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  1. Ok, my question is...….. Which works best for this sort of thing? Taylor Made, Ping, Calloway, Mizuno, ????
  2. Crap, I knew that wouldn't work..... Not that I would know about such things , but, 8.37 grams of cocaine to take it to a D2....
  3. 1. No 2. Can't get much worse... LOL
  4. Almost time here - 97% of the snow is gone. It rained ALL day yesterday and forecast Rain Thurs, Sat, Mon, Wed.... Local Range opened last weekend, Just got an email - one of the local 18 hole courses open Sat (weather permitting). Ground here is thawing, but, still real wet.... @dennyjones Remember how to swing a club? LOL
  5. Ball that can pair with your smartphone and make the ball start beeping when you get within 20 yds...…… Cost more, but will save a lot in lost balls...….. LOL Trying to think WAYYYYYYYYYY outside the Tee box...…...
  6. Interactive holographic caddy on demand that can answer questions/give advice about the course...…. Might be a couple years in the future...….
  7. Would you rather...? #20: Win an Olympic Golf Medal in Golf this year or Win one of the majors this year (you can pick which one)? If you are the level you win an Olympic gold, you have a better than average chance on qualifying and winning a Major on your own in the future. Soooooo With the flip of a coin, probably rather have the Olympic Gold.
  8. Went to check out drivers and fitting last fall. My set up had the best dispersion and they could only gain me about 5 yards for about $500.00 with a different driver set up. It was fun and informative though.
  9. Why not a hoodie? How about ………
  10. Ok, that I can understand...……. @klineka Thanks...….. you must have typed it in slow so I didn't have to read it too fast......
  11. Maybe, but, I see it that it's importance is based on it's particular function due to it's design, which means in this case, you will be using it by far, more often. Why wouldn't someone invest more into something they would typically use the most? I don't always see what's in front of me...…..
  12. Wouldn't be the 1st time my thinking was off...……. Then why even have a "Putter". Just use the a 4 iron...….
  13. But then, there is a web site that claims the rule changed...… AAA Golf Ball Warmer Official Site by PYROFLITE - Microwaveable! The PYROFLITE Microwaveable Golf Ball Warmer - YOU CAN now drive the golf ball farther and hit your irons closer to the hole! The revolutionary... And the key phrase...…. alter its playing characteristics. Wouldn't playing it in 40 degrees or 90 degrees weather alter the playing characteristics? LOL We sure can over think things...….. LOL
  14. People pay big money to be fitted for a driver that you typically use maybe 14 times a round? Pay for a nice set of fitted Irons? I would think that the club you would typically use 32 ( or 54 for some of us...… LOL) times a round would be the one you would want to get the best fitting for. Being shown scientifically all facets of your swing and knowing that the putter is set up just for you would, IMO, build confidence. Still doesn't excuse practicing...…… LOL
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