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  1. Here in Johnson County Kansas, there is a lot of money. My town, Olathe has money, but not quite the elite money of other towns inthe county. I would think we could get some 7 figure people in here that live 3-5 miles away in town. But I think because there is nothing like it within 3 hours, we could cater to all sorts of people. Leagues, amateurs that are afraid of real golf, buddies that want to drink as much as golf, there are a ton of high schools within 30 minutes, and just the "Top Golf" type people (pure entertainment), and there are a ton of companies that do team building all over here. To me, it's all about marketing correctly. I shoot in high 70's to mid 80's and love real golf, but after playing 18 on a TruGolf sim, I was hooked. The exit feeling I got was just insane and just like leaving the real course. I wanted that 3 wood on 14 back, and that approach I duffed back. And I was a bit tired too. I want a overhead camera system for many reasons. Accuracy, no theft like a Skytrack, aesthetics, stability, and left/right capabilities. And my place would not be just a bar/restaurant for golf lovers because it would be separated by a foot thick brick wall. I think this is very important to keep my place as more than just a golf bar. I really want to thank all of you for taking time out of your day to chime in. It is invaluable info.
  2. I am looking to add golf sims in a space next to my bar and restaurant that has been open for 7 years. Quite a few people have stated that 30-50k per simulator is absolutely not necessary and in fact a good way to outspend the possibilities of making it work. What in your opinion is the best simulators for a business idea like mine with an already profitable restaurant and bar? Is it Trugolf ($22,000 each) or the higher priced ones like HD or Aboutgolf. Or should I build them with pieces available and buy the screen, projector, and such separately and have a local do the structure build?
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