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  1. SHANKS!!! I was beset by them, so headed off to Dorado in Puerto Rico, where Chip Koehlke runs the teaching program. He said..."you need a modern swing." Huh? I always thought I had a good swing and scored inconsistently due to poor concentration. Not really. Now I know I had a swing which produced shanks...flat. Tough to get the club head into position. Also, badly pulling the handle through. Chip got on my ass royally. Now, working on the modern swing...where 75% of it is in the backswing into a nice plane, where the club head is in position at the top and at the bottom. He taught Faldo after Leadbetter, and Karen Stupples. It's a fun trip to Puerto Rico (I live 75 miles away). Heading to Wales and SW England for a dozen fine links courses with good value, in a couple weeks!! Been there FLOG4?
  2. I did try this morning, on the longest 44.5" M2. Choked up about 1-1 1/2" and hit it pretty damned straight (and high, but I have HL head). The Original One still needs some getting used to -- really likes to go left so I have work to do if I'm to use the little driver. Thanks FLOG4
  3. True...but I have shafts of 43.5, 44.75 and 45.5 for M1 and M2. Actually, I also played the original Pittsburg Persimmon 7 degree, after the persimmons. I thought I'd love this new Original One, which is 43.75', but I'm not yet in love. We're just dating. Back to the M1 with the short shaft, for now.
  4. Well, if that is true for off-the-shelf drivers, including this one, maybe it is designed that way, and sure looks like it which is what I don't want -- and I can hit a nice duck hook with it, but that may be my swing at this time. Thanks...hopefully someone has seen/used one and can also comment authoritatively.
  5. I picked up a 11.5 degree Original One 275 cc, small head driver. Does anyone know whether it was designed to help fade swings....or am I imagining it when I look at it during address?
  6. I won't argue with you - as we're all entitled to our opinions. But, I do worry about golf and its future. Tiger helps draw people in, it seems. And, I'm always thankful to see people put money into courses. No matter who. Or what country. Or how rich. It's good for golf.
  7. Speaking of reality, if one looks at the financial statements for both Turnberry and Doonbeg, which are filed with the Irish and Scottish authorities, he has lost a fortune on both, after investing someone's fortune (doubtful it is his fortune [if he has one]). Check the facts. They're usually enlightening. And you're mistaken -- golf clubs nationwide suffer. Not all -- but many. Ever been on a golf club board? Try it -- you may very well be surprised.
  8. We do not know yet whether Trump uses his money or someone else's for his money-losing golf courses. It's unfortunate that virtually all golf courses lose money these days - because people no longer have the time and money to support them as was done 60 years ago, but it is true. We shall see whether Trump invests in his courses or whether it is oligarch money, someday, I'm sure. Why would a real estate investor who has to make money do it, after all?
  9. Good point. Well stated. Of course, I'd be more interested in hearing about those who design the courses and which of those courses stand out for various reasons: Old Tom Morris, Trent Jones Sr., his boys, Alistair McKenzie, Pete Dye, Donald Ross, James Braid, Willie Park, Jack Nicklaus, Perry and Press Maxwell, Roger Rulewich, and so many others. Their styles, pros and cons, everlasting styles...all interesting topics which could fill an encyclopedia. I am not interested really in who owns a course.
  10. I am also a big fan of Maltby. Have 3 of their iron sets: blades, game improvement and super game improvement. Like them all. Also have their KE4 driver and fairway woods, as well as 3 hybrids. All solid quality. Of course, I like Taylormade too, have had Ben Hogans, Haig Ultras, Ping Eye, Titleist and 1Irons. I see no reason whatsoever not to keep buying Maltby. I've never hit anything any better (well, that's not a positive statement, but hitting the ball better now than any time in my 60+ years of golf).
  11. Yeah -- if someone asks us whether we'd play a Trump course, then all political bets are on - why ask it unless you'd want to know why we would or wouldn't? It'll be fun to see whether they're all funded by the Russians. He had no money to buy them or improve them.
  12. I'd probably put Enniscrone at the top of the list for value, fun to play, and a beautiful spot, and for our group's recent trip, courses from Carne and having played most of the links courses all the way up to Ballyliffin, and that's about 14 courses, the preference was Enniscrone to replay. Cashen is funky, but fun. Enniscrone, Carne and Cashen all have mega dunes. A very inexpensive course, kinda weird, NW, is Cruitt Island (pronounced Crick) which is water bound, up and down, also funky, and we enjoyed walking it on a rainy/windy day. Sandy Hills in Rosapenna is TOUGH, Old Tom Morris less so. But all the many courses from Ballyliffin, to Donegal, Co. Sligo down to Carne are worth playing. Great value when compared to Ballybunion, Lahinch, Tralee, Waterville, but that's why we go -- for the links, no matter the cost. All the courses specify green fees on their websites. Pick what you want to pay and enjoy.
  13. Lil Greener

    Lil Greener

  14. I still think the one length irons, if you want to test the theory of the relative importance of one swing using one swing plane for all irons, this is worth spending time on for those who like to learn and are willing to fork out some dough. Sure, there's only one pro who is committed to them and successful. If none of the others ever try, it certainly doesn't disprove the sensibility of learning one swing plane and repeating it with every iron. I'd give it a go. And have. But still undecided.
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