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  1. 1st, I agree 2with @Farangster lessons 1st. Find the nearest Golf Specialty store and go check out the used clubs they have. Find a nice used set that "feels" right to you and your swing. Typically, $100-300 and you can get some nice irons. Often people will trade in their old clubs when they buy a new set. Often, those old clubs are not that old........ Use these for a couple years until you are comfortable with your game. Invest in a fitted set once you feel it's time to take your game to the next level. Just one opinion.........
  2. Lesson. I now can usually get the break right, but still struggle with the speed. Typically end up 2 putting which sure beats the 3 and 4 I commonly did.........
  3. 92 yesterday. Should have broke 90, but lost my focus a couple greens. I typically mess up when I start trying too hard to make the perfect shot.. LOL Driving is starting to be back on track, was averaging about 230 yds. Great weather and a good day out on the course.
  4. Give or take a few, there are about 15,000 courses in the US. Have fun !!!!!!
  5. Just my hacker opinion........ Unless you are one in a billion that has just has the natural aptitude, you really have to work at it with no distractions to get good at it. and even with the natural aptitude, you have to still work at it. You still need to be with others that can help improve your game, but there is still a majority of just being out there by yourself to practice. I've stated before, I know i'll never be a scratch golfer, but, I do keep trying to improve my game as much as I can. I cannot afford hundreds of $$ on lessons. Spending 3-4 days a week, and weekends on the course and the range. I just do what I can. 75% of the time by myself. I try to play along with others at least as good as I am, preferably better and it seems to help me bring my playing level up. While it can be, Golf is not a team sport. I would agree with Lee, the better you want to be, the more you will be out there practicing and typically by yourself.
  6. Me Too Me Too !!!!!! Years of jumping out of airplanes with 80lbs of equipment and an M16 ....... Center in Football, Catcher in FP Softball.. Fullback in Soccer.. running 6 miles a days 6 days a week........ I don't regret it, but I am paying for it now.....
  7. I use Bullfrog....... it is also a 30 SPF Sunscreen........ Just keep it in the bag......
  8. I always assume that I pay unless told otherwise. But then at the local private club, my brother is a member, so I get the family discount..... LOL
  9. We've been having a lot of heavy rains and even a few tornados here in Iowa lately. 60% chance of rain Thurs. 20% Friday. 50% Sat. 10% Sunday. Hopefully they have the good weather to the Principal Charity Classic in Des Moines....... Best of luck to Brandel !!
  10. Kewl, what'd ya do on the back 9? Congrads !!!!!
  11. I figure, i'll start doing well, just about time............
  12. This is what I do........ Just a non pro opinion....... Go to WalMart and get a can of Equate Athletes foot spray. (about $5-6) A light spray of it on the driver face will tell you where on the club face the ball is striking. It will leave a light white film that doesn't affect the impact itself. If your swing is fairly consistent, you should quickly see a pattern emerge, and you can easily tell it your teeing too high or low. Tell if you need to move a little closer of a little further back. Simple, CHEAP way to tell where your ball strike is. Everyone is going to be a little different. You need to find YOUR sweet spot. Instant feedback. Understanding where the ball is striking on the club face is more than half the battle. Typically you want the center of the ball to strike just a hair forward of dead center and a hair above the centerline. This should get the best result. But center of the club face will work quite well too. Hit it a few times, wipe off with a wet towel, dry and re-spray. It will look somewhat like this. Notice the heel strike is circled.
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