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  1. I put the clubs away last year when I hit the water hazard and the ball bounced 6 times...….
  2. I agree and responsible for the consequences of that decision to drive drunk. I think it would go further to make drunk driving penalties harsher and harder to get past for repeat offenders.
  3. Get a reasonably repeatable swing then go out and get fit for clubs. Unless you have plenty of money to burn...…… Great advice from @ChetlovesMer My 1st 2 years, I put a set together from the local goodwill type stores. Cost me about $60.00 Once I decided to continue, I went to a local golf specialty store and tried out about 10 different sets of used clubs that some one had treaded in. Fount the set that "felt" the best to my swing and picked them up for about $200.00. Used the cheapest ball I could find at Wall mart, until I stopped losing so many...…. Played the used set for about 3 years before I invested in a new tech fitted set. Still not sure how "reasonable" my swing is...…… LOL
  4. Canada Goose. although the 3rd one from the left is actually Canadian... You can tell by his accent .. Honk.. Ehh.. The course was looking for animals that were tearing up the course. My playing partner that day couldn't find his drive until we looked a little closer……. Of course we had go give him a hard time about playing it where it lies...…. LOL
  5. 1. Trying too hard to get that Bomb shot 2. Forgetting good course management 3. Looking where the ball is going half way into the downward swing
  6. Lately, I've been using the Titlist X-Outs. They are typically DT True soft or occasionally Velocity. Wal mart $12 a Box...….
  7. Go practice putting, chipping and pitching...…… Re-read everything on the forum...…… Re-Read LSW......
  8. Only a problem if you use that bag in California...…. Anywhere else, should be just fine...……...
  9. 9 Holes......…. 41 on a par 36 Finished off on #9 par 5 with a 45 ft Par putt.
  10. Just an option...…... Check on getting fitted for a discontinued model that is typically 2-3 yrs old. They still have good technology, and typically 1/2 the price of and "latest" model. I recently got a fitted Mizuno ST180 for under $300.
  11. Depends on what I'm playing for on that particular day. Play it both ways. if I'm just out to enjoy the day - I'll adjust sometimes. If I'm playing for score, I play it where it lies. If I'm with others, I'll play it the same way they do. I will concede that if you really want to do it the "right" way, play it where it lies.
  12. IowaGreg

    Pace Problem

    Just tell the group behind that you are waiting because you plan on driving the green, even if it's a 500 yd par 5...…… LOL I know my ranges the few times I've made one of those - I wish i could do that all the time- type hits. I wait until the group ahead is past that. If i'm shooting for the green, I wait until they are moving away from the green before I even take my stance. I'll just go ahead and let others play through if they are in that much of a rush and I'm not a slow player, even if I know there are several groups ahead slowing things down. I can do 9 in less than 1.5 and about 3 for 18.
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