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  1. I have been playing with the Epic Flash for about a month. It has added about 10-15 yards to my drives. Great club.
  2. Actually, before got the chipper, I would use a 9 iron for this shot. But the chipper has a putting shaft, the loft of a 9 iron, and is engineered specifically for a putt/chip from right off the green. Therefore, at least for me, it has been more accurate.
  3. I kept track of my chipper use today. I hit is three times from just off the green. I got up and down all three times. However, I have concluded it should only be used where you are simply putting from the rough, or you are in a position where you are considering putting from the fairway.. In one other situation I was about 10-15 yards off the green. I chipped with a pitching wedge, hit the pin, and one putted. On another occasion, I used a sand wedge (58 degree) because I had a crazy lie, and had to stop the ball quickly. (Missed a 10 foot putt.) So I think the "chipper" is not great for chipping. It is great for putting from the rough. or just off the fairway.
  4. I have had my Callaway Epic Flash for about three weeks. Last week, I hit my longest drive ever. I missed only one fairway. Best driver I have ever hit.
  5. I have played Riviera about 15-20 times. It kicks my ass every time. I love it.
  6. I voted no. I already have more than enough money. And prison life is far more structured than I personally care for.
  7. I take that back. Your friend may be very smart. But he sure is a crappy golfer.
  8. It's really difficult to mishit a chip with a chipper. They are essentially idiot-proof. As for practicing, I stopped for a couple years. (I started yoga, and devoted my Saturday mornings to that.) This year, I started religiously practicing every Saturday. I get to the range around 7. I hit about 60 balls, treating each one like a real shot, I hit driver, then hybrid/wood, then an iron, then a wedge (full swing), then a pitch, then two chips, and then I start over. I then putt for around 30 minutes. I then go to a 9:15 yoga class. Some people are better at golf then others. People with 2 indexes have an entirely different set of priorities than people with 18 indexes. I now have a club that gives me confidence when I hit a chip, it will go pretty much where I am aiming. In the end, that is what is important.
  9. I started golfing when I was 37. I'm 59 now. When I started, I took a lesson about every Saturday for about 3 years. I have also taken about 10 lessons over the years focusing just on chipping. I have probably taken around 200-250 lessons over 22 years. The reality is, I still mis-hit a couple chips every round. So I disagree that a chipping lesson will solve all problems. I also have the problem that the public course I practice at has a crappy chipping area. Therefore, I have to practice chipping off mats, which is not the same as practicing on grass. I'm almost 60. So when I set up my bag for the next decade, I thought a chipper would be a good club to try. I bought it at Roger Dunn, so I could return it no questions asked if I didn't like it. After using it for a few rounds, I still maintain that if your index is around 18 or higher, this is a good club to have in the bag.
  10. My scores are wildly inconsistent. My best score last year was an 81. My two worst scores were 108 and 112 (but they were both at Riviera Country Club, which is a very difficult course for a guy like me.) I am always looking for a way to have more consistent scores. In the end, I look at is this way: golf should be a fun game. I walk around with three friends every Sunday and hit a ball. In the worst situation, I still walk about 15,000 steps. As for the chipper... All I can say is that I chip more consistently with that club than with any wedge. That makes the game more fun. For some of us, that's all this game is about.
  11. I disagree that buying a chipper means you are giving up. I recently bought all new clubs. I researched various clubs. I watched videos on youtube. I focused on clubs for a mid-handicapper. I replaced my Cleveland blade sand wedge with the Cleveland Triple sole sand wedge, which is a cavity backed wedge. I have always had trouble with sand shots. With this club, you take a regular stance and swing the club. That's it. You don't have to open the face or adjust your stance. Long story short: In the two rounds I have played with it, I have been in 3 bunkers, and got out of all of them in one shot. I no longer fear bunkers like I used to. Did I give up on the sand wedge? No. I found a better club that suits my game. As for the chipper, I have found it is useful for one type of shot: when you are just off the green in the rough. I still use other clubs to chip and pitch, depending on a variety of factors. However, if you are a "bogey golfer" who plays once a week, it's a very good club when you are just off the green in the rough. Anecdotal story: last week, I had to get up and down on the 18th hole to break 90. I was about 20 feet from the pin. I was in the rough. I used the chipper, and got the ball within a foot. Could I have done that with some other club? Maybe. But the fact is that I have confidence when I hit the chipper, and that's probably the most important thing of all.
  12. I no longer carry a 5 iron. But I never used it because I also have a 5 hybrid.
  13. Great comments above. I agree with almost all of them. I have had the chipper in my bag for about two weeks. I agree it is close to a one trick pony. It is meant for shots where you are just off the green, and in the rough. I have that shot about 2-4 times a round. I used to use a 9 iron for that shot. I now use the chipper, which has the same loft as my 9 iron. I find I am just more confident with the chipper. My best shots are a little better than the 9 iron, and my misses are far, far better than with my 9 iron.
  14. I just bought new clubs after 10 years. I bought new M4 irons, an M-4 5 wood, a Callway Epic Flash driver, two Cleveland CBX wedges, and an Odyssey Stroke Lab putter. I had one spot left in the bag, so I bought a Cleveland "chipper" wedge. I have never been good at chipping. After two rounds using the chipper, I am completely sold on it. Last round, I had two chip from bad lies that got within 3 feet, and made the putt. It's very easy to use. You simply use a putting stroke, and the ball always goes straight and low. I know there is a prejudice among golfers against this club. But it's so easy to use, it's almost like cheating. Anyone else here use a chipper? If so, do you like it?
  15. Or you could simply by another tool, and use that. I practice for about 90 minutes a week. I spend about 30 minutes putting, which leaves about 60 minutes for everything else. I have never been good at chipping. Now that I have a chipper, I'm a really good chipper. Before I hit it, I truly feel I can get it within 2-3 feet. About half the time, I am right.
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