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  1. Like I said, 1969. I don't think you could have them redone for less than the $65.00 I am looking for from my set, 9/10 condition.
  2. The TR2A's came out in 1969. I have a set of TR1A (3 iron > 9 iron with a TR9 #10 wedge) and the only difference is in the shaft stiffness. The TR2A's are medium firm and the TR1A's the shafts are stiff. I would be will in to sell them for $65.00 plus shipping. All serial numbers match and have playable leather grips. It would cost a lot to find all those clubs you want individually. Not to mention shipping costs and TIME.
  3. I am not familiar with the MacGregor Silver Scot Tourneys. Do they look closer to the Tommy Armour 985's the Collector 709's or the Tourney Master 234's?
  4. The MT's look very much like the 1968-69 M/T's with heavy muscle back. RT2CA. The MT Tourney TR9 also is similar. 1969 step sole version with the heavy muscle back. I probably have five sets of this vintage, most are Step Soles.
  5. GAA here. Yes I have been away for about a year and I have seen a few Posts asking questions. The shaft stiffness question, the Tourney V shaft is a stiff and those were probably second line department store sold clubs and not Pro lines, especially if they do not have a double row of XXX on the upper hosel. Don't know anything about the Graham Marsh clubs.
  6. I also have a few Tad Moore putters. I have talked with Tad several times and think he is very cool and down to earth. Which TM models do you have?
  7. Welcome to The Sand Trap. I am also new and also from Wisconsin.

  8. Irons: 1986-88 Hogan Red Lines, Apex shafts. Wedges: 54* & 58* Bettinardi H2 303 SS with KBS Hi Rev 125 shafts. Putter: Mickey Parker Zen ZZ2 - RDE aluminum bronze laguna style
  9. I have some 90% complete matched MacGregor Tommy Armor iron sets up for grabs that have one replacement iron among them. Both sets in great, playable or display condition. 2i > 9i iron set (7 iron replacement) 1969 MacGregor - Tommy Armour Tourney Reg. 985 forged w/ MacGregor Tourney regular flex steel shafts & original Golf Pride Pro Only Eagle grips. >>> 7 iron: MacGregor - Tommy Armour Iron Master R235 w/ original leather grip loose iron. and 2i > 9i iron set (5 iron 1964 MacGregor - Tommy Armour Tourney Iron Master 234 forged w/ MacGregor Tourney a2 steel shafts & original red leather grips. >>> 5 iron: Burke - Tommy Armour Silver Scot loose iron.
  10. upndown21 I have a good friend that owns a Play -it - Again store. I helped him early on learn values, set up his store and general golf equipment knowledge etc. Even took a vacation and work there at the store for a week with out pay because it was so fun. Many of my clubs came from his store. Or he would pass on my name and number if someone wanted cash for ... say ... a Scotty Cameron Tei3 and seller wanted too much for the putter or too much than my friend would be willing to risk. Seller wants $200.00, my buddy didn't want to go over $125.00 Then he might tell them to call me. Then I might buy it direct for $150.00. Not often, but I have gotten some Bettinardi's, Tad Moore's and Bobby Grace's that way. Or persimmons. Man have I gotten several great persimmons for my friend. People would want cash or a trade value and he would not take wooden clubs in, so a lot of the people would just leave them behind. Most went to Good Will, but some for a couple of bucks went into my basement. Good Will, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales and a local Golf Galaxy would let me brows through the back room before they would send trade ins they did not want to put on the floor to 3Balls or 2ndSwing, or incomplete iron sets to ironfinders. About 5 years ago I was told by the store manager that I was the number one rewards point accumulator at his store. I guess several sources to accumulate. A lot of the vintage stuff from Good Will, where I comb six regularly on my way to making sales calls. A few years ago the BEST DEAL at a Good Will was a set of Mizuno MP-30's 3 iron > PW with TT DG S300 shafts that looked like they had not been hit. $17.00! And flipped them for $235.00, which was a deal for the buyer and I.
  11. restbelt. Sorry no (what???) 8 iron
  12. In my opinion you can not go wrong with the new TaylorMade RBZ driver for $150.00. Make sure it is the adjustable shaft Black and make sure you get the shaft flex you need. I find it as long and forgiving as a TaylorMade M1 I had previously.
  13. Over the years I have amassed over 75 loose irons. Anything from a 2017 Ping G30 5 iron to a 1950's MacGregor Double Duty wedge. And not just 6 or 7 iron demos. Actually very few of them. PW's, 8 & 9 irons, Muzuno, Bridgestone, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMades, MacGregor, Hogan, Wilson, and more. Modern day and vintage irons. Even some colored sheathed shafted 1920' to 1940's sets or loose irons. If you have lost a club around the green, let me know. I may have your club in my basement.
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