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  1. I played ping eye 2 irons for 20 years. Had them reshafted at D3 swingweight. I always seemed to know where the club head was. I switched to a set of callaway x12 irons that are supposed to be close in swingweight but with regular flex shafts. The x12 irons feel lighter headed and I lose the clubhead in my swing sometimes. My question is. Should I try just adding lead tape to increase the weight. Or could the lighter shafts be my issue. I hit the callaway irons really well but it’s coming down to a feel issue for me. Any suggestions?
  2. I took my dads old putter and had my nephew mill grooves in the face as well as putting two lines on top line for alignment purposes I sharpies in the red lines and then I added a midsized pistol grip Feel like I can’t miss and it’s really nice to pay respects to the old man who taught me the honor and respect of the game!
  3. Watch Phil Michelson short game video on utube. His cock and pop shot is super easy and repeatable
  4. I shot 84 yesterday. Pretty good for me went and played in the men’s association today and shot 92. Hurrying too much to beat the rain
  5. I am a 26 handicap and today I hit every fairway and green shot 40 on front and 43 on back. For an 83. Beating my handicap by 14 strokes. I had 7 pars on front and 2 double bogeys. For a 4 over.
  6. They were made in 1998. Anika sorenstan won all her big victories as well as men with them. I think average golfers should compare themselves to the women pros because we will never approach the club speeds the men get to. I like watching them swing too my wife calls it boner golf. Lol
  7. I’m a 26 handicap went out this evening and played 9. Chipped in on 1 for birdie then went double double then bogey. Because i hit over all three greens I struck ball pure. Proceeded to go crazy with 5 pars in a row for a 40. My lowest score on this nine previous was 45. Man I didn’t want it to get dark. Lol.
  8. I was all set to bite the bullet and spend whatever it took to get fitted and buy new irons. A friend told me he had some old x12 irons he’d sell me for $75 bucks I grabbed them thinking I’d give them to my nephew. I regriped them and on a whim I took them out to try them. Wow. I hit every shot where I envisioned it. I hit every par 3. They are 3 clubs longer than my old pings with dg s300 shafts. I think it has to be the Memphis 10 shaft that’s a little stiffer than regular it just fits me! My nephew is getting the pings. Does anyone else still play the old callaway x12 or x14 irons?
  9. I can’t be quiet for for hours and I’m not talking about in tees and greens or whenever someone is swinging. All I said to the guy was nice putt or good shot. Lol. Played with him again today and he said 2 words in 4 hours it’s a little weird to me to play with the men’s social group and not me social. Lol We play different tees. His are usually 100 yards in front of mine and he is one of those guys who lags behind in his cart and since he’s going to a different tee he cuts through the rough and doesn’t come near my box. I’ve been playing for 30 years I’d never talk when someone was putting or swinging a club. His problem was anyone talking to him apparently. Today with my handicap I won him 5 bucks and 9 yesterday. With the stroke I get a par is a birdie and birdie is 3 points in our game. I contributed 9 points front and 12 back side lol
  10. I play with a group of mostly senior golfers a couple times a week. For me it’s a social group and I’m working on my game and showing improvement. Last week I had a member of our board come to me and tell me that he appreciates me playing but I talk too much because he had a complaint. The guy who complained did not say a single word for 18 holes and the only things I said to him was stupid stuff like nice shot, good putt, always polite when he swung and putted. Played with him again yesterday and I was miserable because I don’t like being around sour pusses. Anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this. It’s just one guy who apparently everyone is just silent when they are paired with him. I can’t handle serious golf I think I’d quit first. Lol
  11. Can someone please explain to me why I basically hit my irons dead straight with a little fade but have a banana ball with my driver? I am 50 and have lost distance but the only way I can keep my driver in play is to really strengthen my grip and set up for a hook. I find that setting up with a lower right shoulder at address helps keep me compact and in control my big mistake is too fast a backswing and getting out of position and never catching up. I try to say Sam...Snead in my head and picture his smooth swing. The driver is a face open at contact issues. I have no video so please don’t suggest it I’m technically challenged. Lol. 36degree 7 iron is 140-145. Driver is 220-260 when I catch it good thanks for any advice
  12. I was a bread man for 20 years and wore a uniform every afternoon to play. I’m not talking about that situation more tge wife beater/skimpy clothes that have no place in some circles. Jeans are ok tee shirts too if clean and don’t have bad words on them. One of our members wears the loudest clothes he can find and no one says a word. Lol. Stuff that Daly would shun
  13. That wAs kinda my thinking I think you need to respect the game of golf because it’s unique in its respect of the rules. Only game ever where you call penalties on your self. I play with people who I’ve caught cheating above the one club length that our group allows. Caught a man teeing it up in the fairway yesterday 3 times didn’t say anything. That’s on him. I was prouder of my 95 played by the rules than his 78 moving tge ball and cheating. I will clean mud off my ball one out of rocks but won’t move out from behind trees like most How you dress is part of this it’s a 300 year old game. Respect it’s roots if you love it
  14. I’m also looking I am itching to try the ping G700 and i500 I’m waiting till summer when my swing is a little more grooved I know they are more but the you tube videos are all about forgiving
  15. I try to always endeavor to never put myself in uncomfortable positions I’m not comfortable around Little girls dressed like they are in a yoga class. It’s a personal thing I end up trying not to look and it takes away from my relaxation the golf!
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