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  1. I have used my wife's Callaway Gems 9 wood for bump and runs in the past and it worked pretty good. Maybe I should go back to it. The only problem is that I usually bump and run with my 8 iron and that means I would have to eliminate something in my bag. Probably my 4 iron since I use two hybrids.
  2. dbuck, thank you for your kind words.
  3. A little of everything. Wall Rack, display equipment old golf bags, work bench, three 55 gallon barrels and a few in the rafters.
  4. I totally get the "throw out the wife first before the clubs" comment, a bit harsh, but I'm not that bad off. (I don't think.) As far as joining Golfaholics Anonymous. No I have not signed up yet. I would have first stop hanging around in dark alleys and stop my Club Ho-ing activities first.
  5. Well it is not that easy. She has a legit gripe. I have seven full sets off Hogans and may be 26 loose Hogan irons. However the real problem is that I have an additional six hundred golf clubs and 30 old golf bags that also live in the basement. My addiction to collecting clubs over the years has caught up to me and is affecting her laundry process. And I don't want to be assigned those duties. Cutting down the herd is the way to go
  6. My wife says she needs room in her area of the basement and suggested I do something like reduce some of my stuff.
  7. Sorry, I check loose irons for MT's and TM Tourneys and I really only have 2 irons and wedges. No 7 irons.
  8. The MT 1969's through the mid-70's have dozens of models with dozens of different lettering and numbering. They are considered as forged muscle back blades. Many MT's in that ear were Step-Soles" or "Slit-Soles". The black outlined block letters in the stock photo are 1970-71 models. The M/T's with white block letters were 1972's. I have both MT by MacGregor & M/T by MacGregor of these sets wit a2 Medium flex. 2i > 10i & 11 utility wedge. I also have split-sole MT sets, MT TR1A's, MT R2MT's and MT TR9's. (Different letters and numbers only really indicated what kind of shaft flex and rubber or leather grip) I will look to see if I have a loose MT 7 iron. But I don't think so. A little after these MT's was a very cool muscle back Ben Crenshaw - The Texan. Other than two rounds that I just had to play, they are still virtually new.
  9. Those M75's are real classics. I have a few sets on M85's. One copper faced Colokroms and one set of Rec. M85's. I live the wing back look. About the only difference was the M75's probably came original with T. T. V Chrome shafts and the M85's with T. T. Tourney shafts. Heads are the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2i > PW iron set: 1950-54 MacGregor Tourney - REC. M85 forged w/ T. T. Tourney regular flex shafts, Pro Only Crown Cord grips. Pat. #163961. SN# M2217. 2i > 9i iron set: 1956-57 MacGregor Colokrom - Tourney M85, forged blades with copper faces T. T. Tourney regular flex shafts. Pat. 163961. SN# 5B094R
  10. I am 99* sure you can switch out a G with a G 400. Ping has a great 800 customer service department that could verify.
  11. I believe that the first VIP's come on to the market was in about 1968 after Jack Nicklaus was signed by MacGregor and had a few wins under his belt. Dayton Ohio sure does have history and not only with MacGregor. I have a few pre-1920's hickory shafted Dayton Ohio stamped clubs. Hickory shafts for nearly all of the club manufactures back in that era got there shafts from a MacGregor curing barn in Dayton.
  12. I happen to know more than I should about MacGregor forged irons of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. I probably own 18 sets of these vintage beauties. If you have questions about this era of golf, I may be able to help get some answers. I have studied and still use as a reference the Jim Kaplan MacGregor and Wilson golf history catalogs.
  13. Milwaukee Area to hit 58* tomorrow March 14th. Then go back down into the 30's for the weekend. Now here comes the roller coaster weather.
  14. Oh sure. I remember them. Good looking head. Probably a Pro Staff shaft.
  15. Cool. Do the shafts adjust like the X/31's, or are they X/31's?
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