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  1. 90 at Park Ridge. I missed 7/8 putts from 5-7 feet. Most days, my mind is just not into putting unless there is something at stake. It is atrocious. I like Park Ridge a lot because there are six par 5s and four of them are only guarded by elevation. Just a lot of fun to go it on these holes. Hurricane last week, then got like a 95 or something at an easy course the week before and a scramble the week before that where I could not do anything right. My swing is going decidedly backwards atm.
  2. Whatever. I am saying it was entertaining to the point that I wanted more of them.
  3. The decision maps where you do not reveal your answer until the reader thinks about it could be a book by themselves.
  4. Lastings, LSW goes into intricate detail about this very issue you are musing about. There are even many examples to try out so that you get some practice working these things out in your head. Get the book. EDIT: Consequently, I have aimed for green side bunkers on numerous occasions. I have aimed for rough on tee shots. My friends give me lip about claiming my plan is better, but I have lowered my handicap a lot and I don’t really hit the ball all that much better than I used to. Honestly, Erik, I would buy a book of just those Shot Zone puzzles. I bet you guys could create one of those in far fewer hours than it took you to write the book.
  5. 83 at Southwinds, my home course earlier this week. That is a great score for me. The approach shots were working and the putts were dropping. Two birdies helped. Played at Koepka's old stomping ground, Okeeheelee in Palm Beach county (gold: 71.6, 132, 6300). It's hilly, has lots of water in strategic places, winding doglegs, difficult greens, and high winds.. On all previous occasions, I could not enjoy myself because it was too difficult for me. So after maybe four previous outings, all over 100, I swore off Okeeheelee about a year ago. Well, 92 today, which is not all that good. I lost a few strokes to errant drives, but I only found water on the 1st hole. The greens were crappy and the putts were definitely not dropping. But it sure feels like a victory for me to actually be able to play the course instead of the other way around. Of the four courses I have mentioned on this thread that are too hard for me, I now have two left: TPC Eagle Trace and Colony West.
  6. I find myself scratching my head in this discussion. I can’t tell who is serious, and it messing with me
  7. 88 today at Pompano Municpal's lovely Pines course. (71.6, 124, 6612) Short game was as good as it has ever been. I got up and down 6 times. Good thing too because my approach irons were way off due to my recent swing changes.
  8. Makes perfect sense to me. I suspect that you are looking at this from the standpoint of annoyance. Try it from a business angle. A golf course has to make money, which makes it a business much like a convenience store that won't let you in without a shirt or a luxury restaurant that demands a tie - and not like a public park where you might play baseball. As such they really do get to decide how the patrons dress. Dance clubs, social clubs, golf clubs. Pretty much all clubs do this because it projects what they want the club to be viewed as. Like it or not, when you are a customer, you are subject to customs.
  9. Been practicing... Question: The way I come square while maintaining proper inclination results in quite a bit of extra torso-ahead-of-the-hands motion. My guess is that this is a good thing. But two things are happening that concern me: 1. I feel that my swing is kinda wild. I am whipping around so much with my arms so loose that I occasionally have crappy contact. 2. There is a considerable fade worked into my swing where it used to be a draw. I prefer not to have this. Are these natural side effects of learning this movement that I can later work out? I'm going to try to take some videos this weekend.
  10. I have been enjoying golf these past two years. I enjoy meeting people and playing with friends. When you meet a person through the lens of golf for four hours, it is long enough to be a journey. I like how the conversation is just golf at the beginning - yet I always come away knowing if the others have kids and what they do for a living or what brought out a dedicated single that day. At the end of the round, when we shake hands and exchange courtesies, I sincerely mean it. Well, almost every time. I do not know what to do now. I watch the hand coming at me now, and not the eyes. Is it a fist or open? One person even waved at me. I miss the hand shake. I find it a meaningful end to a privileged day. What have you been doing? (if admin wants to add a poll, go ahead.)
  11. 94 on Friday, played poorly - probably even worse than that number suggests. 91 today on a very hard course for me (72.6, 133). I had a fat approach shot on 15 and a few more that wandered left and right, but really only my putting was off today. I had four drives over 280 yards and only one that Went OB. I suppose I knew it was temporary, but I was hoping that after 4 in a row below 90, my ship had come in.
  12. On this note, I am curious. Would you say that driver is the most important club to get fit for, and the other clubs become increasingly less important as you go down the list toward putter?
  13. I do. No idea if it is a good idea, but I know that my grip is well on the strong side.
  14. 90. Two birdies could not save my very bad approach shots. Just ughhh.
  15. Golf is a mountain in need of climbing.
  16. Since the quarantine has started I have had to *gulp* cook. It's awful.
  17. Ahh, okay thanks a bunch. I really knew nothing about this. In a sense it is not an issue, because I am not actually keeping a proper handicap. But it is great to see how this is handled. And since my handicap, adjusted for the course is 17.6 stokes allowed, and none of the final four holes is rated #1, I would call each of the remaining holes a bogey for handicap purposes. <--presuming I did that right. And it's an 83, sorta. We played the par 5 5th twice. Whatever.
  18. That is a local issue. My wife works the COVID floor at her hospital. They are in a spike atm. The place is crazy. Many of the other hospitals in the area are in worse shape, but not all. I do not know what we are going to do here. Places are open because legally they can be. At a local course, Pompano Beach Municipal, there is a superb outdoor bar next to the clubhouse. That place gets packed. Some masks, but honestly...It's a bar. That place has got to be a hotbed of infection. I am striking the ball so well right now. But I do not think I would complain if the state goes into deep freeze, golf included.
  19. 40 in 9 holes. (It was actually 65 after 14 holes or 10 over par) Not sure how to score any of that or if I even should score it. I sorta stopped trying on the back 9 because the sun was going down.
  20. @OP, for the above feet and below feet, what I wish I had done when I was first starting to try to conquer those is to simply practice each of them a mere 20 times. That should be plenty to figure out what you have to do. You will start out topping those below your feet and duffing those above until you get it just right. And yeah, the aim is different.
  21. I hope I can one day play golf with family. I have only once in the past uhh, 10 years maybe. I bet your dad and granddad were happy to be with you. I am happy you had fun despite your poor performance.
  22. I use that website to track my handicap. (It does not account for playing conditions or ESC) But beyond that, I analyzed it up and down and independently checked with a phone app in early 2019. It is accurate as far as I can tell. But I never play 9 holes. I recommend taking Dave’s idea.
  23. That’s pretty remarkable. I really have no idea what your game is like despite our frequent discussions - they’re all about me. Is it typical for you to hit such tremendous drives? Do you have control of them like you want to?
  24. This is the par 5 10Th at Southwinds in West Boca Raton. My tee shot faded a good bit and ended up in jail. I had to consider punching out backwards. In the end I decided to go for it. I hooded the 3-wood and had to find a way to fade it lots, ball toward the back foot. I did not have command of this shot. The sucker shot just under the big tree and curled along the fairway ending on the back fringe. I three-putted. 😐 Nobody even saw the shot.
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