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  1. You are just in time, Nevets. Weather is lovely. Winter prices just started. Try out Plantation Preserve, Deer Creek, and Osprey Point. Some of my favorites. Stay in Georgia if you can on the trip down. Hotels on the Florida side of the border are a bit more expensive due to taxes.
  2. Played Okeeheelee on Sunday. I swore that I was not going to play that course until I had considerably improved. Well, I have apparently not improved enough. Such a punishing course. So I am here to whine, in essence. I know what this thread is called, but I don't want to even type the number. Let's just say I did not lower my handicap this week.
  3. Not old, mate. Seasoned and wisened. I would gladly share a cart with someone who can teach me a thing or two about this game and tell a good story.
  4. I think that just about anyone who witnesses their ability in anything slowly and inexorably deteriorate is going to want to quit. I agree with the folks recommending moderation, and not just with the golf. It reads as though you promised yourself a particular lifestyle when you retired and went whole hog into it as soon as you got there.
  5. I'm not asking you for anything except for you to let the rest of us discuss the topic in this thread.
  6. Well, the concern that I have is that you are calling the topic "solved". That may be the case. There may be a Best Practices doctrine with no need to innovate. But this is not at all common knowledge. The point of a discussion forum is to, well, discuss. I am here primarily to learn, and to me this is an important and familiar topic. Actually, for this particular bit I am sorta moving past. That makes this the rare occasion where my knowledge is of value! Either way, simply calling the topic "solved" does nothing to help me or the other people who are struggling to improve with these skills.
  7. A person who is struggling to break 90 has not solved these issues. I admit that I did not scour this thread though, and they may be covered in it. And I have been going very slowly and deliberately through your book. I may have simply not got to that part. Right now I am grinding club face control. Thanks for the topic ref. Going there next.
  8. It's the "course management" of "course management" that interests me most. "Learn to hit your clubs well" is a different topic. -Analyze the hole and practice course management that minimizes the risks. Examples: a. Par 3, flag is tucked behind a front bunker 160 yards away. Choose the club that goes 170. b. Got a straight mid iron to the green, water on the left and a few sparse trees on the right. Aim, not for the flag but the right edge of the green. c. Take a clear view of the par 5's. Most are designed with some sort of defense against reaching in two. Certainly you will not try this if there is lateral water guarding the green. But a par 5 with a tiny green and thick forest around it is just as dangerous. You get what, one stroke benefit from a great shot? The more likely result is an off-line stroke resulting in a lost ball and a ticket to a blow-up hole. Save the 3-wood for the one with more room and maybe just a bunker protecting the pin. d. Select at least one club up when you are in deep rough. You are almost guaranteed to not get perfect contact. e. Good God, stop aiming for flags. I was taught to calculate the location of the flag on the green and adjust my club selection for that. Somebody has to tell older brothers to stop telling younger brothers this advice. Center of the green for now if you are more than about 60 yards away. Once you get more consistent with your approach shots, start going for flags. For now it is NOT worth the risk. f. Take your medicine. If you do not have command of the shot and there is another option, go with the other option. These are the ideas that have helped me this past year to shave nearly 8 strokes off my handicap in the past year. Honestly, I am sure most of them I got from other people on this forum. I recycle.
  9. Were you gambling on a handicap you no longer had? Or is this due to lessons or something?
  10. HCB: Looking for golf balls. Searching for wayward golf balls has become my single biggest pet peeve. The most irksome of hiding golf balls are the ones I (and perhaps others) saw land, bounce, and come to rest on or very near the fairway. And yet the ball is nowhere to be found. I have absolutely given up strokes many times simply because 3 minutes is more than enough time for me to lose patience looking for the MFer. I am far more sanguine with a ball that struck a tree loudly or went to some area out of sight. I richly deserve the penalty, and I accept (though not happily) that I have donated that ball to some enterprising golfer who some day discovers it. I might even say that I work to improve at this game primarily to reduce the percentage of time each round spent looking for the damned ball.
  11. So, it's "grammar". I don't think I trust you anymore. On a more serious note, I suspect that something as engineered as a golf club is just not a good kind of item to take chances on. I think I would be okay buying flatware, belts, or even wooden tees from Ebay. But not a driver.
  12. Enjoy them, tehuti. They look clean and shiny. My clubs look like I have been hitting stuff off the ground with them. This appears remarkable to me. I realize that I have a long way to go, but four birdies on a single round seems out of this world to me because it usually requires gaining strokes via putting. Were you plopping your approach shots five feet from the flag, gaining strokes on distance, or are you just a fabulous putter? ------------------------------------------- 93 yesterday, putting was abysmal. 7 GIR, 3-putted four times. 6600 yards, which is far for me. 86 today, shorter, more technical course that I know well. Putting was a bit better. I still left a few putts out. No stats on GIR, but the approach shots were working and I had a lot of pars and bogeys. As I rein in my drives for more consistency, I have definitely lost some distance. I will take the exchange, mind you. But I have to wonder if it is necessary to lose the distance to achieve consistency. I wish I could afford lessons to find out.
  13. Can you get us some slow motion of your much better swing?
  14. Some movies you just have to see whether you want to or not. This will be one of those for me.
  15. Are you seriously taking the position that charitable organizations do not pay attention to whom they are associated with? Really? Not at all? Have a look. I said you could make such an argument. I did not and do not claim to know if it is true. And I clearly said it to help the topic go to where I guessed you wanted it to go. Are you really going to start a quarrel over this?
  16. Well, you could make the argument that it all ties back into the idea that golf is a gentleman's sport. The players keep their noses and reputations clean. The charities want to be associated with a front end like that, etc. I'm not really sure what sort of responses you were hoping to elicit from this topic.
  17. "Super"? Please! I am not even started on cynical. The PGA does not even give that money itself. For whatever reason, charitable organizations want to be associated with the PGA. Given all the news about repeated concussions and TBIs for football players, I can not blame them. Let's have a few more DUIs for top golfers or some wife-beating incidents and see how that does for the donations. There's always tennis.
  18. I am fairly certain you are both correct on this. It is a fraught topic...probably best to leave it alone.
  19. These are enormous, global, money-making engines for whom 100 million USD is not an especially grand sum. The donations are window dressing. The amount they donate is what best suits their bottom line. If the NFL felt it needed to donate more to appear more magnanimous, it would. My father always said that golf is a rich man's game. I'm sure that label is pretty common, not least because it is accurate. Perhaps much larger donations, and the constant drumbeat of telling us all that is necessary to fluff the reputation of the PGA, whereas the NFL has no such need.
  20. Sir, I am stuck behind a desk. I must insist that you stop posting images like this. It hurts too much.
  21. Works better when you say it out loud... I hit five yelled fore wrote three lost two drank one
  22. I am entirely serious about this: One weekend (36 holes) I used my son's tiny putter and stood with my back to the hole. I took a look through my legs and putt every single shot through my legs. The long ones were not as good as they typically are for me...something about stereoscopic vision. Or it could have just been that, ya know, I was putting through my legs. But the putts I could see well, about 8 feet and shorter, were easier. I made a lot of medium distance putts. On Saturday I ticked off one of the guys I was with because he thought I was diminishing the game, but I had been practicing the stroke. I would guess that I lost a few strokes taken as a whole. On Sunday I had an imitator who admit there was something to it.
  23. I see. That might not be the same thing I was talking about. My issue has been a straight pull. If I intentionally strengthen the grip I get the draw. But that is different. Good luck with this.
  24. That is a good point. I think I have only ever played in Bermuda. I mean, these are all helpful responses, but I suppose there may be no simple solution. Even pros struggle with this stuff. For the record, I do not think it is as big an issue on full strength swings. It is a pitching and chipping issue, mostly. Simply swinging harder is not much of an option...unless you are recommending using extra high lofted clubs.
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