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  1. This is for you, my dear friends. I am putting this here specifically to refute the demand that I speak more about the word "huh". "The ball may tend to draw a bit more from the forward bending of the shaft at impact causing the face to rotate past square to be slightly closed. However, if the golfer happens to slice or fade the ball, this actually could help reduce such a misdirection tendency. " This quote can be found under the heading: Possible Outcomes When Using a Shaft That Is Too Flexible for Your Swing Explaining the Effect of Wrong Shaft Flex in Golf Clubs What happens when you use golf clubs with the wrong shaft flex? Things that hurt your score. Here are some specific examples of possible problems. I used the words "spring action" while this author used the words "forward bending" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was going to put some more quotes here. But I do not feel like it. The words are there for you to see. Any implication you read of a claim of advantage comes from your interpretation of my words rather than the words themselves. I made no such claim. Bill and Erik, I know you love to remove my stuff, but I ask you to leave this here so I can defend myself against these accusations from lefty. Do tell, Lefty, because again you attack me for no apparent reason...where are my ignorant words you speak of?
  2. I certainly did not imply that it was good. In fact I said it is not relevant. And yes I ignored the huh.
  3. Well, the advantages of graphite involve the spring action (reduces fading) and the reduced weight. Graphite also tends to loft the ball more. These sorts of things are not especially relevant in wedges. You know, I am actually not the most knowledgeable fellow when it comes to golf. But somehow I do not feel any particular obligation to defend myself from such an aggressive insinuation of ignorance. Go start an argument elsewhere please.
  4. I bet there is some advantage in some way. But the benefits seem pretty slim considering what the graphite does and what those clubs do. I do not know that I have seen a sand wedge with a graphite shaft.
  5. I hear ya, brother. You're preaching to the converted faithful here!
  6. If only. Last week she said: "I love you even though you golf."
  7. Don't get me wrong. I am gratified that I can discuss golf-related topics with the folks on TST, especially at times when my thoughts and efforts are ostensibly beholden to my employer. But I should be out there... PRACTICING! The more we talk about this stuff, the more I just want to be out there trying out these nifty ideas or hitting dozens of chip shots. I should start a kickstarter to help me quit my job, hire a substitute parent for my kids, and...hmm, what to do about the wife. How can I find a way to farm out the duties of my life so that I can spend more time learning this damned game? How do you manage it?
  8. I look at that backswing and I see power. Your shoulders turn like a pro. I can see the early release a bit on these videos, and I bet that zaps some of the power. But it seems to me that I would be asking about a cure that does not involve losing such a major asset.
  9. You want to shorten your backswing? It is beautiful. Are you having control issues?
  10. I like the amount of effort that went into the artwork, honestly. And there really is a lot of content. But I think the target audience is a bit different than TST. The most amusing part of the image below is the number of "helpful" tags it has. See ya, guys. I am talking to the experts over there from now on.
  11. So I gotta ask. Is choking up 1/4" (or even 1") somehow less effective than cutting the thing? This sounds like a bunch of hooey to me.
  12. That’s quite a bit more expensive than the original. hmm
  13. Bill, the pitching wedge is part of an Adams Golf Tight Lies set that I got used. I do not know which year. 50 is Titleist. 52 is a big Bertha. Sand wedge, not sure. It is an annoyingly big gap. I wonder if I should get a 48 instead. Ncates, These wedges are what I happen to have picked up as I learn more about what I need. There is no particular plan behind the gapping. ”Up to” as in max. I do not like to try to hit that range, but in the absence of conditions, that’s max range.
  14. Another angle... I have got some experience hitting partial wedges. I technically have at least two options for 100 yards now. There's the 52* which I hit 100 yards with a standard swing. And then the 9-iron 2/3 swing. Honestly, I am okay with both. I just need to practice the 2/3 9I more. But... Just look at this and you will see: 56* SW: up to 85 yards 52* GW: up to 100 yards 50* GW: up to 115 yards 46*? PW up to 145 yards I hate that big hole of about 125-130 yards, and it does come up commonly. I like the 50* Titleist wedge I have, but I am considering a 49* GW. I can't go buying lots of clubs though. Can anyone recommend a course of action here?
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