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  1. Unless you had your club dotted for the gc2+hmt or gcquad, Foresight doesn't measure club head speed directly (it extrapolates from the ball data), but it does directly measure ball speed, launch angle, start line, sidespin, and backspin. Even with a dotted up club plus gc2/htm or gcquad, Foresight reads club head speed slightly higher than Trackman; I think I read somewhere that the respective units read the head at different points in the swing or something. However, assuming 104 is correct, you should hit a few "gamer" balls and see what happens. Range balls will not see as much ball speed as your gamer ball; but, we won't be talking like 10 or 15 mph extra ball speed here, unless the ball has gone completely to crap. Therefore, what I said about ball speed still remains--you need to be in the mid 140s at the minimum at that club head speed; if not, you need to resolve your striking. That's the beauty of launch monitors--you can write down your "ranges" for ball speed and check them each time you practice to ensure that you're striking it well. Just be sure not to count those dread hooks and pull hooks; it is very easy to see your ball speed numbers jump up and get too excited haha.
  2. Very impressive, I know you're proud of your club head speed but unless that turns into consistent ball speed and dispersion it really doesn't matter. Going straight to the low loft/LD equipment might make some sense, but in the long run, you're better off working on your swing. Assuming your speed claims as true, you have plenty of speed to give if push came to shove in order to gain more control of your swing. Obviously, no one wants to give up any speed, but if you truly did average that speed, you will always have that high gear when you want it. I know some successful college golfers and the last thing they talk about is speed (even though they have it); all they care about are trophies. Having a lot of horsepower is a great thing, but it matters very little if you burn off the tires and can't make it to the finish line. I say this not to imply that you aren't a good golfer--again, I don't know you. However, given your very high clubhead speed and inability to hit "normal" drivers and have quality striking, I'd say you have a lot of room for improvement in the swing department--but don't we ALL haha. Best of luck. Maybe, but the guy is a 17 capper with great clubhead speed. He obviously has potential. I would get serious about the swing and forget about the driver change for now.
  3. I really like my hybrids. I've got em in 3-5 and then to bladed irons. It wasn't til about 5i did I feel that I needed more launch and ball speed. The hybrids do a great job of giving you more ball speed, higher launch, and even a bit more spin (depending on the model). All that makes for nice high ball flight that will hold the greens for me, e.g., I get 50* descent with most all of my irons and pretty close to about 50* descent angle with the 4 and 5; the 3 comes in a bit lower but still manages at least 45* with a good strike (meaning, not thin). The 3w comes in about 40-42* and the driver about the same (would like to hit it a bit lower descent angle-wise). Blends in nicely.
  4. First, the qualifier of "up to" is a bit suspect here. I'm unclear as to what that exactly means. Is it your once in a lifetime/stars line up perfectly hero shot or your "comfortable max" or what? That aside, my 2 cents are: Why go the route of strengthening the 50? You've got nice 15 yard gaps from 85 to 100 and 100 to 115. It's the PW that is the issue (at least with respect to your gapping, assuming it correct); maybe bend the PW down a bit. It is odd though seeing only 2* difference in your 2 gap wedges--pretty funky. But if those yardages are accurate, the gaps are good except for the PW. For instance, I go 60-56-51-47. That gives me pretty much 10-15 yard gaps in my set.
  5. Reread. I didn't call you immature; I called your choice immature--there is a distinction. Even if what you said is true, immature merely means "not developed." As a golfer of merely 2 months, that fits here. Stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve and take someone at their word. My intent is to help--take it or leave it. You don't have a swing--you've been playing for 2 months... Get a swing and take on the process step by step. There are no short cuts. You're looking for gimmicks and quick fixes and they don't exist. Getting on track with a good pro is the best way to expedite that process, but given your lack of financial means at this point, that seems unlikely. Maybe try out some cheaper alternatives like online video lessons or something like that where you send in your swing once a month or something. The key is to not go rogue and try out a bunch of swing tip magazine stuff--stick with what you are paying for and don't deviate.
  6. Might feel too whippy. Go to a store and swing them and find out.
  7. Not being snarky at all here (preface), but if you think hitting off mats broke your swing, your swing is the least of your issues. As a newbie of 2 months, you need to get your swing in order. If you can distinguish between a well-struck shot and when you have hit it fat, it shouldn't matter that you have to hit off mats. I know you said that you don't have the money, but if you want to get good at this game, you should look into lessons. Or at least figure out the things you need to do and get a good tripod for your phone and take video. You can use v1 app and draw lines and keep track of your progress. You need to find the root of your problem and fix it. Some little tips like putting a gift card or towel behind the ball might help but may get you to swinging over the top and too steep--could work in the short run but the best bet is to fix your swing. Look, you're only 2 months in to this game. Why not consider the long run of fun in the game and invest in it, instead of looking for short cuts and cheap tricks that wear off and fill your mind with nonsense that will only haunt you later on? I'm no shill for pros, but if you want to get the most out of your golf game, then make some money and invest it into your game. Don't mess up your swing and get a bunch of bad tips engrained before you even really get started. The short view of looking for quick tips is short-sighted and immature. Best of luck. pretty good idea here though.
  8. ncates00

    Swing Speed

    I don't care about swing speed--I go with BALL speed. That is more important than clubhead speed because that is reflective of both 1) my club head speed and 2) my strike. The more ball speed I produce, the happier I am--duck hooks notwithstanding 😀 A guy who says they swing 120+ or whatever speed, I'm already suspicious. If the guy says he gets 170 or something BALL speed; I think this guy gets on a launch monitor and knows his game.
  9. Do you hit down a lot or have inconsistent/poor striking? Fast tour players and some fast guys that I know don't have to go these kinds of extremes with shaft/loft/etc. combos to control spin. I know some guys who get to your speed and don't have game less than 8 or 9* loft and a pretty standard x-stiff shaft. Then again, these guys are good college players and hit up with driver. I know speed adds some spin, but good striking and delivery conditions takes care of most of that. Really, the stuff you're talking about is LD equipment and fine-tuning, but hey, if it works for you, and it sounds like it does, go with it. This is your problem. Shoot for 1* down at the most, at your speed. Preferably on the up though. Good speed for any one, let alone a 17 capper. This is not what the OP needs at all. What you have suggested is what a slower swing speed person would need to maximize their carry.
  10. Keep an open mind though and when one strikes your fancy, go take your trusty Cobra and head-to-head them on a simulator. I didn't think I'd ever bench my Adams, but I did. For me, the newer Callaway launches higher with more ball speed and with less spin--exactly what I had hoped for. The Callaway has a bit deeper face than the Adams, and before I hated deep faced fairway woods. However, that was because I was a sweeper; now, I like to hit down a bit more to keep my swing more consistent through the bag (i still hit up with driver due to the higher tee though).
  11. Slightly related, I use a cligear push cart. I think it is the 2.5+ model. Love it. No shame in using a push cart; it allows me to use a big bag and throw all my crap in there.
  12. I play 3w off the deck (Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 15*, replaced my trusty Adams Tight Lies Titanium 13.5* to get more launch but keep the spin low). I also play a 19* gapr hi, 23* 4h, and a 26* 5h. Love all these clubs. I'm probably a little more consistent with the hybrids due to having more loft. It makes sense because typically the shorter the club, the easier it is to control for many people. Loft helps a lot. With respect to hitting par 5's in two, I don't pick the hybrid over the 3w. I make my choices based upon the yardage I need and the circumstances at hand, e.g., pin location, trouble short/long, etc. I think what you're trying to ask is whether my 3w sits in the bag and I avoid using it--the answer is no. I use my 3w and I am happy to do so. In fact, I use it off the deck on some tee boxes when driver will fly too far. For me, the key is make sure I do relatively the same golf swing as with any other club--a downward strike. Trying to pick it with a 3w for just leads to low strikes/thin strikes and the ball spins too much and ball speed suffers. That's actually why I changed out my trusty 3w for a new one. The new one has a bit better ball speed and more loft, yet lower spin. This allows me to hit with a downward blow like a hybrid or longer iron and get a good launch angle, descent angle, and carry. 3w is a great club and once you find the right one, they stay in the bag a long time!
  13. Hitting any shot into an unplayable position either off the tee or approaching the green. My short game is rusty and I'm a streaky putter, so I can handle not always performing in those departments. If the long game is gone, your golf game is gone. If you can't chip or putt, at least you can still play golf.
  14. I rarely play for things. However, I always try to beat Old Man par; beating my playing partners is merely a welcome byproduct.
  15. Yep. Part of it is because our little feelings change over time. Sometimes you don't do it enough and sometimes you over do it. It's all about finding that little window of reasonableness. I worked hard at the end of last year, going into this year on my start line control and face control. Getting rid of the push draw was one of the best decisions I've made. It's paying off quite nicely and making for pretty neutral flights throughout the bag.
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