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  1. LOL. But...the trees. The water. Not me, sir. It's 9-iron for me on this hole. I do not think I am going to convince any of you to play it safe on that hole...even in a thread created to get advice from the likes of you to help me play it safe. Friggin' bassackwards charlatans. Oh well. I guess there is always my cart mates. Or the bartender.
  2. Oh, you guys... I started the thread to get advice to prevent me from doing exactly this. In fact, you guys are discussing the extreme example I gave as an obviously bad plan as if it were tempting. But yeah, it is great when the tees are far enough back, they just rarely are. ...you damned devils on my shoulder.
  3. As you wish. That's the 13th at Southwinds in West Boca Raton. Each of those white chords is about 150 yards. Every once in a blue moon, they will have the tees far enough back that you are actually behind the tree line (you have to play this course from the back tees to feel the design). On that occasion, you can pull out the 3-wood or something and really go for it, but that sorta nerfs the hole. Also, you can see that final tree is huge The others are a mass of tall areca palms. But that last one is a white oak or something. It gets in your way if you mishit the tee stroke. Beyond that the hole is a cake walk.
  4. There is this one hole on my home course. It is a short par 4 with a tree-lined 90 degree dogleg left. The actual distance from the tee to the hole is about 230 yards, but you can't actually go for it due to the trees and then the water on the other side of them. Just, no. The proper way to play the hole is two 9-irons or something like that. It's really quite easy to par this hole. The first time I took my nephew there, he could not resist the temptation. He went for it, somehow lifted the ball barely over the trees and landed his tee stroke on the green. The next bunch of times we played the course, he went for this shot again, always failing miserably. So he would get a 6 or 7 on what is certainly the easiest par 4 on the course, until he finally figured it out. Thing is, I have done this too. Not as obviously. But I tend to remember that time I nutted the 3-wood and cleared the bunker to be on in 2 or when I punched through the trees to roll it up onto the green. I think the worst thing that can happen to me is to succeed at a low percentage shot the first time I play a course. I even find myself trying to recruit cart-mates to be my caddie with requests like "remind me that I'm stupid if you see this club in my hand for the second shot" or "don't ever let me do that again", like a drunk pleading with the bartender. Calmly typing here, I can see perfectly well the hindsight that informs me that, no, I did not have command of that shot. But at the time, it really does seem reasonable. Someone please chime in with a similar story or advice or something. I think I need a digital shoulder to cry on.
  5. I hear ya. It sure feels wonderful to power that drive 285 yards down the center, or draw it around the trees in the shape of the fairway. It is such an advantage to start the hole that way. But if I hook the sucker into the left rough hard, maybe 240 yards instead or worse yet, into the trees, I still have one or two opportunities to get to the green in regulation. Naturally, a worse drive, out of bounds, is extremely bad. But an approach shot into water is kinda the same thing. When I screw up the approach, I just don't get up and down often enough. And sometimes it's even worse with a skulled chip or something. This is for me. Experience has taught me that a strong drive is only Indiana Jones getting past those giant saw blades. He still has to walk over the invisible bridge and spell Jehova in Latin, and also not drink that death potion. But a GIR means the worst I can do is bogey.
  6. Oh, I can mess that up. I specialize in getting the ball within 40 feet in 2 on a par 5 only to end up with a bogey. I will take the 180 yard 6-iron pure stroke with a slight draw any day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  7. Ahh, you are right! The comparison is very effective. I hope you will entertain a few more questions on this, because this information creates more. 1. Should I be focused on the head in this condition (a #1 issue, and therefor top priority according to your instruction) or can I consider it a side effect of the early hips? Actually, I have reason to believe that it is not a big issue. In studying the still images you provided, my eyes appear to NOT have moved relative to the ball. My guess had been that the eyes are the purpose of the still head. (There is vertical movement, but I thought that was less of an issue than horizontal.) 2. Would you say not to bother with the above consideration and just get the hips more standardized because there are other issues created by them? Thanks in advance
  8. 81 today. Easy course. 104 yesterday. Much harder course. Swing is in a transition...again.
  9. Well, I guess you about dressed me down and summed me up there. These donors hold meetings to discuss how to manage their public image, just as my company does. And all companies do. "Giving back" is a wonderful label. We use it too in the form of scholarships. The donations in fact do say a lot for the the donors. It says that it is remarkable how effective donations are at boosting your standing as a company. It also says something for the PGA. The PGA is excellent at letting everyone know how swell your company is if you donate. They are so good at maintaining your image that wealthy private donors use the PGA too. The bulk of the private donors are going to donate this money...somewhere. The PGA is just the conduit. It.Is.All.A.Business.
  10. “Hip goes up really early” is a new issue for me. By that, I mean that I had not heard of that issue before. Can you explain it in some detail for me?
  11. I believe that I have accomplished #2 now on both driver and irons. Please tell me if that is not the case. One point of continued annoyance is that I practice with my hands in front of the club head, but looking at the stop motion of the (it should be in slow-motion - but yo can still make it out) 7-iron, it appears to me as if I am not doing this. On some days, I hit lots of fat shots (few GIR), while on other days I nut almost everything (many GIR). Does it follow that on the days I am bad, it is because my hands are not forward? Also, any tips are welcome. Thanks.
  12. "...my nephew slams his club into the turf by the 2nd hole." That guy is not cut out for golf. BTW, I suspect that a lot of responses here are not of the kind the OP expected. Interesting to see the different ideas of what it takes to ruin a round.
  13. On the bottom one I would be concerned about long irons and woods fading too much. It's really rather steep. But I mean, your handicap is pretty low to be dealing with such basic issues. I think the bottom swing is outside of the cone of success, and perhaps that is causing the consistency issues. The top one has a beautiful transition. To my eyes, you are dropping your arms like a pro. You should make a "my swing" thread and post this. You may get more attention from people who know better than I do. And try to get a side angle too.
  14. Man, if I were going to take a winter to do what you are doing with the equipment you are using, I would spend my time experimenting with strokes that increase the speed of the club head. Youtube, mirror practice, then take it to the place. If it is swing you can maintain, work on muscle memory to make THAT your swing. If you then want to take it another step, get the core strength and tendon-stretching exercises going. But I bet it would be well worth your time to focus on the mechanics of the best swing your body can do from the start, rather than just an interest in what ball speed you are hitting now. Keep us posted
  15. If your expectations on club head speed are accurate, I think your figuring makes sense. You are in your early 30s, right? That 12 loft club with the extra flexy shaft is not for a young man. Even if you learn to hit it well, you are artificially limiting your distance. As an example, my club head speed is like 103 average. I am using 7.5 loft and my AoA is pretty high. I'm not sure exactly because I keep changing it, but I get plenty of height out of my drives. The low lofted club keeps the rpms down too (2100 or so), so the path is not the gentle rise followed by the nose dive. I get lots of roll when I manage the baby draw. I do struggle to maintain that flight path though. I gotta post an updated video. At any rate, I hope you ditch both the head and shaft you have been using. Good luck!
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