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  1. IowaGreg

    Divot Or No Divot

    Picker. I rarely intentionally take a divot. Just the way my swing is and the majority of courses around here, used to be farm fields so they get pretty firm in the summer and muddy after a rain. Divot or no Divot? Whatever works best for you.
  2. IowaGreg

    I Am Not a Mudder, Are You?

    How to avoid mud.......... Hit your ball into a trap......... Although it's rather difficult to "play it where it lies..".....
  3. IowaGreg

    How Much Should You Pay For A Putter?

    The local shop has close to 100 used putters. Last season, I tried 30 different ones on their indoor putting green and I found a nice "almost new looking" odyssey 2 Ball viper that I liked for under 100. I was happy with that and it has helped my putting.
  4. IowaGreg

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    I love my 64, I've put a lot of practice time in with it and often use in inside 50 yds. It's works good for me on those shots when you have to put it up over a bunker or a high hump in front of the green. IMO, those high shots that drop almost straight down can be a big help. One of the best pros on tour uses a 64.
  5. IowaGreg

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    Keep enjoying this frustrating fun game and figure out my new set of clubs.
  6. IowaGreg

    Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Broke 100 Broke 90 Eagle x3 Albatross Lowest Score Wins (technically an "Award") Stupid Monkey (ditto)
  7. IowaGreg

    New driver

    couple year old thread, but what the heck......... Having trouble waiting for winter to be done with. I decided on the Mizuno ST180 for me. On sale for 269. fitted my me. Did good in the simulator for my slow swing speed between 95 - 104. 260 yds avg with about a 15 yd fade most hits. We'll see how that translates on the course in a couple MONTHS !!
  8. IowaGreg

    100 Yard Options

    These days you can get an App on your phone for just about anything. The one I have, I can set up the clubs i have in the bag and with a little effort, record what each one does on a given round and keep that data in memory. You can go in and edit that high end and duff shot to try to give you a true average for each club. This year my goal is to learn the new clubs I just got and find out their yardages. I plan on doing about a 80% swing on all clubs. That way I still have that 90-100% swing in reserved when needed. In the Past, I knew my PW was about 120 and my Approach wedge was 90. 100 yd shot would depend a lot on the the lie. I would more often use the AW with a little extra on it.... But I am just a newbie hacker and I can only say what works for me.
  9. IowaGreg

    What Does Winter Golf Look Like to You?

    Funny you should say that...... 2 Yrs about my tree stand was 20 yds away from the local country club 6th Green. I was 5 ft from the fence line. I could look left and forward into the woods to watch for deer and 90 degrees to my right to watch the guys putting. They were well within in bow range.... LOL I kept my self amused by wondering what reaction I would bet by putting an arrow at one of the balls on the green at they were driving up in their carts....... Oh and I did get a nice 8pt 5 yr old from that stand during the rut.
  10. IowaGreg

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Retired US Army 82nd Abn, 1st Cav, 2nd ID, 17th FA, ............ Currently working as a parts and Inventory specialist for prototype parts at the John Deere Engineering facility in Iowa. Not quite ready for a real retirement yet.......
  11. IowaGreg

    What Does Winter Golf Look Like to You?

    Looks something like this...........
  12. IowaGreg

    Winter Depression Thread

    New Guy here - 1st Post !!!!!!!! Made a Major mistake. Just bought a new set of clubs last week. Driver and irons. It'll probably be 2 months before I can get to use them here in Iowa !!!!!! Sigh........ 10:30am and it's a balmy -9 with 18mph winds .. -21 wind chill...... Just a touch too windy for the driving range....... Yee Haaaaaaaa
  13. IowaGreg


    Legend Trail Golf Club Parkersburg Iowa

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