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  1. Every business deal I've done involves the question, "Can I live with the downside"? The upside is easy. Most people imagine how $5m would change their lives. Wise people don't risk what's precious to them. Sorry iacas. In the 7+ years I've been playing, I've had two. One at 158 yards [8 iron ironically] and one at 176 [maybe the best 7 I've ever hit]. Been close, real close quite a few times. Even with 7500 shots, it's the downside I can't live with. Wife [good one] of 32 years that doesn't care if I play golf, 2 great married kids, 2 grandkids, and a business that allows me get out and play golf. It's a no for me.
  2. I watched the video several times. Contrary to his audio directions, I watched his hands, shoulders, head, and hips before, during, and after impact. He does several things that promote a ball that travels the intended path.....head still, lag, good release. I can see where this might help a poor ball striker, or someone with limited flexibility. However, the person that incorperates this swing will most definately limit the distance. Whether conventional or single plane swing, both use the legs and hips to generate swing speed. I can't for the life of me see where this will allow max speed of the club. Nor can I find a Youtube video where he hits the driver, and even claims hitting up on the ball with a driver is the wrong way. ????????????
  3. This is the same clown that told another dreamer (5 handicap at 27 years old) to f$#@ it, just go for it. Beside the foul language and atrocious grammar, he’s making it up as he goes. Walter Mitty. Playing even or 1 under from 6900 yards won’t make a cut on any pro tour. That’s Tour Champions distance. Roll on out 7200 to 7500 and count em up. Even a 58 year old fart like me plays 6500-6800 yards. This bravado and zero results are a waste. Young man, grow up.
  4. Traditionally, while a good driver, the 915 is not as forgiving as others. The only Ping product in my bag is their G400, and the G30 before that. I’ve found them to be the most forgiving and you should be able to pick up a G30 for $100 or less. Best of luck.
  5. Never operate a vehicle without em, never hit a golf ball with em
  6. You guys make me feel guilty. While I have hung on with the Ping G400 for 3 or so years, 3wood for almost 2, and wedges for more than 3 (sharpened a time or two), I haven’t kept a set of irons for 2 years. The allure of shiny blades is too much.
  7. Without knowing anything about you......handicap, swing speed etc, or the club...shaft stiffness, condition, loft ...... That driver is not what I would steer a higher handicap to.
  8. I'm not saying that a Cameron is better than an Odyssey or Ping by any means. What I am saying is that money is well spent on a putter fitting which will bring the cost of a Ping or Odyssey close to $350-400. A good fitter will help you chose something that fits your eye and that you can line up well.
  9. I was fortunate to play Augusta National in 2014 about 2 months before the tournament. No stands, no ropes, and no azaleas, but plenty of green grass. The wierdest part was standing on #12 tee which is nothing more than a raised tee box with nothing around for 50+ yards in all directions. It seemed out of place since we are so used to seeing grandstands around the tee.
  10. From 150 yards I can hook it 20 yards or more if needed. That means I've hit a bad tee shot. From 50?.................I'm not a physicist, but I don't think it's possible even with a balata ball. I know I can't do it, nor would I try.
  11. What's puzzling to me is that we expect to pay upwards of $500 or more for a Driver, and while extremely important, we might use that club 10-14 times per round, and sometimes, depending on the course, much less. Yet we use the putter 30-40 times a round and are reluctant to pay $400 for a putter. Either way, both need professional fitting. If fitted correctly, at least we know it's the indian and not the arrow.
  12. You do realize my response was to “Diece”? But addressing your post, glad you are improving. However, even at 59, I usually play at 6700+ yards. On a mini tour, you will be at 7200 minimum, and expected to be under par, at least if you plan to play for a living. either way, golf should never define you. And making boast about a difficult game is a recipe for disappointment. But like most of the folks on this site, we will be ok if proven wrong. Will you be ok if we are proven right?
  13. I've never really thought about "no sixes". I've had quite a few rounds without sixes and quite honestly, when I read it, my thoughts were, no problem. So, Saturday, I bogied the first par 5, #2. No sixes the rest of the way, but now, it's on my mind. Carding a 6 on a par 5 is like kissing your sister. And it was a 3 putt. ugh Since I'm not gifted in the technology department, I'll probably have to list off the holes instead of pasting the card. lol
  14. Not quoting any particular person. Not saying Cameron Mc. is a bad teacher, or that any of his team is doing a bad job. It might be that he needs a new environment and fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. He shows signs of having it, and then........... On PGA radio, he was the topic for about 15 minutes this morning. Of course, someone brought up the 2016 Masters and that he hasn't been the same since. I disagree. Don't forget about the 2017 Open. He'll find it.
  15. Just looks like cheap, cast imitations of a real golf club. 2ndswing.com is the site I would try. Realizing you are in Austrailia, [based on your post] shipping may be higher than it would be in the states, but at least you would have a retailer that would give you some recourse. I have had an iron head come off as well as a 3 wood head spin on the shaft, but I've never seen what your picture shows. Good luck, and welcome to The Sand Trap.
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