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  1. and @RFKFREAK, given the circumstances, wouldn't he be a prime target for testing?
  2. I thought these looked pretty good. Love that you have some forward press at setup. That should give you the vision to hit down on the ball. However, it appeared to me that from the face on view that you did not hit down enough on the ball. It looked like you bottomed out too quickly instead of allowing the club to continue traveling down through and even after the hit. I see the downswing like a hula hoop where the club head should be traveling down even after the ball is struck, and then the club comes up and left.
  3. I'm better than a year ago. I haven't played much this year though--2 rounds (85 and then 83). My ballstriking has improved a lot. I'm hitting a lot of greens and my shot shape is more neutral to a straight draw relative to where I aim (to the right just a tad). Most of it is attributable to spending a few minutes when I can hitting balls on the simulator at home and mostly concentrating on my ball speed and start line. When those two things are consistent, I feel great about my game because I don't curve it too much. The 85 and 83 were higher than I hoped for though; I had too many "three from the tee's" and drops from penalty areas. I tried to go with the pull fade with driver but it just won't work on the course. Works great on the range but on course, I generally just pull it or pull draw it. So I've decided to hit the ball straight or with the little draw like my other clubs. So far on things look good at home on the simulator. We will see if that transfers to the course. Around the green has been decent, nothing special. I mostly use the pitching technique (bounce and minimal shaft lean) as opposed to the chipping technique (leading edge and shaft lean). I generally use my 48, 54, or 60 and practice by hitting balls on a mat or around the yard into a bucket to try to retain a bit of feel. As to putting, I putt pretty good at home (we all do), but I'm referring specifically to speed and bead. I'm pretty good at that at home, but on course, I tend to push putts a little and I tend to respect break too much; speed is good on course though. I'm working constantly on start line with my putter and feeling the ball come off the face at 0* as much as possible. It takes me some time to get the feel going but once it's on, I putt well, assuming I read it correctly. In fact, I finished birdie-birdie making a mid-range putt on 17 and a long, lucky, bomb on 18 from the back of the green after taking a drop from a penalty area (bad driver again, but I did hit the ball on the par 5 green in regulation from 220).
  4. Even assuming arguendo that what you say is true (which I still do not agree that he was a serious lifter because of one picture of a healthy, younger Bryson), you only mentioned muscle gain in pounds. You neglected to account for his fat gain as well.
  5. Pretty sure most of the literature out there disagrees with you. Muscle weighs more than fat. So when you lift weights, you gain muscle. That makes you weigh more. You add in eating more to support your muscle growth and you also add fat. I know this is all unscientific and rather anecdotal, but the science is there. Go look up what we have known for a long time. Also, go to the gym and find out yourself.
  6. You’ve not worked out consistently on a regimented program before have you? You gain a lot of weight, muscle and fat, when you begin lifting. It happens all the time. Noob gains, some call it. It’s entirely possible—actually, likely. Take any reasonably dedicated high school football player, they’re almost unrecognizable and not just due to getting older and more mature. I gained a lot of weight when I began my powerlifting routine years ago and still do to this day. I don’t see the same kind of gains now as I did when I began, but I do lift heavier. Get in the gym consistently, doing some squats, deadlifts, presses, cleans, jerks, snatches, and the like, you’ll change your thinking.
  7. @iacas, I wanted to ensure what I said was clear because I reread my post, I could see where you might misconstrue my words and intentions. I don’t think that’s the case though (I know we have our little “battles” here and there, but at least for my end, there’s a great level of respect). I was trying to wish her well and that I know it is very stressful. I know guys who have the game and they were really worried and barely passed when, in competition or a friendly round, they otherwise play really well. So please don’t take what I said to mean that I was saying she doesn’t have the game. I’m sure she does! Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear here. I apologize if my message was taken the wrong way. I wish her the best of luck. I’m sure she will do well!
  8. Wow! Congrats and best of luck! I know that’s stressful even for folks who would otherwise have the game.
  9. I would too and so would a lot of people on here. Strokes gained and data calculations & adjustments are made all the time for Tiger in the Jack v. Tiger debate, but not here. If I had to venture a guess, it's probably because of personal bias against BDC.
  10. Who said anything about skying the ball? I said he hits it high. There's a difference. Sure, he missed fairways. He won though, right? I'd say his strategy worked out pretty well for him. Additionally, he hits it pretty straight to swing that fast. Hitting the fairways he did hit is an achievement unto itself. As to your talents, I cannot speak as I don't know you. An "academic" should be able to engage in a slightly more nuanced discussion than that which you have offered here.
  11. Fair enough. I don't know how much better today's players are and how much harder the course & conditions were for BDC. However, I don't think the post you began with tells the whole story.
  12. Ok, so how much better are today's players/fields? A shot or half a shot a day? That makes it a lot closer for BDC and is no longer 3 shots. You're failing to account for the fact that strokes gained is relative to competition. You have to account for the increased level of play since 73. You use this argument all the time in the Jack v. Tiger thread. Use that same reasoning here. Be fair.
  13. Maybe, but the stats say he's hit 187 max. Agreed, but on tour his fastest is 190 mph. Maybe, but the stats says his max is 2 or 3 mph slower than BDC's max.
  14. So Johnny's 3 strokes better against a lesser field was better than BDC against a better field on a better course in tougher conditions? Laughable. You're cherry picking when you like data and not.
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