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  1. I think it's only difficult if you are not perfect.
  2. Hey ctm. Post a video of your swing in the swing thread, mate. Let us all have a look.
  3. Yes, definitely from the fairway. From rough also. It is frustrating. I actually think that I was not always intentionally opening the face. I was just not paying enough attention to that detail. Why am I choosing to hit a flop shot from the fairway? That's easy. I do not always make sound decisions with shot selection. Actually, for awhile I thought I was hitting that shot better than my chip at the 30 - 40 yard distances. I did not really appreciate how difficult a shot it was. I have put a lot of work learning how to chip with different clubs, lies, etc since then. So I have not been flopping from fairway for a few months. So.much.to.learn.
  4. Skill, baby. I can do things with a golf club that others can only dream of. Those dreams are nightmares, of course. But still... (I am fond of an experience I had once, elevated green on a par 5. My 2nd shot went off to the right side of the green and I am thinking up and down for a birdie. Ball is on the slope of a fairly steep incline with thick rough and a bunker between me and the green. Pin just beyond the close edge. My 3rd shot goes 15 up or so and then...behind me! 60 degree loft + about 35 degrees of slope makes for a pretty stupid shot. I did not think that would happen because I was not myself standing at that angle - or even possible, but yet, it did. Live and learn.) Anyway, yeah. I have opened the face for a flop and seen the ball go only a few feet with a full swing. The face carpets nearly clean right under the ball and I barely make contact. I have to admit that I am not entirely certain of the loft of this club. It is not written on the club, and I bought it used. I also do this trick where I make contact slightly higher on the ball than I want, and I get a nifty line drive that my high school baseball coach would have been proud of. Yeah, the ball goes 40 yards past the other side of the green and my buds congratulate me on demonstrating the worst that can happen. Good times. Seriously though, my last few rounds I have used the sand wedge (56) in those circumstances and I have had much more success. I am likely to continue doing this for the time. That club is too frustrating for my skill level with it.
  5. I am not entirely confident even hitting my lob wedge from fairway due to that phenomenon. I can not see myself trying such a shot any time soon.
  6. I hope this is not veering too far off... I have seen pros chop at the ball in rough near the green. In my own experience that is a recipe for disaster - so much so that in my mind I am keen to follow through in an almost exaggerated fashion just to make certain that I do it - so I wonder what circumstances benefit that chopping stroke. I kinda don't even believe my own eyes when I see it.
  7. Definitely. (I tear up my hands if I do not wear the glove.) The fact is that considering the other expenses in golf, this is one of the smallest, but I seem to constantly be aware that it is on, and that I am "using it up" so off it comes as soon as I have swung. A friend of mine flings his glove at his wedge if he has brought two clubs to the green. I like that, as it is an extra protection against leaving the wedge behind.
  8. I buy golf balls from Walmart mart. I actually fear going into the Edwin watts and pga superstore here. I’m afraid of what I might buy. That said, last time I got a used 50 degree gap wedge. It has been excellent.
  9. Josh, if you like the driver it probably makes sense for you to keep it until you get fitted. welcome to the site. There is so much good advice here.
  10. Didn’t Michelle wie play mostly men events when she was very young?
  11. Only if you are going for a heuristic solution. But most of the time (especially if you are worth your salt), both of these disciplines need exactness.
  12. Your brain is more aware of some parts of your body than others, based upon the wiring of neurons and such. Check out the cortical homunculus. It is gross, but helpful in understanding the limits of what your self awareness is capable of.
  13. ...about 20 under my handicap.
  14. I have played like 20. So basically, you are my hero.
  15. Chipping feels even more mental than most parts of the game to me. I practice chipping a lot, and getting into the groove is everything. I find myself creating mnemonic devices in my preshot routine to pick up on when I am on the course so that I can enter that groove at a moment's notice. The difference between when I do this and when I do not is palpable. I would recommend such a device.
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