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  1. WarrenB

    Ball Hawking

    I usually have a couple buckets full of pro v1 balls around
  2. What field do you work in? I go to Dallas quite a bit. It is nice. We live in western Arkansas and love it. If you want to live on the golf course there are several you can choose. Danville Arkansas has a beautiful tough championship course that is affordable in a small town package. They have beautiful homes on the course starting at around 200 grand for a really nice home. The course was put in by the brothers-in-law of the owners of the Dallas Cowboys. Johnny Chambers. Who owns a bunch of banks. Course is special We live in Russellville Arkansas live on the course and the golf is really affordable if you use it. With fees and dinners we pay about $5000 a year but we eat at the club a lot
  3. If you work in technology field Dallas is supposed to bypass Silicon Valley in the next couple years. Companies are moving out of California and down to Texas to get away from the wacko taxes in California. Also housing is cheaper int Texas
  4. WarrenB

    How Much Should You Pay For A Putter?

    Mine cost 10 bucks in a pawn shop 30 years ago ping pal 5
  5. WarrenB

    Best Shot of the Week

    I was playing my normal bogey golf get to number 12 straight forward par 4 430 yards out of bounds left pond and ditch right about 245 from tee box. Big trees on left side of fairway with a road and power pole with phone wire hanging on bottom from pole to pole. Remember wire! Hit first shot ob left across road. Re tee hitting 3. Hit 3rd shot as a big pull ball takes off like a rocket skipping off the phone wiresideways and forward , Remember the wire? Anyway ball skips back to right and I end up center fairway 130 yards from flag. Hit 4th shot to 10 feet. Make putt for a bogeys 5. Best 5 I’ve ever made
  6. WarrenB

    G10 Driver Cut Down

    Last time I ordered I think it was 13 grips for $90 bucks. The dritac grips come in individual wrapped sealed packages so they don’t dry out. I have a set of 70s blades I’m thinking about re gripping just to see how I got them
  7. WarrenB

    G10 Driver Cut Down

    I have everything I need to do them it doesn’t take long and I like fresh grips. When I see them on sale or I have a little extra rat money I order and try to keep about 20 onhand I live across the street from the course. I play nine whenever the Weather is nice and we have a range plan $40 a year all the balls you can hit.
  8. WarrenB

    G10 Driver Cut Down

    I switched to the Dritac multi compound. They are 50 grams and I like that they were lighter potentially making my swing weight just a tad heavier. Very tacky and I swap them out 2 times a year
  9. WarrenB

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    I knocked my hat off twice and hit myself in the eye with my 64 degree It’s in the extra bag in the basement along with my 2 iron and 1 iron
  10. WarrenB

    G10 Driver Cut Down

    I have large hands have used oversized grips for years with 3 tape wraps under. I can barely swing a regular grip it feels like a pencil
  11. WarrenB

    Ball Hawking

    I actually enjoy giving them to juniors. I’ve had a lot of thanks from kids and I always tell them to do something nice for someone else to repay me. I wash all the balls and they get nice shiny balls lol
  12. WarrenB

    Ball Hawking

    My buddy and I only get to play together a couple times a year. I’m thinking give him a hundred or so and then just wait awhile to tell him. He’s so cheap though I figure he will still play them and justify it. Lol. Last time he came to town he Found? A couple hundred balls in my garage. I was just going to help him! Que evil laughter!
  13. I like to walk number nine across from my house for exercise. I like being in the woods and I carry. A five gallon bucket and pick up strays. The woods on nine are ob so I generally pick up 20-50 balls every 3-4 days. I generally clean them keep the pro v1 and give the rest to the juniors. I noticed the other day I had a significant number of balls that are a little lopsided here is my evil question. I throw those in a separate bucket when I clean them. Should I give those to my buddies who I play against just to watch the poor rolls on the greens?
  14. WarrenB

    G10 Driver Cut Down

    My biggest swing flaw is swinging back too fast and never catching up. I have a fast strong tempo but I’m working on it. Lol

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