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  1. Would it be fair to say that better tech is making the ball launch higher (which is good?), and so manufacturers are reducing lofts to keep the trajectory we see stable? The net result is the same trajectory but a longer shot. Or is it consistency that all these fancy weights and materials are creating? I really do not know if any of what I just wrote is correct. I am trying to wrap my head around the big picture here.
  2. 88. Driver was working again 5th time in 6 rounds, and this is a new trend for me. I sent two approach shots into the drink, and that really was the difference between the decent score I got and perhaps a great score. I am becoming dissatisfied with bogeys. With much fewer drives sailing into back yards and ponds, I feel like I have a shot at par on nearly every hole.
  3. I am pretty well on the progressive end of the spectrum, maybe even a bleeding heart in the eyes of some. But when I asked my wife how much financial damage is worth saving lives, it did not go over well. It was an open question, with no hint of an opinion from me. She nearly raged at me for even bringing it up. Very scary times. Hard to know what the least bad path is. BTW, my company is one of private education. I have been put in charge of producing our curriculum digitally. I am having to learn how to write scripts, storyboards, act a bit (shutter), direct our instructors, and soon edit our hundreds of videos. I have no experience in any of this. First videos due Monday, so no free time. My poor kids are going stir crazy with limited supervision.
  4. 90 at Woodlands East from the white tees, so 6150 yards or so. That means that I am hitting a lot of approach wedges and flighted irons on approach shots. That scenario really cuts strokes for me, so yay. I will take the 90, don't get me wrong. But the greens on this course (and the West course) are nearly all very long and narrow on elevated greens. It makes missing the approach left or right a very messy ordeal, and I do that a lot with the longer irons.
  5. Killa, I get very little backspin on my 9-iron chips. I also get much less on my 2/3 swings than with the full swings. But I just love having this shot in my bag. I will take the roll.
  6. I will never understand how much sway the look of golf clubs has over players.
  7. More questions: 1. Do you practice to take a full swing out of greenside bunkers? If not, can you elaborate why not. 2. I have read that hybrids have a tendency to hook. I have experienced this, and I would like to know why.
  8. Interesting. I figured that what a new gofer needs most is training wheels. The people I introduce all seem to get frustrated. I think you have to be a bit masochistic to take up this sport. For people who need it on their first round, maybe let them hit off a 5 inch tee on each shot that is not on the green with clubs that have oversized heads.
  9. 88 on Saturday at Southwinds, where I routinely shoot my best scores. 92 on Sunday at Boca Greens. The wind was really going this weekend in South Florida. I bet the local official scores are all getting fluffed some. I feel like my ball striking is really approaching where I want it to be. I was killing the driver and the irons all weekend. The par 5s tell it best. Let me show you... This is the first hole. I was hitting 6-iron on my second stroke (which ended up about a foot past the green), so this was like one of my my best drives ever. This is the 6th. Also, a fantastic drive followed by a decent 3-wood. The 11th here was another good drive followed by the 4-hybrid. BTW, this it 17. It is a monster of a hole, well over 600 from the back tees. We were on the blues, so not nearly as crazy. My drive was a crappy hook that I got lucky on. It hit a bush rather than sailed into the water. So par on the 1st, triple on the 6th, bogey on the 11th, and bogey on the 17th after reaching or nearly reaching three of them in two. This has become an annoying pattern. I am a believer in the practicing and playing strategies being taught to us on this site. But it is increasingly feeling like I have pushed it too far. It's not that I do not practice the short game. I just do not seem to be improving.
  10. So, like I have been saying (and you have denied), you love to edit my posts. I included two options for dispersion: "My dispersion is much tighter!" and "My dispersion is a bit better". Why would you remove those? I also did not include an "other" for ball fitting. Yet, there it is.
  11. Then the positive options should simply garner more support. Alternatively, how would you word the poll?
  12. ChetlovesMer brings up a good point here: Since we only seem to be getting information from people with a financial stake in it, I would be interested to get some data from another (admittedly completely unscientific) source. How helpful was your fitting?
  13. Here's the Frankenwood. Gary told me last week that it is actually a 3-wood that he had cut, so it is quite short. The head is not adjusted in any way though. The rest of the bag is pretty standard fare.
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