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  1. I own both and like both. Consistency didn't improve with the Tour 65 at all! Launch and feel is the difference I found.
  2. I wish! A lot of the courses I have played so far in Thailand only seem to have mens and womens tee boxes. The course I played last weekend had a 600 yard par 5 which for a short hitter like myself was a nightmare!
  3. I am playing Ping G400's Woods and Hybrids which I picked up used and had a bunch of different grips as a result. I also was really keen on keeping the Ping logo on all of them. I was completely set on the Tour Velvet style. Ended up going down to the local pro shop and tested a bunch of different grips and walked away with all of my clubs getting re gripped with Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G in Red and couldn't be happier! I suggest you go and actually try out a bunch of grips and see what feels best. It made a huge difference for me!
  4. Sorry I've got you confused! I'm super happy with the Hybrids and hit them well. No intention of getting rid of them 🙂 I just mean in terms of having no 7 iron in my bag and going from a 6 Hybrid to an 8 Iron being the next club in my bag. It isn't a setup I have seen anyone using.
  5. Ok that makes sense! Would you suggest I drop the 7 Iron as well like Vinsk said and go 30* 6H, 34-36* 8 Iron, 40-41* 9 Iron?
  6. New Golfer looking for some advice on my bag setup. I love the Ping G400 Hybrids but am finding that I hit my 30* 6H the same distance as my 7 Iron. I was looking to get the G15 8 Iron to fill in the gap in my setup but am worried the loft gaps are wrong. My current setup is in the picture below and the 4H & 8I are the clubs I am looking to add but am wondering if I need to change my approach to the iron setup. The only other setup I can see that would have more even loft gaps would be to have two Pitching Wedges which seems insane! Any advice would be greatly appreciated and suggestions on irons that might be suitable as I would like to keep my Vokey wedges and also really like my 47* Ping Tour Gorge Wedge. Doesn't have to be Ping either just anything that would work better than what I have! Thanks in advance!
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