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  1. Crap, I found the right place....... But 4 years from retirement...... Cannot afford it yet....... maybe you would like it....... $254,900 4 bd4 ba 2,145 sqft 78 Traceway, Sanford, NC 27332 On one of the Fairways at Carolina Trace country Club in Sanford NC. Like 40 Courses in that area....
  2. @DaveP043 - That'll work great... Thank you...
  3. Approaching retirement in a few years and wondering where a good retirement location to move to with good access to reasonably priced golf courses would be. Other hobbies include motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing. Retired Army. I prefer forest over desert.
  4. I have 2 bathrooms, One has A and one has B. I've had diversity and inclusion bombarded into me..........
  5. Marking the ball with a line illegal? nawwwww Agree that reading the green and the putting the correct speed on it will work so much better than any line on the ball. You can use the line and hit the right putting line all day long and still keep missing because you hit it too soft or too hard.
  6. Cleveland HB Launcher...…… That's what I have an am doing good with them. LOL - I can...……..
  7. Try keeping your right elbow against your body through the stroke. Should keep the putter on a straight path instead of a slight arc.....
  8. I try to plan on hitting hard enough to go 2-3 ft past the cup. Still have to read any break right. Gravity is your friend.....
  9. No one started out being a "scratch" golfer...…… Be the kind of person you would want to play along with...... I prefer to play with people that are better than me - I find that tends to make me play better.
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