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  1. Dedicated to this time of the year !!!!!
  2. I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but, you description, sounds like you are going about things quite well and have a good game plan. While proper fitting (for you) equipment can make a difference, IMO... Good technique is more important.
  3. Just this last Saturday, went to see a fitter and we explored about 15 different club and shaft combinations. I have a Mizuno ST180 with a x stiff 70 shaft. Even going to a 60 stiff shaft didn't make enough difference and no other combinations we tried and got all the trackman specs on could make enough of a difference to justify changing shafts or buying a new driver. I typically had about a 25 yd from center fade with a 15 yd dispersion. 90.4 swing speed. 215 avg carry distance. Played 36 Sunday and on the last 4 holes, I think I figured out why I keep getting the fade. Move the ball forward in my stance about 2 inches and starting hitting further and straighter..... Sigh...… Just hope I can remember that next spring...…. So, by suggestion would be to see what stats you can get from getting checked out by a golf specialty shop. I went to an Austads and was very pleased with the knowledge and service I got. So, all you have to do is travel to Cedar Rapids Iowa and ask for Chris...… LOL
  4. What do ya know - I have the same GPS watch..... I typically hit 280 but the GPS watch only reads 220 !!!!!
  5. Nope - we were not last place !!!!!! Ok - I have an Idea...… Adopt me, move me to Orlando and i'll let you teach me so I can get my Senior Tour card !!!!!
  6. 8 Dec in Iowa... It was in the mid 40s.... Light wind. Today(the 9th) it's snowing now with temps the next couple weeks in the 20s & 30s. We're pretty much finally at the end of the year. Ended up playing 36. 91 and 91... that's rare...…. Especially for me.. LOL Been struggling with my driver the 1st 18 and finally figured a couple things out towards the end of the 2nd 18...… Of course at the end of play...LOL Hopefully I can remember it in the spring.
  7. I have similar scoring and similar drive distance. On my home course I also play the Whites, which is 6300 yds. Some days better than others.... I would say it would depend on what you are trying to do..... Get a lower score just to get a lower score or challenge yourself. I'd say go ahead any try the closer tees a few times and see what happens. MY OPINION...…. Play for what YOU want to get out of it. So what if your scoring is 100 - are you enjoying the game and having fun? I know we all want to do better. I know I do...…. Just have to work on different parts of the game to get better at it. Have you read the book Lowest Score Wins yet? That will help point out a few things...…..
  8. I spend a couple weeks near Bremen when I was with the US Army. Spend most of my 4 year in Germany, in Augsburg. Beautiful country, but, don't remember seeing many golf courses..... But - there is over 700 courses in Germany !! Remember - Just enjoy yourself and have fun with it !!!!!!
  9. I don't care who owns the courses I play now. I just care about the course itself and how much they want to charge me to play it.... I am not aware of any course I wouldn't play just because of who might own it.
  10. Bullfrog SPF 50 is also a mosquito repellant...….
  11. I would prefer to walk and while I still could walk a course, I didn't see much difference in scoring. These days do to back issues, arthritis in the hip joints and knees, I might be able to walk 9 depending on the course. It's either ride or just give up golf.
  12. While all of those have a "feel good" quality...... The wedge shot that stops for a tap in putt would have to be second with that long Putt that goes just right and drops in the cup is what gives that fist pump the most...…..
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