched in where the MacGregor is now. If they have To
  4. I tried to Post my thoughts about ten days ago and I noticed they did not send. Sorry about that. The "S" in the RST1 model No.means they originally came with Stainless Steel stiff shafts. The "1" in the model No. means they originally came with leather grips. In 1970 a nine club set had a hefty List Price of $225.00. A nine club set with Carbon Steel or Aluminum shafts were Listed at $164.50.
  5. Like I said, 1969. I don't think you could have them redone for less than the $65.00 I am looking for from my set, 9/10 condition.
  6. The TR2A's came out in 1969. I have a set of TR1A (3 iron > 9 iron with a TR9 #10 wedge) and the only difference is in the shaft stiffness. The TR2A's are medium firm and the TR1A's the shafts are stiff. I would be will in to sell them for $65.00 plus shipping. All serial numbers match and have playable leather grips. It would cost a lot to find all those clubs you want individually. Not to mention shipping costs and TIME.
  7. I am not familiar with the MacGregor Silver Scot Tourneys. Do they look closer to the Tommy Armour 985's the Collector 709's or the Tourney Master 234's?
  8. The MT's look very much like the 1968-69 M/T's with heavy muscle back. RT2CA. The MT Tourney TR9 also is similar. 1969 step sole version with the heavy muscle back. I probably have five sets of this vintage, most are Step Soles.
  9. GAA here. Yes I have been away for about a year and I have seen a few Posts asking questions. The shaft stiffness question, the Tourney V shaft is a stiff and those were probably second line department store sold clubs and not Pro lines, especially if they do not have a double row of XXX on the upper hosel. Don't know anything about the Graham Marsh clubs.
  10. I also have a few Tad Moore putters. I have talked with Tad several times and think he is very cool and down to earth. Which TM models do you have?
  11. Welcome to The Sand Trap. I am also new and also from Wisconsin.

  12. Irons: 1986-88 Hogan Red Lines, Apex shafts. Wedges: 54* & 58* Bettinardi H2 303 SS with KBS Hi Rev 125 shafts. Putter: Mickey Parker Zen ZZ2 - RDE aluminum bronze laguna style
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