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  1. I am confused as to how you are at the weight and height you say you are at if in fact you do stick to the diet you described. Eating right is all about spreading out your meals throughout the day like MARK ^^^^^^ just said. which it seems you do just fine. The only thing I would change is cut out that PB snack at night. You don't need to be consuming the fat and amount of calories that is in PB at that time of day. Save that for earlier and snack on fruit or carrots before bed. Other than that, the diet you laid out is very good and there really is no way of gaining unwanted weight on th
  2. I accidentaly let my status get to inactive when I forgot to pay my dues in time. When I finally paid them and my index was active again I had an M next to it for a little bit.
  3. Whats the reason that no Srixon tour staffer plays the tour yellow version of their ball? I have used them before (ZStar XV) and really enjoyed looking at them both at address and as they fly.
  4. I had a chance to hit both models of the covert. I like the look of the club, the red is actually quite well done and isn't distracting at all. However, I didn't like hitting the Tour model at all. The sound was tinny to me and it had a dead feeling to it. I hit it the same distance as my PING i20. The performance head was much better as far as sound goes. It has a solid smack sound that I really like. The feel was pretty good compared to the Tour model. It felt more solid but still felt kinda smushy instead of springy. If I had to hit this club I would choose the performance over the
  5. awesome tips man. thanks a lot. I will keep that in mind tomorrw during prac. round. any break downs for the back 9?
  6. anyone familiar with this course? I am playing in a tournament there this weekend and might not get a practice round. I am a pretty long hitter. Any words of advice??
  7. i just put a devotion 7 in my driver. shot dispertion is much tighter. I gained a couple miles an hour clubhead speed and lost 600rpm. I was on a vector launch monitor and it said I was at 112 with my fujikura and 116 with the oban. 2600rpm with the fuji and 2000 with the oban.. i love the shaft.
  8. best gps is LASER .. haha.. thats my opinion.. i really think lasers are more advantageous to gps.. more accurate and you can tag whatever you want and get exact distance accurate to within 3 feet.
  9. he uses a whiteboard i believe in the driver.. my friend has a whiteboard in his titleist driver... it weighs like 5 lbs..lol
  10. hi fellow sand trappers. im beginning to think the shafts in my driver and 3 wood are too stiff see below for shafts. dont get me wrong... i have high club head speed and hit my driver 290-315 consistently. but since ive smoothed out my swing on the whole and it is not quite as jerky anymore I think I would do just fine with maybe a ~75g stiff shaft or so to add some weight.. i dont want it too light. Ive been losing my shots off the tee left (lefty) and when I hit drivers with stiff shafts I crush them straight down the middle and far. My question is.. its possible since I smoothed out
  11. hosel rocket!! woops! "lil chili dipper there"
  12. the worst imo is padraig harrington when he won i think it was the PGA... just horrid. im sure you guys know what im talking about. dont know about the best. there are a lot.
  13. yea, those jumping trees can be a real menace.
  14. done it countless times... did it today.. but i get free buckets so I dont feel as bad... plus i always give the balls to someone else.
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