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  1. Heck, the Caddy should've paid Kuchar $3000 for the privilege of carrying his clubs and being on TV. Make it $4000, $1000 a day!
  2. Tiger will break Sneads all-time wins record this year and I am confident he'll get 1 major and be in the hunt in atleast 1 possibly 2 others. It wouldn't surprise me if he won 2. He just seems more mature, more at ease, more comfortable with himself. We know injuries played a part in his on course struggles but their was more to it. I believe his personal life effected his play every bit as much as the physical aspects. I believe Tiger's Dad kept him grounded and driven and when Mr.Earl passed away it was Tiger vs Tiger, and the pressure from his own expectations and the super high standards that he had set upon himself, just became too great and it broke him down. I remember a few years ago when Tiger attempted to come back after an injury and he didn't play well. He withdrew himself from the tournament and the camera's showed him going straight to his car and leaving. I felt so bad for him. You could see the pain, and sadness on his face...and I actually wound up cussing 2 Facebook Friends and a Relative out on Facebook, because of the negative comments they made on my post that day, regarding Tiger's withdrawal. Thankfully, He's Back! And you can just see he's comfortable and refreshed and he's actually enjoying the game again! I believe we're seeing the rebirth of Tiger and over the next few years he's going to treat us fans and spectators to what I hope will be the Greatest story of Redemption in the history of sports. 2019 is going to be the year of the Tiger! 🐅
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