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  1. Yeah that is correct Adam it is a graphite shaft inside of this graphite shaft I haven’t tried any excessive force or heat for fear of damaging it I’ll prob just cut it off thanks for chiming in
  2. How do I go about removing this shaft extension??? I've thought about just cutting it right at the butt and calling it a day but the shaft weighs a lot more with it than it should and I don’t know how deep it goes I’ve tried some butane and just pulling with pliers but it won’t budge I drilled a hole into it and thought of using my shaft puller but it won’t fit into the neck of my puller any suggestions would be appreciated
  3. Heard back from my rep at club champion and he told me eod doesn’t stand for anything 😢😭😂 so much for the big mystery
  4. Thanks for all your input guys! I’m actually contacting my CC rep later on this week so I’ll let you guys know what EOD actually means Also Im planning to just order that fuji shaft and have them cut the .5 inch off the tip leaving the rest for the club builder to cut off so it can be to spec I got a nice rogue hybrid on the callaway pre owned site for $100 so with the cost of buying and installing the shaft I figure that’s a decent amount of savings compared to the 425.72 CC quoted me at for that club I’m tempted to try to install it myself but I’ll experiment with some cheap clubs first Thanks for all your responses
  5. So I recently got my club champion fitting and it was great... I can’t afford that sticker price though. as I’m sourcing the equipment I’m planning on getting the shaft for my hybrid from golfworks Fujikura Vista Pro Graphite Hybrid Shafts The redesigned Vista PRO Hybrids benefits from Tour proven Fujikura technologies CAGE and Maximum... Since they want me to take off .5 from the tip and I was fitted for a playing length of 39.75” what length should I get the shaft cut down to in order to fit into the rogue hybrid? Or should I just have whoever is putting this together for me cut it down? (I would prefer to have it just done already) i was also a bit confused from the length EOD line.... what does EOD stand for !?! Thanks in advance!
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