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  1. DeChambeau is leaving it in and is leading the field in putting. Chamblee is talking about how everyone should. Makes sense. It’s the rule and it helps so do it.
  2. ncates00

    My Swing (iacas)

    I don't know much about the swing, but I like it. I don't know your numbers or your tendencies, but the backswing looks good. Looks like a strange reroute in the transition to steepen the club coming through. But I've an untrained eye. Swing looks like a good player's swing though. Also, are your hips laboring to get through? Looks like a slight stall.
  3. ncates00

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Do you have an example of someone who uses only arms and not enough body rotation? Excluding examples of someone throwing the club over the top- an otherwise good swing but only arms. Is that even possible? I suppose the gentleman in the wheelchair is a good example. Seems to me that it’s better to error on the side of too much arms than body rotation-centric. At least you’ll have some speed.
  4. I actually got to walk 18 today and noticed that for some reason I don’t swing as fast on the course. I practice with my gc2 here and there at home and while I know I likely get nice and warmed up/in a groove on the simulator, I didn’t expect too much of a drop off on the course. For example, I had been getting about 124 mph ball speed with my 6i for an average good hit. Sometimes I can jump up as high as 129 or drop to 118 but for a typical good shot I’m now getting around 124. Well today I was a good half a club to a full club short. The ball speed was down to reflect that. For example on one particular par 3 today, it was playing 195 to a back pin. My 5i is usually my 191 carry club with a ball speed of 129. I hit it well but I looked at the gc2 (I bring along for tee shots) and I saw it only had 125 mph ball speed and carried 184. I still caught the green but I figured I would’ve been a bit closer. This story played out pretty much throughout the bag of being “just off” on the carry. I got around fine. I hit a lot of my trajectory windows and had a nice push draw going, but I missed short a lot. Why is this? I felt like strike was ok because like I said the only real issue was lack of ball speed. All my usual parameters were met for launch direction, push draw, launch angle, etc. It just felt like a job to get the clubhead to sling through with any speed. Y’all had those days? How do you get yourself to swing the clubhead with the speed you know you can muster? Perhaps I was just tired or something. It’s been a while since I walked 18 holes. Plus the back nine is quite steep. You really gotta get your head low and push that clicgear up those steep hills lol.
  5. Fair enough. switching gears, Why did they change the rule? Is there a good reason for it- expressed or implied? Maybe they want to favor “offense” and making putts?
  6. Not true, as I initially said, I don't think it matters. It's the law of the land, so it REALLY doesn't matter now. It's not my position. I'm not defending it--I just said I don't think it really matters. Sure there are some BS shots that will be rewarded, but that happens in other areas of golf and sport. No one cares about the banked in crap basketball shot? Please. That was a weak attempt at a pretty good analogy. You're supposing those points didn't count? Or the banked miss? The miss could've fallen straight to an offensive rebounder for a put back. That's a big presumption you're making. There have been plenty of buzzer beater lucky banked in shots that have won games and advanced teams in March Madness or NBA Finals. Those mattered just as much as some putts will as well. The strongest case you have is that it benefits poor putters and "levels the playing field" against good putters. I'll give you that. But you haven't adequately argued my relevant comparison to backboards in basketball. And besides, as I said from the beginning-I don't think the flagstick rule matters. It's the rule after all.
  7. Sure, I see that, but if everyone plays under the same rules--who cares? I guess good putters care. I guess if I was Phil or JDay I would be upset because I'm a good putter and the lesser putters MIGHT get a break. But I liken it to everyone playing from the same size basketball goal with a backboard. The backboard helps crazy shots from lesser shooters. No one is saying we should get rid of the backboard though.
  8. I don’t think it really matters. Everyone will play by the same rules so what difference does it make? I like the option to leave in or out. I don’t really care either way really. When I play alone I usually leave it unless it’s a closer putt. Playing with friends we take it out though.
  9. ncates00

    What's In Your Bag?

    Right now I’ve using: Driver: Nike covert 2.0 tour 8.5* with stiff fubuki shaft Fairway woods: Adams tight lies titanium 13.5* with stiff bassarra shaft and Nike NDS 5 wood with regular flex shaft (dunno but it works haha) Hybrid: Nike vapor speed 26* with stiff graphite shaft Irons: Nike VR TW v10 forged irons 5-PW with project x 6.5 and +.5” Wedges: Nike covert 2.0 forged 51* (my first hole-in-one club), Cleveland rtx 2.0 56* and Cleveland rtx 60* i plan on putting golf pride z grips on all clubs but putter Putter: Seemore sb1 Nike tour cart bag black/grey Clicgear 2.5+ Black/grey Usually wear Nike/Tiger apparel—fanboy and not ashamed Bushnell tour x rangefinder I usually play yellow golf balls: Bridgestone b330 rxs, Titleist NXT tour S, trying others original game golf foresight gc2 and fr1 software super speed golf system & SSRp And for any ladies out there, my wife uses: taylormade lady burner driver 10.5 adams tight lies 16* adams tight lies 19* Nike sumo hybrid irons 4-AW Nike machspeed SW and LW Scotty Cameron detour putter pink taylormade stand bag she usually wears Nike apparel
  10. ncates00

    Completing My Bag

    100%. I still have that one somewhere. I was thrilled when they brought it back and it is like the old one but long. Wish Adams was still around. Great clubs.
  11. ncates00

    Completing My Bag

    Best three wood I’ve ever hit is my Adams tight lies titanium 13.5*. Love the shallow face as opposed to the thick bulky fairways. You can hit the ball more off the top to get the high launch low spin for nuclear fairway shots. Or you can hit down on it more to produce more spin to hold the greens. Good off the tee too, no need to tee it up high at all.
  12. ncates00

    Tee or No Tee?

    I usually do tee up irons/hybrid/fairway just a tiny bit, but it's a negligible amount.
  13. I think it falls just outside the premium category, but the Titleist NXT Tour S is a good ball. My favorite cheap ball back in the day was Nike's PD soft. They played well, I thought, and they were under $20/doz. Nowadays, you can snag good deals on ebay or even amazon. I got a double dozen of older yet premium Bridgestone balls for a great price. You can always go bulk and save some money on ebay.
  14. ncates00

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    Golf - Find time here and there to practice/play on the sim. - Consistently start the ball a couple of degrees to the right. My stock shot is the draw, but I can get a little steep and pull draw it. Shorter clubs miss greens and go too far and the long clubs don't stay airborne when I pull draw it. - I pretty much have my carry yardages and typical misses, but I'd like to go through the process of making my shot eggs like in LSW. - Hope to maintain average ball speeds with these clubs as a way to monitor my striking: driver at 155 mph, 3w 148, 2i at 135, 4i at 133, 5i at 129, 6i at 125, 7i at 120, 8i at 115, 9i at 109, PW at 103. - STOP HITTING DRIVER OUT OF THE HEEL. I think I'm swinging out a bit and my arms run away from me trying to that Rory draw with upward AoA and push draw, resulting in a heel hit. Going to try addressing a farther away tee and hitting the inside tee peg or feel like I'm hitting the toe to remedy this. This really only happens with my woods, but it's worse with driver than 3w. Fitness - Continue my great progress from the past year. This year, however, I'm focusing on losing some body fat by eating properly. I like to eat. A LOT. I'd like to get down to about 200 lbs. - Modified 531 program: M- barbell row, deadlift, bench press, pull-up variations (each @ 7 reps/60% training max, this is one circuit, do this 3x). THEN, deadlift 531 protocol. T- power clean, overhead press, squat, pull-variations (same as above). Then, overhead press 531 protocol. Then superspeed. W- bb row, dl, bp, pu (same). Then, bp 531. R- pc, op, sq, pu (same). Then sq 531. Then superspeed F- off Sat- 531 row, 531 pc, superspeed. - Hope to add at least 75 lbs to dl and sq this year. - Superspeed training. I'd like to hit a PR of 140 mph with the green stick. Normal swing.
  15. ncates00

    Oldest Club in Your Bag

    2010 Nike vr TW irons. V10 conforming set. Oldest clubs I play love the irons and not ashamed of the Tiger fanboyism one bit Oldest “playable” club that I have but not in my bag is the original Adams tight lies fairway from 96. I currently game the recreation of it- Adams Tight lies titanium 13.5*. It’ll likely never leave the bag.

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