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  1. I bet you are right. I'm sure Brooks can bench a good bit more than 225. That is my work out weight and he is much bigger than I am. Bones, I have a lot of experience with this. I am near certain that breaking down the fibers (lifting) on THE DAY you are golfing is a mistake. (For me, anyway. I assume this is true for most people but I have only myself to test here - it would be amazing if we could get something scientificish with more people reporting on this to bolster or contradict my conclusions.) I experience considerable and predictable issues when I lift on THE SAME DAY. When I build legs and lower body, my weight transfer is rubbish and I can not get power. There are all kinds of unintentional compensations going on that I can not entirely understand. I can feel myself struggling to keep my typical form. I get armsy. I end up with pull fade drives and fat irons. Upper body movement days are different, and kinda worse. The biggest issue by a large margin is tired forearms. Most guys never have to do any forearm exercises, but all lifters tend to get muscular forearms anyway because virtually all upper body lifting uses them to power grip the bars. I have a slender frame so it may be more acute in my case than most. Not sure about that. The right grip on the club (rigth-handed) uses the same power grip. Mine suffers and I get nasty banana slices on the drives. My irons at their best are a gentle draw, but on these days I get a fade and maybe 10-15% less yardage. However, 24 hours rest has always been sufficient to remove all of these issues. And muscles rebuild almost all of their fibers in 48 hours. Both my personal experience and conventional wisdom would seem to contradict your assessment. You may have just been off your game. Good luck
  2. 94, 97 on the weekend. Not so good. I have a thought on it though. The fact is that I was just not hitting the irons well. I got 6 GIR, but something like 20 nGIR - most of which were not up and down. I had three blowup holes in the past 36, which for me is kinda good. Lots and lots of bogeys. Here's the point. These were bad rounds, plain and simple. Those used to be over 100. Gettin' there. Slowly.
  3. Let it all out, folks. 1. Having made an approach shot that came to rest off the green, I do what most of us do. I park the cart, grab the putter and maybe a couple of clubs for the most likely next shot. The problem is that when I guess wrong, I rarely then go back to the cart. I will make do with what I brought. 2. At address, I often simply forget to go through the proper swing thoughts that I know I have to keep in mind. The consequences are predictably awful. 3. Knowing full well that alcohol spoils my round, I can not turn down a beer or two. And my friends love to bring them. I even buy them at times. I am sure there are more. What are yours?
  4. Speaking as a guy trying to figure why this is thus and what is the reason for this thusness... I seem to continue to buck the trends. I hit drives pretty hard (270-280), and when I am NOT on a good day, I spray them. I throw away a good 2-3 tee shots per 18 holes on such days, costing me strokes. Some of those are certainly the result of a ball traveling on a line that would be on the edge of the fairway if it were more like 230 yards. I have most certainly entertained the preference for a predictable and shorter tee stroke in days like that. I definitely do not see this as a case of both improving in tandem.
  5. I had initially chosen 3/5 balls lost. I take it back. I commonly lose more than 5, so I am switching to 6-10, almost entirely off of errant drives. Working on it.
  6. I think you should look at the ball. Unless you are working on some particular element of your swing, you really need to be looking at what you are going to hit. All kinds of bad things happen when you do not look at the ball. If the movement of your backswing is blocking out your view of the ball, you may have something bad causing that. Post a swing video. Let’s have a look.
  7. Wow. I have a closed stance, but it would not be my first impulse to call it that. Instead, I would tell you that I tend to pull and slightly draw the ball with every club when I am hitting well. Even a pitch or a chip. Everything goes a few degrees right for me. When I am not hitting my best, I get maybe 10-15% less distance and a fade. So I want the closed stance.
  8. I am bereft of words for the craptastic design of the hole itself. But the guy deserves some kudos for taking it so well.
  9. I do not know what is the difficulty in making a course harder than what is currently available. My guess is that a course that is very hard would not attract enough players beyond the one time each year when it is on the tour. Is this the crux?
  10. I was taught that if the course permits it, you can move a ball out of damaged terrain as long as it is on the fairway. This does not come up often, but I have moved a ball out of wet areas in the past. Now that I think of it, I have never checked to see if that is actually legal. I would never do a Judge Smails though. You miss the opportunity to learn.
  11. The PGA superstore in Plantation, FL has free fitting available (as well as by appointment). But you will not get what you are looking for out if there fitting when it is free. I think that if you are spending that much for a club, pay the extra and get fit correctly.
  12. 93 and 88. All in all a good weekend for me including a birdie in each round. I am pretty sure my index is about to drop some, and I am excited to see how much I can improve now that I have made it over a hurdle (driver is behaving) and I have a clear path to follow with my practices (partial shots with short irons and wedges). I credit the advice from all of you at this site for the bulk of my education.
  13. Hey mate. I am no expert by any angle. Yet this has been my goal for the year, unofficially...but most certainly. I have jumped through considerable hoops to rid my self of this pattern. I do PRECISELY that same thing. And it has had the same affect on my game and my perception of the sport as you describe. This has been a demon for me for so, so long. I have had it tamed with duct tape for periods of as long as a few weeks, only to see it return with a vengeance. But I have learned a lot and I am cautiously optimistic that the seal will hold this time. It feels like a weight off that I am peering over my shoulder to make sure it does not sneak back up on me. If we presume that you are not swinging with a very vertical stroke, you can try what *finally* worked for me. Lean forward an exaggerated amount on your downswing. You can tell you are doing it right if it causes you to rise on your front leg. This has enabled me to strike the ball with the club head on its way forward and outward at the same time. The “outward” is the key. The movement starts in your hips. Just be sure you are rotating your hips rather than sliding them or you may not get this result. To make sure I am not sliding, I prematurely push my weight forward just a bit at the start of the backswing. The net result is that my weight forward downswing ends up with me rising on my front leg. Try a bucket forcing yourself to do this. What you should get is a predictable result. Good luck!
  14. I’m glad you shared it. The harder it is to attain, the sweeter the flavor of the victory
  15. Well, I typically dig in to get a good stance, and I think one could argue that I did not dig in categorically more than some pros do. But I INTENTIONALLY dug in to get level. It sure seems like I was in breach of this rule. Even though the other guys thought nothing of it, I know it.
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