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  1. It was intended to mean, I’m sorry if you don’t have anything precious in your life that’s worth more than the prospect of incarceration.
  2. Your point is valid, but there's a reason I chose score. If I scored well on a less than stellar ball striking day, it means that I was able to grind and overcome. Lot of satisfaction there.
  3. If possible play with better players. The range doesn't tell you what to do with the ball above/below your feet. You probably won't use a divot on the range to gain confidence executing that shot. You aren't looking for rough on the range to see how the ball comes out. I was very fortunate to play with very good players when I was in the 8-12 range. Their help was priceless.
  4. Diece, believe it or not, most good people want to see other people do well. I always want people to do well, and like I said in the first post I made on this thread, If you succeed, I'll be your biggest cheerleader. However, brash and vulgar language points to someone that is spoiled and immature. You don't have a bad swing. You are young and flexible. Confidence is a must, but it must be tempered with humility. It will be a determining factor in whether or not you are coachable. I've seen nothing in the responses other than people pointing out the long...very long odds of making it
  5. I agree with "ncates00" in checking ball speed. One thought further, always take the club you are considering to replace to compare data. If a new driver seems to be good, make sure it's actually performing better than what you have. What to do about simulator phobia?..............don't know if you played baseball, but us old pitchers are used to "zoning out".
  6. Striking perfectly happens rarely. I hit it well most of the time, but perfect.........line and distance.........not as much, in fact, rarely. First hole in one, I was begging the ball to "get up". Over water, front pin, hit on the front of green and rolled in. Second one, I made the comment to buddies that "I can't hit it any better". One bounce, in. That feeling is more rare. I'll take the score.
  7. I was acting? Didn’t know you were clairvoyant. I was speaking for me. I’m no ones advocate. As for catching up on reading, not reading is your choice. You choose how you spend your time. Without the hole in one, the choices of how spend your time would narrow considerably.
  8. Dreams a reality? As a teen, I wanted to play in the MLB. Tried. Wasn’t good enough and wasn’t delusional. Next plan. Education. Experience. Business. Semi retired at 51. Play golf 5 times a week. Buy what I want. Eat what and where I want. Go where I want. Dream wife, kids, and grandkids. And life beyond this world. So yes. Success and dreams realized.
  9. Not a range rat, but I will practice “get out of jail “ shots. 3 wood to PW. Depends on the circumstances. To keep a cut very low usually ends up being the 3 wood.
  10. Club Champion has a good reputation (in Atlanta) and reps practically all lines. The fitter is your guy for an allotted time. Demo day ends up being a line of guys trying everything the rep has to offer(one brand) with no one getting all of his attention. By the way, what brand do you think they will suggest. $200 to get what fits is a lot cheaper than experimenting with purchases. And welcome to the Sand Trap.
  11. 5 million is not worth the chance of jail. I have too much I care about to take that risk. Trip to the store. I like my chances. Weighing risk was my point, regardless of what I may have lucked into in the past. If you don’t have enough in your life worth considering, by all means, take your bet.
  12. Every business deal I've done involves the question, "Can I live with the downside"? The upside is easy. Most people imagine how $5m would change their lives. Wise people don't risk what's precious to them. Sorry iacas. In the 7+ years I've been playing, I've had two. One at 158 yards [8 iron ironically] and one at 176 [maybe the best 7 I've ever hit]. Been close, real close quite a few times. Even with 7500 shots, it's the downside I can't live with. Wife [good one] of 32 years that doesn't care if I play golf, 2 great married kids, 2 grandkids, and a business that allows me get out and
  13. I watched the video several times. Contrary to his audio directions, I watched his hands, shoulders, head, and hips before, during, and after impact. He does several things that promote a ball that travels the intended path.....head still, lag, good release. I can see where this might help a poor ball striker, or someone with limited flexibility. However, the person that incorperates this swing will most definately limit the distance. Whether conventional or single plane swing, both use the legs and hips to generate swing speed. I can't for the life of me see where this will allow ma
  14. This is the same clown that told another dreamer (5 handicap at 27 years old) to f$#@ it, just go for it. Beside the foul language and atrocious grammar, he’s making it up as he goes. Walter Mitty. Playing even or 1 under from 6900 yards won’t make a cut on any pro tour. That’s Tour Champions distance. Roll on out 7200 to 7500 and count em up. Even a 58 year old fart like me plays 6500-6800 yards. This bravado and zero results are a waste. Young man, grow up.
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