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  1. I think that very wet conditions affect poor golfers more than good golfers. That should almost go without saying. However, if you think about it, better golfers are making more consistent contact while high handicappers are routinely hitting fat shots, which wet terrain (and frankly very dry terrain also) will be more of an issue for.
  2. Thanks guys. This is a lot more information than I have ever had on this topic. Remaining question though, anyone know why my shots are always running left? Is the sand gripping and turning my club?
  3. Hey all. I have limited experience with this particular aspect of the game. I have plenty of experience hitting a sand wedge out of a greenside bunker, but the fairway bunker strikes me as a different animal. When my tee shot finds a bunker on a par 5, for example, I have been attempting to hit like my 3 or 5 hybrid out. But this has not gone well - ever. I figure you have to pick it clean to get good contact. But I always seem to shank it hard to the right. Actually, I bet it is the norm to send it right. How do you deal with a fairway bunker? Do you go for it like a pro or are you smart enough to just accept your wasted stroke and pitch it out? How can one practice this? (My range has a bunker but its at the chipping green.) I am looking for any information about this shot, really. Anecdotes, advice, physical explanations of what is different about hitting from sand. Whatever. And why the heck am I sending the ball so far right? Thanks in advance.
  4. They got pissed about that? Buncha losers! Seriously though, if you hit the club enough you start to get a feel for how far it goes. Don't you measure your yardage on every single approach shot? Whether you use a high tech V8 Bass-o-matic 76 laser rangefinder with port and starboard attachments or just estimate based upon the 150 yard bush, you are still planning on hitting your club x number of yards, right?
  5. Cantankerish

    Top Golf

    Kevlar, how much money would you say you dropped on the entire setup with your simulator? Is it just the device or did you pad the walls? Do you worry about killing your clubs on the mat? Did you get a high end projector or something? Are you satisfied with the experience for the money?
  6. Cantankerish

    Top Golf

    In Palm Beach, FL there are negotiations for TopGolf. Looks like it will happen. But there is another, probably more interesting company, Driveshack also coming to town. It looks like a higher tech alternative. -Offer Lessons. Lots of varieties of this. -Topgolf has targets you aim for, which was fun for me the one time I went. Driveshack seems to have VR stuff on their range or something. -Has virtual courses to play. I would like to try that.
  7. This does not quite fit the OP, but here goes. I have an older brother with whom I have only the slightest relationship, but he lives fairly close by. Tomorrow I plan to squeeze in a round with him and his son (my nephew, with whom I am rather close). I very much would like for my kids to know him, and I hope we can restart our relationship by meeting for golf sometimes. That would be the best round of golf for me.
  8. A 64 degree club? Wowzers. I threaten my 60 degree lob wedge if it carpets under the ball for a full swing 25-yarder or blades for 100. I think a 64 would only last a couple of rounds before I wrap it around a tree for its insolent inconsistency.
  9. I played a seven hour round. It was with family at Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee. The place is near deserted in the summer, and they let us play a six-some. There was a lot of alcohol involved. I sobered up twice during that time. Not entirely a great experience.
  10. For the record, I simply got tired of belaboring the point. It is a judgment call, and not a tidy one.
  11. 46-pw goes 130 these days 50-gw goes 105 56-sw goes 75 60-lw goes 60 I don't have any advice for you. Just this data.
  12. Mine happened two weeks ago. Teed up at the narrow par 4, 3rd hole beside a street. My tee shot, while struck solid goes slightly left, brushing some leaves. Believing I had averted disaster, I bend over to pick up my tee when we can all hear the sound of a golf ball bouncing on the street. It had apparently struck a cement light pole. At high speed, it bounced past us, 150 yards behind the tee box and somehow nestled in a sand trap beyond the second green. I could not help but laugh as hard as the rest of them. But I was embarrassed as heck to take that next shot while a group waited for me.
  13. Count me as skeptical as any of you. But seriously, if this sort of shenanigan is going to work, golf is not a bad place to look for fools to buy their stuff. Put that crap in a pro shop at a high end club with some slick promos, and it should sell.
  14. Hey man, that is excellent news. Has it just been the yoga or are you using weights at all? I ask because (as I said above) you can work most of the core muscles daily. No need to settle for 3 days per week. This should not be at odds with your yoga instructor's advice either. Go for some targeted upper and lower abs & obliques daily. Try for at minimum five different exercises giving you a different one each day. You can also insert some lumbar and lunges (thigh/butt) up to 3x/week. You do not need weights for any of this stuff, but after a few months you can get more advanced with added weight. Do tell us how it feels to be more fit when your first 18 comes about.
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