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  1. Thanks everyone the responses are very welcoming!
  2. Hello, I am new to the game and from a sporting background. I am hooked and obsessed with getting better. I was after opinions on where I should be at and what I can expect so I have have realistic expectations. My first 3 score cards were 120 plus in Mid September 18. I have now submitted 21 cards with a handicap of 28.8. My best game was a 96. My last 4 games have been 101 -103. Since hitting that 96 I am disappointed that I haven’t broken 100 again. I feel my biggest issue is my driver which has this real late heavy fade majority of the time. So I find my self hitting out of trouble quite a bit. Apoligies if I’ve used some wrong terminology etc. but was kind of interested to see if once you break that 100 should it just keep happening? I play with an old set of DCI 962s which were given to me and a Ping G400 driver which I got for a hundred bucks.
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