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  1. Beanpats24

    Different Online Golf Instruction

    Yes sir, free online is the key. I understand the personal coaching aspect and importance. I just checked evolvr and it is reasonably priced. Thanks
  2. Beanpats24

    Different Online Golf Instruction

    Sure haven't, but I'll check them out
  3. So over the past 7-8 years I've looked, studied and tried a lot of different swing styles to improve my game. From Sean Foley to mark Wilson, me and my golf, etc. The only one I can relate to and see immediate improvements was Mike Malaska. Anyone else have an opinion?
  4. Beanpats24

    Hips Too Open at Impact

    You have any pics? Many things can cause that.
  5. Beanpats24

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    This is what I realized while trying to improve. No penalty Strokes, they kill your score. If he was a 8-10 means he had a good short game. So if he gets that feel back, it's possible. Good luck to him!
  6. Beanpats24

    New Season Adjustments

    Thanks denny Thanks for the input, I think I'll get them extended as well.
  7. Beanpats24

    New Season Adjustments

    Great question, I've tried to choke down but I'm better playing a "clock system" with a regular grip. Really trying to shoot my personal best this year so I'm trying everything lol. Thank you for the welcome
  8. Beanpats24

    New Season Adjustments

    I spent about 5 hours at a pga superstore today trying to check all my stats with my 7 iron. After a nice little sweat, come to find out, my kbs 110 c-taper is exactly what they recommended. So that's the good news. Bad news is my clubs were 1/4 inch under standard. I'm 6'2 and i bend over quite a bit. I tried 3/4 inch over standard and I was so much more comfortable at address. My question is about my wedges, should I lengthen them as well?

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