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  1. Cantankerish

    Chasing Scratch (the Podcast)

    Okay. Now this got interesting.
  2. Cantankerish

    Not So Easy To Find The Right Golf Friends

    This is an issue for me, actually. I have the bug bad right now. The guys who introduced me to the game are in it for recreation, and not likely to do anything silly like join an online forum to improve themselves. So here I am. The game can be played as Patch is willing to, sorta for the love of the game. I have done that. But I prefer the idea of losing yourself in the endless opportunities of a grand manicured green space for hours with some friends and laughs. Do you have the opportunity to practice/play with good friends at all, or just not as often as you would like?
  3. Cantankerish

    My Swing (Let it Fly)

    Can we get a new video?
  4. Cantankerish

    Fitting. Which One Should I Do?

    Chspeed, they have what you want and I do not see that you have any choice. If I were you I would ignore the free option and just acknowledge that you are paying the $175. If you do not, you will always question your club purchase in annoying ways like when you blade a flop out of the sand or something. Peace of mind is worth a lot.
  5. Cantankerish

    My Swing (RJ1185)

    I do not have anything to help you with RJ. Sorry. I just want to say that I really like your swing. It looks so smooth.
  6. Cantankerish

    My Swing (cantankerish)

    Shot shape, yeah. You could say that. The closed stance is a remnant of the tools I employed to force a draw. And it has worked, so I have been reticent to stop. You will notice that the 7-iron has a stance that is much closer to straight. I will still fade my irons if I do not keep my wits about me during address, grip, and backswing. On another note, I got a chance to do some preliminary work on shifting my weight to the front leg. And by extension, I presume that I should be turning my hips left - at least that is what Erik's videos are recommending. I still do not know what result I am looking for, though I suspect that it is primarily a power thing. At any rate, this completely hoses my ability to make consistent contact. I find myself lower to the ground at impact. Is that normal? Am I retraining muscle memory from scratch?
  7. Cantankerish

    Good Exercises for Improving Your Core Strength?

    Just a note on this topic...You can train your core muscles every day (abs, obliques, to some degree your lumbar). They rebuild very quickly. For anyone over the age of 40, it makes a lot of sense to start with strengthening these muscles as the central point of your exercise. This goes doubly for golfers.
  8. Cantankerish

    Which Two Gap Wedges Should I Add?

    Honestly, in my experience, chippers were for people who had sorta given up improving. Doesn't sound like what you are going for, Petrocelli. Do you really need it?
  9. Cantankerish

    Where Should I Move to (Play) In The U.S.?

    Well, I... I thought I had something to say, but now I really don't know how to respond to that, 3jacker! Oh yeah. I can appreciate the variety of affordable golf options in South Florida. But in summer, I take my family anywhere to escape the insane heat. I keep my carnie costume locked safely away, too.
  10. Cantankerish

    My Swing (cantankerish)

    This angle might be more instructive. I can see that we did not quite get the last one right. @iacas, thank you for the direction on weight distribution. I can already see what you mean from the videos. I suppose that is my first goal, and it looks like a big one. Can you tell me, what is the direct benefit of that element? In other words, how can I measure the results of my attempts to mimic that motion? @Nave, I am having a hard time seeing the issues with the rear knee. Maybe as I become more familiar I will be able to see it. Apparently, I have bigger fish to fry atm.
  11. Cantankerish

    My Swing (cantankerish)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 9 months My current handicap index or average score is: 20-25 handicap My typical ball flight is: the variety pack The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: take your pick Videos: Hi all. I played golf a tiny bit in my teens and then again in my 20s, but I never got past hacking and praying. Since May I have been actively pursuing this elusive action. I am so humbled by all of it. What you can not see in these videos is the 13-year old girl behind the camera who has a professional grade swing. My swing that you see is just where I am at the moment. It has changed numerous times over the past nine months as I search in the dark for a path. I am finally in control of my drives after taming a world-class push/slice. The club you see there is a TaylorMade R15, adjustable, stiff shaft. I have it set to one weight to prevent a fade and the other in the center - if that makes sense. I do not know if that is any longer the correct position. The 7-iron is an Adams Golf Tight Lies with a graphite shaft. I don't know the flex. I have never been fit for clubs. I really do not at all what to change about my swing. I can not look at my own videos and see anything useful. Thank you all for helping a poor soul who has perhaps foolishly decided to invest myself into this game. Sorry if the angles are not quite right.
  12. Cantankerish

    100 Yard Options

    Yeah, this was a good idea. I began this today. Just honestly hitting the clubs and noting the yardages together has already taught me some beginning statistics. I think that the last time I tried something like this I was not consistent enough with the clubs to get much of a read. I can see what my next goal is, and it feels wonderful to have a target to shoot for (figurative and literal) Thank you again. Also, I bought a used 50 degree club at the advice from posters here, and I have got rid of the 5-wood, so I'm back to four wedges.
  13. Cantankerish

    DeArmond Shoots A 17 On One Hole

    I would have figured that getting a 17 is the RESULT of losing your cool.
  14. Cantankerish

    Palm Beach County Courses Closing

    That is pretty disheartening. That is pretty disheartening. It goes to my central concern if increasing land values are the natural enemy of golf course longevity. Does that leave you without decent options to play?
  15. Cantankerish

    Should I Upgrade My Driver?

    Sperre, I find improving my drives both rewarding and difficult. Seems to me that makes the promise of a good one a perfect motivator. Use whatever you have, but promise yourself to improve. When you start to see a difference, start considering an upgrade. When you start to genuinely feel confident in your drives, go get fitted - and splurge on a driver that will last you a long time. Happy trails.

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