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  1. 2007 taylormade r7 clubs on closeout for 330usd. taylormade corza bag (in olive green) for 70usd travel bag- 70usd 470usd + and old putter/driver/3 & 5wood that is a handme down? (can get new woods later i think) i need the travelbag since i'm now located in asia- and it's about the same price to fly to thailand or china to play for two days than to play one day locally here! a little background- played a few rounds a while back- then took a 3 year break, now looking to get back into the game since i'm not going out partying every night (thereby stopping me from waking early to play!)
  2. Blackberry Users?

    best way to use it is to not use it. i'm an addict and find myself constantly using it....crackberry more like it!
  3. What kind of car do you drive?

    used to be an 02 996 911 turbo. now i've moved to hong kong where all i do is take taxis=)
  4. Need advice on Irons

    i'm sort of in your boat- i had some hand me down clubs from my cousin- played about 8 times per year for abotu three years- then stopped playing. now after a three year break i'm looking to get back into it and have no clue what to get. i'm currently looking at some 2008 r7's right now.