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  1. I keep 3-4 different brands for those days I'm not doing so good and blame it on the brand of ball i'm using....... Can't be me !!!!! The only time I use ProV1s is when I find them........
  2. 3rd time out - ended with an 86 and was very happy with that !!!!!! If I can start the season like that, I might finally break into the 70s this year !!!!! Still a bit muddy on the course. we'll see how it goes !!!!!! Heck, it's all about just getting out and about anyway !!!
  3. I like and use the Yellow E12s, haven't tried the E12 Contact yet.......... Best way to find out - Buy a box, see how YOU like them.
  4. I did that at an Austads. Told them I needed to see if a different set up could help me out from what I had. Tried 6-7 different driver/shaft combinations and they told be they could only gain me about 5 yards and cost me about $500.00. So I bought a box of balls.......
  5. I don't hit it far enough to worry about divots.........
  6. When along with others, I try to be the kind of person I wouldn't mind golfing with..........
  7. Time for winter to be over, I had a dream last night that I shot an 19......... Missed the hole by 3 inches on the back 9 490 yd par 5.........
  8. Well, my swing speed is about 95 + - a few........ So far I've liked the Pinnacle and the E12 the best...... I'll have to experiment a little more with the ProV1s.... Thanks.........
  9. So, what happens when the impact parameters are different, like, 115mph swing speed at impact and 85mph swing speed at impact. Which ball would be better to use? Terms like fly further and stay in the air longer seem to be the same outcome, just worded differently.
  10. Golf ball compression is important because it affects the distance and control that you will gain on a golf shot. Your ability level will determine which kind of golf ball you will get the best feel and distances with. Firstly, on the low end of the spectrum it is possible to find low compression balls that create long distance if you have a slower swing speed. On the compression chart, these balls would often be rated between 30-70 and are ideal for beginner golfers or senior golfers. An example of a low compression golf ball in this category would be the Callaway Supersoft. Yet at
  11. If I remember right, the E12 has a compression rating of about 50 and the ProV1 about 90-100. Supposedly the E12 with the lower compression works better for the lower avg swing speeds.
  12. Well done, congratulations to all the winners. And a Participation trophy to everyone else...... LOL
  13. How about a swingless Driver... You Can Buy A Swingless Golf Club That Can Hit The Ball Over 200 Yards - SPORTbible
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