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  1. Every club I have has been carefully selected, analyzed, and judged on 16 different specifications for the perfect fit to my needs. They are... Driver: Taylor Made something or other: used for $100 3w: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set 3h: Adams Idea: used for $35 4h: Pinemeadow or something: $42 new on Amazon 5h: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set 6I: Ping Eye2, used traded for another club when my 6I broke 7I: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set 8I: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set 9I: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set PW: Adams Tight Lies: used, part of a set 49* PW: Cleveland: used for $11, Ebay 52* Big Bertha: used, $8 from a bin SW: dunno what it is, I have had it since about 1993 Putter: dunno what it is, I have had it since about 1993
  2. 86 today at Park Ridge. I shoot so well there. 99 last weekend at Boca Greens. Yeah, it was shite. But, I FINALLY birdied my nemesis hole, the par-5 17th. The landing zone for the tee shot is evil for a right handed golfer because it is an opposite shaped ellipse of your shot zone. There is water in every direction. If you go for driver, you kinda have to get it perfect. I have complained about it on this thread in the past. If you wimp out like I did here and leave the driver in the bag, you have to carry the water again and still don't pull it. Thankfully, the approach shot is not particularly well protected, not that anyone is ever in a position to go for it in two anyway. I hit 4-hybrid off the tee, which is crazy since it is about 570 from that tee box (the back tees are 619). But I hit it well. 3-wood was kinda meh after that, and gap wedge got me to 4 feet. Don't tell my wife, but it I die tomorrow, I will have a smile knowing that I finally got the better of this monster.
  3. I have a Taylormade. I have been learning on it. I can't really hit anything else now - I have tried. I wonder if you have a reverse situation. You did not try it out before you bought it?
  4. He certainly has the right attitude. “It’s not incredibly enjoyable,’’ he said. “But I’ll grind it out. I don’t ever give up. I have no reason to. I’m here.’’ Jordan Spieth's frustrating fall takes sad turn at US Open Where have you gone, Jordan Spieth? What happened to the guy who won three major championships before his 22nd birthday, ascended to No. 1 in...
  5. Compared to most of the weekend duffers I come in contact with, I find it impressive how many golfers don’t stink. This of course is only USGA registered handicaps. Less than 2% of men’s handicaps and less than 1% of women’s are scratch or better. You folks are a rare breed. Just another something I am below average at. 😏 My dog still loves me.
  6. Long, narrow par 4. Tee shot hits a tree and drops into medium rough on the inside lane of a dogleg. There is a punishing huge tree protecting the dogleg, and between me and the green. Perfect contact with the 4h over the tree sends the ball 208 yards to settle 3 feet from the flag. birdie
  7. Scrambles are such a fun alternative, though I never seem to do well. I suspect it is because sinking those birdie putts are so important for a low score, and I suck at putting. Thanks for sharing this with us. Please tell us about your next one.
  8. I truly appreciate the thoughtful responses. I learned a lot from them. In particular, I have been choosing the tiny pitch shot, figuring a lot like what gbogey says here. (I don’t flop well.) But I was not sure that was the smart call. Pitching is a relatively new skill for me, and I am still feeling out it’s best applications. This confirms one for me. So again, thank you all
  9. I think I am experiencing a brain fart. Ball comes to rest some 20 yards off the green, maybe 15 feet of green to work with after that. It's maybe 4 feet elevated. No other obstacles. Let's say a flat-ish green. Medium rough lie and the same stuff to up to the fringe. Decent lie in that rough. I hope I covered enough detail. I am not great at chipping that far with the sand wedge. I am so tempted to try to flop something with the sand wedge or maybe a tiny pitch because I do not want to deal with rolling through the rough with a pitching wedge so close to the top of the arc. Insufficiently loft just a bit and I will end up parking the ball before it gets to the green. Somehow, with no specific obstacles in the way, the shot options all seem so risky. I seem to be encountering this scenario a lot these days. I feel like this should not be such a difficult decision, but I just do not see what the conventional wisdom would dictate. What would you do? What am I not seeing clearly here?
  10. 86 at Pompano Beach Municipal's Pines course. It was all about the approach shots. Love this course. I always seem to play well there. It has interesting holes and tiered greens. That said, my swing is in such a bad place. I have regressed, and I do not know why. I was just applying the duct tape well today.
  11. 90 at Park Ridge. I missed 7/8 putts from 5-7 feet. Most days, my mind is just not into putting unless there is something at stake. It is atrocious. I like Park Ridge a lot because there are six par 5s and four of them are only guarded by elevation. Just a lot of fun to go it on these holes. Hurricane last week, then got like a 95 or something at an easy course the week before and a scramble the week before that where I could not do anything right. My swing is going decidedly backwards atm.
  12. Whatever. I am saying it was entertaining to the point that I wanted more of them.
  13. The decision maps where you do not reveal your answer until the reader thinks about it could be a book by themselves.
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