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  1. The petition was for Active duty troops to attend the actual event. If it is not a player complaint it is not important?
  2. I think there are merits to each side. The players seem petulant in complaining publicly. The USGA has made a long list of screw ups that should be stated. Rulings such as the way they bumbled DJ's ball moving ( though there was no evidence), selecting Erin Hills and praying for wind ( The Open courses can stand on there own and they do not have to have wind - The fact that these courses are located on the North Sea guarantees a substantial wind). Each year, the military has petitioned the USGA to allow a limited amount of tickets to be given to active duty troops for USGA events. The bow-tied aristocrats refuse the request each year.
  3. There is no penalty for running out of balls and you can borrow one from a fellow competitor. The penalty may come in if there is a "one ball " rule such as they have in high level play.
  4. I meant that the USGA should not select a course then pray for wind.
  5. The complaints are mostly uncalled (rough and narrow fairways) for but some are legit. Having greens that are crazy fast is not a test of golf. The USGA did not intentionally make them that fast but they lost control of them several times in the past. Choosing Chambers Bay and Erin Hills were major mistakes as these are not US Open venues. Erin Hills was wide open and they were hoping for wind. -16 should never be a winning score for an Open. Chambers Bay was just silly.
  6. I always enjoyed playing Wild Dunes.
  7. Arnold Palmer was the first big name to take off his glove to putt. The gloves back then were on the thick side compared to the ones today. Fans and other pro's copied Arnie.
  8. 75 both Fri and Sat. Made two bogies on the last 4 holes both days. Temps in the low 90's and I think I did not stay hydrated enough. I am still very pleased with my play lately.
  9. The Country Club in Brookline MA. Long, lot of elevation and 6-8" rough. Not much fun if you miss a fairway or green,
  10. On Saturday shot my age 74
  11. Three straight top tens.
  12. I mean't in general.
  13. Good stuff. One area that seems to cause long delays is rulings. Every time the are near a sprinkler head, have an embedded ball or are blocked by an immoveable obstruction they call for a rules official. They know the rules and have fellow competitors to verify what they do. C'mon man.
  14. The USGTF does indeed teach accurate ball flight laws. They have a PAT as well that is just as rigorous as the PGA. I went to a class and there were only three people certified out of about twenty. The rest get a certificate of attendance only. The PGA program is indeed quality but there are years of standing behind a cash register that seems a waste of time to me.
  15. Shot my age - 73 on a 6500 yard course
  16. The yips affect other people besides golfers such as musicians and even surgeons. This has caused more research to be done in this area. The yips ( focal dystonia) are the result of a misfiring of neurons. Our wires get crossed. As humans we can re-train our brain to form new ways to deal with the problem. Try making changes in practice such as a different grip, wearing two gloves or using a count for the tempo of the stroke. I am retired as a psychologist (Ph.D) and just offering my 2c.
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