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  1. Properly called "gasolina" out west, it's what you imbibe between the 9th and 10th. I believe that sign was the monument for the 10th, nicknamed the "Gasoline" hole due to the high number of golfers who just kinda amble onto the tee box, sway a bit, and somehow make some sort of contact with the ball on the downstroke. On this particular course, it is common courtesy to yell "GASOLINE" when a wayward stroke from a less-than-teetotalling fellow goes awry. In actual practice though, it amounts to little more than petrol, dude.
  2. I attempt to keep both arms DeChambeau straight and make an exaggerated follow through. This works so much better for me than any other method I have used.
  3. If I am being entirely honest, I kinda want that.
  4. I can echo the ball speed 120 issue. That seems unlikely since you are hitting your drives 260ish. Should be more like 150 ball speed. As for the reduced distance I quoted above, if you are using a virtual range (computer screen rather than a big field), the results can be adjusted. I learned that my local store actually has the range turned down some so that when they sell you a club, you get better yardage IRL.
  5. Yeah, this ^. I think that one of the next parts of the game I would like to educate myself on is how to predict the spin of a chip shot. A lot of mine seem to roll in directions I do not expect.
  6. I could write a book on screwing up monster tee shots. Honestly, a 330 yard par 4 is a difficult hole for me as often as it is easy. I can get the drive within 50 yards...and this is getting better...but I still often take four strokes from there. It's pretty bad.
  7. My 7-iron went 150 before I started to learn proper technique. 170 is pretty typical for me now. None of my golfing buddies hit it anywhere near 170. For casual golfers without knowledge of a proper golf swing, I think 170 is largely unattainable, even when you are young.
  8. Thanks for asking. Sunday, 17th hole, dogleg right , long par 5 with light palmage on the left and a considerable grove of live oaks and laurels guarding the green on the right from shorting the hole. You want to keep to the left side of the fairway to give the chance to go for the green in two if you can avoid the sprinkled palms. But the driver drifted right too much, which brought the grove between me and the green. As designed, I was only 250 from the flag, but I could not go straight for it. Aiming well left of the direct line, I hit the 3w solid, just a few feet beyond the edge of the grove and watched it bounce onto the fairway, 20 yards from the front edge of the green. I was in prime position to up and down for birdie. Still failed to par the hole. That's my game.
  9. 93 and 98. As always, I lost way too many strokes to wayward tee shots. Not a good weekend. Next weekend is scramble, so no scores.
  10. Actually, that is a very good point. I will have to consider it.
  11. Could be a plan. But would that be fun?
  12. That makes sense. Par 5 holes are often rated as the hardest for a course. Funny that, since the best players seek to score on those. The rest of us just have more chances to screw up.
  13. I would like to see an authoritative piece on how to improve/enjoy golf on the cheap. This is kind of a big deal for me. I am fairly sure that I will never get custom fitted clubs. I have read what the benefits are, and I appreciate the concept of following every advantage to the nth degree as much as anyone. I just can't see dropping that kind of cake on a luxury item when my wife is driving a 10-year old car. So I am left with lesser options. And there are sure a lot of them to consider. Same issue with golf balls, courses, etc. In fact, there may be enough material on that topic for an entire magazine in itself. I just don't see much evidence that this is a topic of concern for most golfers.
  14. I think that for me, leaving that uphill putt way short would be the most annoying one. Overshooting a very long putt into the fringe, well that is just because the distance is long and not one that gets practiced often. But the uphill one. When I do that it just ticks me off. A moment of focus before you even putt the ball should prevent that form happening. You will kick butt and takes names next time.
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