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  1. Takes a lot of skill to plan all those lucky shots !!!!!!!!!
  2. That's pretty much how I started. Played them for a couple years. Put a set together from a couple goodwill and local donation type places.
  3. Since I plan on winning - No one else need even try...........
  4. Mizuno ST180 Driver Tour Edge 3 Fairway Wood Cleveland Launcher HB 4-PW 50,56,60 Cleveland CBX wedges 64 Calloway Wedge Odyssey 2 Ball Fang Putter or Odyssey Versa Blade Putter
  5. Found this ....... 7 Most Unique Golf Clubs Available Today Are you in search of unique and captivating golf clubs? Here are 7 you might hnot have come across yet. These are widely considered one of the rarest golf clubs in the world. Lil David Slingers were created by Jim Flood but were considered extremely controversial considering their design. So not many were made and distributed. These irons are incredibly hard to find due to the general disuse of the clubs. However, there are collectors of the bizarre out there – and perhaps an oblivious golf club enthusiast or two – who have their hands on this golf game oddity. At one point, American comedian Jackie Gleason had a set of these bad boys. While it is unbelievably difficult to get even a glimpse of the Lil David Slingers, it might be worth a shot to ask around. You never know when you could stumble upon such a rare golf club.
  6. More likely, cranial rectalitis.......
  7. You know that 68.4% of statistics are made up..........
  8. Not that i'm even close to a good golfer, But, I would agree with this. I had a scramble with a college player on my team. He could drive 300+ yds every drive, but it was always in the wrong fareway or in the trees. The shots that were in the right fareway were the ones that got used, even though they were 50+ yds shorter. Much better to have the better aim that a few more yds of distance. Just my opinion....... It depends on which brand of beer...........
  9. Looks like we'll be getting a bunch more rain......... Looking at a new golf cart....... Every shot is a water hazard....... LOL
  10. Heck, even when I'm out on the course by myself, I'm still holding a conversation with the other voices in my head !!!!
  11. 105 for only the 3rd time out......but then, I typically shoot low 90s anyway. Forgot how to swing my clubs properly.. LOL 15-20 mph winds didn't help me at all....... Time to hit the range and get my swing plane back in line. Bad left pull. Might have gone straight down the fairway If I aimed 40-50 yds right........ LOL Glad the course had wide fairways!! When I kept what's left of my mind in it, I had some great chip shots onto the green. Happy about 1 65 yd wedge and hit the pin.
  12. Often you can pick up a nice used much newer technology driver if you can find a local store that specializes in Golf. Go check out a bunch of them on their simulator. Can't hurt to check it out and see what may or may not help you out.
  13. awwwwww go ahead and you will also need.......
  14. It's all about attitude and what you want to get out of the game. Me, I just enjoy getting out and trying to have fun. There are days I do well, and other days that I pretty much struggle the whole time. I celebrate the good hits and when thing go well, and put the bad stuff behind me. I will never get to be a tournament player and don't really want to be. Just enjoy being outside and know that as long as I try to do my best, it'll be a good day. Even the tour pros have really bad days........
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