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  1. Caveman59

    What Are You Listening To?

    Walk on the Water - Aerosmith
  2. Which type of grass do you prefer to roll the rock on and why??? I grew up on bent, so it's a little easier for me to read. Sometimes you'll get the occasional optical illusion.
  3. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    Crenshaw has used a Wilson 8802 on and off for over 40 yrs, one he received as a 15th birthday present. I use a Wilson Tour Special ll, which is a very similar putter. I have a Wilson 8813 and a Ping Pal 2 BeCu. There is no doubt the game has changed...clubs are better, training is better, courses are more groomed than they used to be. The changes in technology is mind boggling. Video was just starting to creep onto the scene back in the mid 70's. We didn't have rangefinders, swing analysis software, etc.
  4. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    The reference of debate wasn't directed towards you, V.
  5. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    This wasn't intended to be a debate. But I'm sitting here watching Gary Nicklaus at -5 in a Champions Tour event.
  6. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    No mark was added, but for those type putts I'm pretty consistent.
  7. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    First off, thank you for your reply. I'm talking between center line and the toe. Exactly how Crenshaw played it. 3-6' putts...not 12-18" away Thanks for the reply. I will try new things or methods to the game. When I do make a change it is usually because of advice from professionals. Club or Tour Pro understand the game at a completely different level. I listen to Nicklaus (greatest clutch putter of all time), Seve (best short game ever), Crenshaw (overall greatest putter all time), Trevino (greatest shot maker/shaper)
  8. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    Maybe read the context of the post before replying. Didn't say you have to use the method. Basically wqas asking what other techniques used may be.
  9. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    Really wasn't asking you to do that. Mainly the post was to see other peoples strategies regarding this type of putt. This is the strategy I use. I figure Harvey Pennock and Ben Crenshaw know a lot more about putting than the average golfer. It's just the advice I choose to follow...everyone's is different.
  10. Caveman59

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    Whatever putting method, technique or style is anyone's to decide. Every golfer should use what works best for them. I just wanted others to share the method of striking these type of putts I believe it was Harvey Pennock that suggested it to Ben Crenshaw and Benny and the Jets used it to win at the Masters. This doesn't have to be your method and thank you for your opinions regarding the post. Absolutely focus on the speed and the break, So whatever style or strategy is yours to own, if it helps you drop rocks.
  11. Everyone has a different strategy and methods for all types of putts. I'm curious as to strategy on short, downhill breaking putts. Ben Crenshaw advised playing these type of putts, more off the toe, instead of the sweet spot. I have always used this method and it has worked pretty well. He said that a person tends to decelerate the club head on these types of putts and that he played the putt in this manner. Just wanted to see what everyone else thought about this subject.
  12. Caveman59

    Golf Tournament Name Ideas

    Help My Bro Annual Golf Tournament
  13. Caveman59

    100 Yard Options

    Try wedges with various lofts. On a budget, check out 2nd Swing. I've bought from them twice, nothing but good things to say about the folks at the Minnetonka store. But the most important thing is putting in the time at the range. Make up practice drills and keep it fun. You'll start to enjoy practice time as much as play time and your scores will improve.
  14. Caveman59

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    He was great at both for sure, but more so as a broadcaster.
  15. Caveman59

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    I think 2-3 maybe. But they wont be majors, I don't imagine.

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