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  1. Saturday, went to a nice 9 hole course 1:45 away. Par 4 370 yd with a 45 degree right dog leg. Down hill grade helped a little, hit a (for me) great drive and watched in fade around the corner. Ended up being 280 yard drive right in the middle of the fairway !!! Small problem, right at 280 yds in the middle of the fairway was a small creek running across the fairway. LMAO... Sigh.... Nothing like hitting a great drive and finding out it ended up in a water hazard.....
  2. Par 5...…… 3rd shot into the hazard in front of the green. Did a drop and pitched it onto the green and dropped in the cup from 50 yds out. Of course, the wife said, "about time you made a good shot".
  3. 83 on my home course today. Best shot was a 45 ft putt...….. only 92 degrees out there today......
  4. It fulfills those masochistic tendencies without the physical pain...... Better than sitting on my ass watching re-runs of 70 westerns... Fills the need to be competitive with the goal of trying to play each round a little better. Still working on this one.. LOL It's a sport I can still participate in, even with the physical problems I have. Enjoy the socializing and meeting new friends..
  5. Mid March, I was out of work sick. Running a 100+ fever. 17th the wife checked my BP and it was 75/46 - so I got to go visit the ER. I remember her dropping me off at the door saying she was going to park the car. Next thing I know, I was waking up in ICU after 2.5 days on a ventilator in an induced coma. Bacterial infection and Pneumonia kicked my butt. I'd almost rather go through heart bypass again. 5 more days in the hosp and released home. Was checked for Covid and flu. Fortunately, no. Not my preferred way to lode 20 lbs... LOL Back to normal now, well, normal for me anyway.
  6. My 4th time out. It's been really windy here lately with15/20 mph sustained and up to 35 gusts. Wasn't expecting much with today being 15-20 mph, but it was almost 70 here. So just played 9 to work on my swing. A few pars and several bogeys, but, the par 4 birdie was great. 220 yd drive with 120 left to the green. Pin was to the front right side of the green. 15mph winds blowing from left to right, so I put it up high aiming15 yds from the pin to the left side of the green. Wind helped a lot and ended up 18 inches from the cup for a nice birdie.
  7. Ok, my question is...….. Which works best for this sort of thing? Taylor Made, Ping, Calloway, Mizuno, ????
  8. Crap, I knew that wouldn't work..... Not that I would know about such things , but, 8.37 grams of cocaine to take it to a D2....
  9. 1. No 2. Can't get much worse... LOL
  10. Almost time here - 97% of the snow is gone. It rained ALL day yesterday and forecast Rain Thurs, Sat, Mon, Wed.... Local Range opened last weekend, Just got an email - one of the local 18 hole courses open Sat (weather permitting). Ground here is thawing, but, still real wet.... @dennyjones Remember how to swing a club? LOL
  11. Ball that can pair with your smartphone and make the ball start beeping when you get within 20 yds...…… Cost more, but will save a lot in lost balls...….. LOL Trying to think WAYYYYYYYYYY outside the Tee box...…...
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