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  1. Is a 7W so much different than a hybrid? Why all the fuss?
  2. If the yardage markers were correct, I landed a ball 20 yards passed a 300 yard par 4.
  3. My experience with the launch monitor showed my 9.5° driver was launching the ball at 14 to 16 degrees - slightly higher than optimum for my swing speed. So is it my swing mechanics? or is it the kick point on the shaft? There are several variables that make this more complicated than I first thought.
  4. I bought my wedges one at a time as my game progressed. My first was a 56° that I can hit about 105 to 110 yards on a full swing. But i had a big gap between that and my 46° PW. So i filled it in with a 50° gap wedge. My last purchase was a 60° LW.
  5. I think that's it other than cosmetic changes (but I'm not 100% sure).
  6. Granted, a lot of scrambles allow you to buy as many mulligans as you want for $5 or $10 each, plus you get different rules that make the scoring really low. ONe of my favorites is the power drive - where you are allowed ot tee off from the ladies tees on the hole of your choice. Makes an almost reachable par 4 an eagle opportunity.
  7. Nice - i did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. Feels awesome.
  8. Shot a 59 one time for 3rd place.
  9. 79 for 18. even par 36 for 9 (ended up shooting 81 that round).
  10. I agree. I fight pulls and pull hooks, and the problem is usually my right elbow. Unfortunately it usually takes several really bad left drives or someone pointing it out to me for me to realize I'm doing it again.
  11. Don't know the real answer, but I can tell you all my irons and wedges have the exact same size grip. I play OK with it that way.
  12. I think I'd have to slap anyone I was playing with that said I had "not much green with which to work" !!!! (joking - I'd probably laughing too hard)
  13. I paid $5 per grip for one of the better grips.
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