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  1. What does this have to do with anything? We're not talking about a 80g xxx stiff shaft and a head 4* of loft here. Read up on what the golf ball offers; it's not about swing speed. No. It's about flight preference. A harder ball gives you more ball speed. Who doesn't want that? Nowadays, both the v and the x are very similar in terms of ball speed, but spin and feel are a little different. Nonetheless, the idea that swing speed determines the ball is nonsense. It's about achieving the launch characteristics that fit what you want. A slower speed player with higher spin loft can benefit from the reduction in spin. Also, a faster speed player with lower spin loft may want a spinnier ball (Tiger's ball is VERY spinny). It's about the individual, not some overbroad generalization.
  2. The x outs aren’t legal for tournament play, but the practice balls are. The x outs DO have potential for performance issues, unlike the practice balls. But I get it.
  3. Again, @Bonvivant, there are no defects or performance issues with the ball. It's like logo overruns, font is slightly off, etc. It's a good way to get a premium ball for part of the cost. And for me, I hit them on my simulator, so I'm not too concerned about hitting a ball into the net, that will eventually crack, that has a logo overrun or appearance issues. Ok, fair enough. I don't really care for the Vice ball at all. Snell is good though. Yeah just because I can go to my local Wal-Mart or Dunham's to grab them. When I've tried ordering Snell, they've been backordered. Only if you get 5 dozen. Also, @Bonvivant, the MGS guys, according to @iacas and many others on here, are a bit shady with their data tests these days. They're not as reliable as they once were. Yeah, they push the Snell ball. HARD.
  4. @Bonvivant You're that concerned about the visual blemish of the ball? It's $30 for a brand new ProV1... https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/titleist-pro-v1-practice-golf-balls-16ttlmttlstprv1prgbl/16ttlmttlstprv1prgbl
  5. You're misunderstanding (or misreading) what a practice ball is. They are brand new balls.
  6. For play: Titleist ProV1/ProV1X... in yellow. 🙂 I listed both because I end up getting both from family; I don't complain haha. For practice on my simulator: Titleist PRACTICE ProV1/V1X. I recommend these to everyone. Same ball as a regular ball--it just says "PRACTICE" on them and may have slight appearance blemishes, but no performance issues. Further, they're tournament legal. It's the flagship model ball at a lower price. The only reason I don't put these in play is because I like to play yellow golf balls on the course. Go with the Titleist Practice ball then. See my comment below. Titleist PRACTICE ball is also a good option for only a few dollars more. See my comment below. It's about the same price as the Titleist Practice ball though.
  7. You mean music with lots of technical ability but not much sense for melody--just endless picking/sweeping/arpeggio/and other practice licks played really fast? 🙂 I like heavy music; I workout to it. I admit the technical skill, no question. Riffs galore, excellent timing, etc. However, most metal guys lack feel and sense of melody and nuance. It's all 11 all the time. I have to be in the mood for that stuff. Also, some guys neglect groove for the sake of speed and double kick pedals. I like metal guys that groove and not just bang the whole time.
  8. No I didn't see that til you mentioned it. Wow, that's crazy.
  9. I didn't think it looked that steep. More or less travelled back down the same plane, but I guess maybe you're wanting to come under more. I was more concerned about your hands "running away" from your body too much on the downswing. You had that line on your net running down the middle of your hands at address, and then at impact, your hands moved toward the ball a fair bit. That's my tendency as well. I had to fight it by feeling the grip end come "in" more on the downswing--because I had a tendency of throwing my hands out--while the club head comes 1) down on top of the ball and 2) from the inside of the ball line.
  10. I like Hilton Head quite a bit. Also, I have a friend in the Sea Island, GA area. He loves it.
  11. 1.46 is good. I think your dynamic loft will play a factor here too. If you're adding too much loft through the shot, and therefore more spin loft, you'll lose on smash factor too. It's the same reason why lower lofted irons feel so good when you really cover them and smash them nice and low--lower loft and beter smash. You'll see guys like Rory and DJ hit up with forward shaft lean with driver to get that 1.48+ smash.
  12. Nice work man! Looks tons better!
  13. In a full swing, I take it you probably advocate a bit of the wrist hinge (a la Faldo pre set move), but to not do it in a pitching or chipping movement, correct?
  14. Some sparks flew once she got to testing his glute strength.
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