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  1. Thanks for the input. Most reasonable, and helpful response on the topic so far.
  2. I’m a born again golfer after having to take time off to build my business and raise 3 young children. Probably around a 20 handicap... used to be about a 10 at my best. Im a really long hitter, somewhat of a steep swing. Im testing flattening out and it feels kind of unnatural but I’m getting some crisp shots off. What are your thoughts?
  3. That is an example of something that literally just happened yesterday. im a business owner father of 3 little ones just getting back into the game. good to hear the disbelief though... I’m going to have a really big upside from what it sounds like
  4. I make occasional birdies and pars. I’ve had my mid 80s days, and I’ve had my 100 days. I’m good for about 1 misshit per hole on average I’m an excellent 2nd ball golfer. i had about 5 years of once a year golf after having kids. Recently playing now though once per week and hitting range more consistently. game is starting to really improve after the refocus.
  5. There’s no mistaking monster drives. I’m definitely not down to a gnats ass regarding exact calculations of yardage, but a good indication of my length is when I’m on the green in 2 on 575 yard par 5s, or driving par 4 greens. I say the only nay sayers are short hitters. Long ball hitters understand! 😂😂😂 Amen! 🏌️😂
  6. I am 5’8”, 200lbs, 20+ handicap, drive the ball 300+, longest drive 330 yards, been playing 15+ years, 34 years old. I signed up to this forum JUST to leave this comment and I SWEAR to you my words are true. I get it... drive for show, putt for dough, but DAMN does it feel good to smash that golf ball!
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