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  1. I'm going to try to learn how to use this baby this summer (I hope).
  2. Sorry, I mis-quoted. I think my PW is 52 and my driver is 10.5 degrees. I have a mis-match of clubs from Tour Edge, Cobra and Taylor Made. At my age and health I don't think an expensive set of clubs is going to help. I did have my Tour Edge irons fitted when I bought them.
  3. I bought it on-line. My P wedge is 54. I thought I could use it close to the green for pop-ups. I guess I'll keep playing with it. Can't hurt my game anymore than it already is.
  4. Hi, I just joined. My golf, if I'm lucky is two days a week. My question, I bought a 70 degree wedge on a whim but can't play it at all. Are there any tips you pro's could give me other than sell it.
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