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  1. I play a set of Macgregor MX Midsize with Macgregor Multiflex (Think thet are like DG R300) that are heavier than my KBS shafts and felt great in the swing. Got the Wilson clubs today, but can't test them before monday because they at work and I'm not today.
  2. I have a set of i3-9 with Dynamic Gold S400 shafts on the way. I can't find any info about them. The seller only wrote that it is standard loft (what that now means). Only thing I can find is that Nick Faldo was involved in designing and testing them back in late 80th, and that these clubs got out on the european market only in 1989. If someone can tell more about the specs, like loft for each club it would be great. And how heavy DG S400 is compared to my current KBS Tour C-taper 105 s shafts.
  3. Going to take them out for a couple of rounds. The heads looks like big shovels compared to my more spoon looking Psi irons. 😁
  4. Doesn't say anything about the loft, just standard loft. What is standard loft for clubs like this? Take the 9 iron for example, I compared it side by side with my Pw (Taylormade Psi) and the loft looked the same to my eye. So I guess the 9 iron has a loft at 44-46 deg?
  5. Hi, I searched on Google about a set of Macregor MX Midsize Irons that I found at my parents garage, but couldn't find any info about them. Anyone knows what loft they have. What category does the fit in? Beginners irons? The head is bigger than my Taylormade Psi, but the topline and sole is thiner.
  6. I promised to record my swing when out on the golf course. Past weekend I got some time to record my swing from both Down the line and Face on. Så here we go. Down the line Face on
  7. Will try to make a video with my swing at the course this weekend.
  8. This is my current swing. And it works well. I can pull the ball time to time. That because I have a tendency to close the club face at impact. Something I'm currently working on to fix. I've been Playing Golf for: Started back in 1998 but have played actively 10 years. My current handicap index or average score is: 11.3 (Last year I started at 7.9) My typical ball flight is: mid flight. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Misses to the left time to time. Videos:
  9. Added my home course. Is there I play most of my rounds. Name the marker with my display name (Svingit)
  10. Hello everyone! I'm a passionate golfer who loves the game. Started play 1998.I took up golf seriously three years ago after a six year break. First two seasons I went from 17 to 7.9. Last season I hade lots of back problems due to poor physics and problems with the technique which led to a handicap raise to 11.4. After season ended I desided to do something about my bad back and poor physics. Started to go to the gym. After a few gym sessions I felt better and stronger. Besides gym I have one hour Trackman session every saturday. I'm a player that loves statistics and Trackman gives great feedback about my swing and what swing flaws I have. My goal is to become a scratch player.
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