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  1. I'm down the road, literally. Have a chat with your buddy about playing Macreddin - it was designed by Paul McGinley. I'll take you for a game if you have the time/opportunity. [URL=https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinmarkham/sets/72157645313528270/]Macreddin Photos[/URL]
  2. Good lad - love that positive thinking. The 11th will prove far more disastrous if you're slicing - big beach and ocean alongside. Will you get a chance to play the Ballybunion Cashen course, too? Try to play the back nine if time permits. Some amazing holes at the end.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jetsknicks1 Quote: [/quote Thanks so much for the photos, they all look amazing and I wish I could play them all, unfortunately I'll only be able to play one so I'll give a breakdown. I'm a pretty high HC at an 18. I will definitely be getting a caddie. This is a bucket list round for me so it has to be an ocean course. I'll be going out on my own, my wife has no desire at all to walk a golf course with me lol. Ballybunion, Lahinch & Tralee are my top
  4. This is Carne Golf Links, Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The photo above is of the new 8th hole on the Kilmore Nine, opened last year. Nine new holes built for €200,000. The photo below is of the new 5th green, taken from the 7th tee box. A full set of the original Hackett 18 is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinmarkham/sets/72157645711993325/ The Kilmore nine are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinmarkham/sets/72157645702973992/
  5. Such a great opening hole. Haven't played the course in years, but when I was there they had no yardage markers\posts on the fairways. Everything had to be done by eye and feel. I guess GPS devices etc., have done away with that.
  6. Honestly, you have a very tough decision to make. All of those courses are worth a visit, and everyone has their own opinions on which is the best and why. As an Irish golf writer, I get into the Ballybunion/Lahinch debate all the time. I prefer Ballybunion (Old) but conversations about the better course often lead to arguments. Tralee has its amazing back nine but it doesn't have that 'old links' feel. Waterville is a peach - it has a slightly manicured feel, but I still think it's the most picture-perfect links on the island. Portmarnock has a huge reputation and is a strategic monst
  7. In total there were 12 interested parties considering a purchase of Doonbeg - according to the receivers anyway. It was never going to disappear, not when the infrastructure was already there and a world acclaimed golf course and hotel are still trading. It's no surprise that Trump snatched it up so quickly and for a rock-bottom price. If he hadn't got there somebody else would. As others have pointed out, he has the resources and flamboyance to take Doonbeg (or that oh-so-modest long name that he's now going to call it) to a wider, wealthier audience. It's what he does best. We
  8. I was chatting to my dad, discussing his putting woes over the weekend. Then we did a quick evaluation of the putters that we own between us. He has two - both of which are mine; and I have two - both of which are his. I haven't used a putter I purchased for myself in about 6 years, so just interested to find out how you got your hands on the putter you're currently using.
  9. The police squad car, driven by Deputy Chief Pat Rollins, which rescued Rory McIlroy in time to get him to his Ryder Cup Singles match is going up for auction. Anyone care to venture who would buy a Ford with 80,000 miles on the clock. Here's my top five: 1. Davis Love III, or the next US Ryder Cup captain, who will use it for team target practice come 2014… a cut-out face of Rory laughing at them from the back window. 2. Medinah Country Club could use it to dispense drinks by the 1st tee, with everyone having to sit in Rory’s seat to be serve
  10. It's easy to get down on yourself when you play a bad round of golf. If that's the case then draw inspiration from these 11 US veterans who have arrived in Ireland to play some of the island's greatest courses. With artificial limbs and numerous other injuries, these men and women are enjoying some great golf and Irish hospitality at its finest. And they deserve every minute of it. They've played Ballybunion, Tralee, Waterville and Dooks so far... and most of it in sunshine. A couple of links that tell more about the story. Roger Schiffman's Blog (Managing Editor of
  11. Just finished playing Ireland's Atlantic Coast Challenge (Rosses Point, Carne and Enniscrone) and took this pic on the 14th tee box at Carne. Says everything that needs to be said about links golf...
  12. Played at Portstewart in Northern Ireland over the weekend with David Owen. On the par three 6th - a mere 135 yards - he hit his shot straight at the flag and despite the two club wind coming from ahead and right, it never moved. It landed less than an inch from the hole with the pitchmark pressing the cup. It was beautiful to watch. The hole is called Five Penny Piece - you can see why.
  13. As you walk up to the 15th tee box at Carne, in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, take a look behind you. There's nothing out there but sea... next stop west is New York. It is one of the loneliest golf courses in Ireland. Then you tee off and tumble back down into the biggest dunes you can imagine. Not sure if this is the right spot for this Thread, but I wanted to give a plug to the 'Atlantic Coast Challenge' - an amateur event that plays for three days over the links of Carne, Enniscrone and Rosses Point, from July 2-4 this year. I know Americans have a fondness for links golf, and it doesn't get
  14. Cooler, Not sure how far you've got with your planning, but drop me a line if you're still looking for advice/recommendations. I'm Irish, have a golf blog and would be happy to give you a steer. It just depends on what kind of golf you want to play (i.e. big names or great value - or both) and when you want to come. Personally I'd start by looking at the north west (fly to Shannon) and play Carne (aka Belmullet), Enniscrone and Rosses Point - the big links in the area - and then try Strandhill (quirky links). It's superb golf, but perhaps without the bragging rights of Ballybunion e
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