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  1. My lab will retrieve unbroken clay targets. He goes nuts wanting to chase the ball if he's out with me when i'm hitting a few drives out into the nearby corn field. He'll point sparrows. Could care less if I take him hunting and down a pheasant...……
  2. Not the same as a personal best, but our section at work had a 4 man best shot "Team Building" tournament Friday. At my suggestion, they did a random drawing for teams instead of stacking a team like in the past. I ended up to 2 of the 3 guys had some golf background. Using the 2 putt rule, we were on in regulation or close enough to just pitch up and make the Putt..... It went well, where at least 1 person had a good shot. Birdie and bogey on both the front and back and Par for the rest - ending in an even par for the round... Winning the "tournament".
  3. I'm 59 and have been married to this wife for 8 years now. One of the reasons she got divorced from the last husband was because he was out golfing all the time and watching it all weekend on TV. She suggested she get clubs so she could play once in awhile with him and he laughed in her face. So, golf was one of the reasons she left him. Probably more so that he was just an azz. When we got together, I didn't play but picked it up after a work outing and to spend time with my father who played a lot. I went along and played with the local AMVETS guys who he played with a lot. I came to really enjoy the game and started playing regularly. She is not real thrilled about that, but, I do not want to go home and just sit and watch TV. I would love for her to join me, but, she is so turned off by the previous bad experience, she doesn't want to join me. She also has medical problems that would prevent her from playing. Just along to drive the cart is "boring". I also, unless there is something special, do not play weekends. And let her know that weekends are for whatever she wants to do. I also will not play on any weeknight that she lets me know she would like to do something else (ahead of time). I would suggest you take up golf only if it's something YOU want to do, not just because he's always out there. I would agree, that maybe seeing a marriage counselor/impartial 3rd party would be a good idea. I wish you the best and good luck getting this figured out.
  4. Local 18 hole course. Was hitting well for the most part......... ended with a 90, not counting the 3 Mulligans...... LOL 1 3 putt - 3 1 putt - the rest were all 2 putts....... Happy with that........ Several nice drives and follow up shots. Beautiful day to be out on the course.
  5. Watch a few re-runs of the old Batman and robin TV Show..........
  6. I'm too busy trying to get my drive consistent to worry about someone else.......... I average between 150 and 260........Anywhere from the left fairway trees to the next fairway over on the right......... LOL If I ever do a 300+, I'll have been trying to hit across the Grand canyon ... with the 90 mph winds at my back!!!!!!
  7. Beat me, Whip me, make me play golf............ ** Notice Beat, Whip, and Golf and 4 letter words....**
  8. I guess I'm spoiled here. None of the local course require being paired up......even on busy days. OR.......... Oh Crap, maybe it's me that they won't pair up with anyone else !!!!!!!
  9. Cooling Neck wraps....... Amazon.com: cooling+neck+wrap Amazon.com: cooling+neck+wrap 1/2 Gallon Ice water/ Gatorade Just a swallow or 2 right after each hole. Don't drink so much at one time that you slosh... I actually prefer Gatorade when it's that hot and humid....The Salts and additional stuff they put in it really helps me...
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