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  1. Driver: TaylorMade Burner - $150 3W: Wilson - free rescue 3: TaylorMade Burner 08 - x-mas gift Irons: Mizuno JPX e500 - $1100 Wedges: Titleist forged - $20 Putter: TaylorMade Monza Rossa Spider - $200
  2. Golf glove or no glove???

    I can't play without a glove on. I need the tackiness, otherwise I fell like I'll send the club flying. I've been thinking about wearing two gloves to see if it will allow me to loosen my grip pressure a bit.
  3. I imagine "screwing" myself into the ground. It feels like I dip, but in reality my head stays nice and still, laterally and vertically.
  4. How far are you opening your foot?
  5. Why am I so inconsistent?

    I started recording videos of my swing while at the range. I was too cheap to spend money for lessons, so recording myself with my point-and-shoot camera was the way to go. I just compared my swing to videos online and started fixing stuff one by one. Granted this is probably the slowest method, but now I know how fix my swing myself.
  6. Never thought of it that way! It makes a lot of sense and I'll be trying it out this weekend.
  7. What 14 Clubs do you carry?

    Now that I'm getting more serious about playing and having some success on the course, I'm in the process of upgrading everything. Taylormade Burner 9.5 Ram 3W Ram hybrid 3 Ram 4 iron Mizuno JPX e500 5-pw Mizuno Axis SW RipStop lob Ram putter
  8. Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

    Spend more time practicing my putts and chip shots. Also to not wuss out and keep playing till it snows.
  9. Age

    31...started at the range about 4 years ago, and 3 years ago on courses.