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  1. 2018 Valero Texas Open

    ZJ has had a pretty great career. I'm a fan too.
  2. Augusta's Front 9 vs Back 9

  3. 2018 Valero Texas Open

    Umm... thanks?
  4. 2018 Valero Texas Open

    I still don't know much about aimpoint. Sounds interesting from what I've heard.
  5. New Irons

    Go to a golf shop and try hitting different things. See what you like. Then, find it on ebay and buy it.
  6. Rory or Spieth - who has the better career?

    This is the weird thing to me. I can't figure out what's going with Rory. I posted something about that in the Rory overrated thread. Like everyone has said, when Rory is on, he's not losing. Spieth is a good long haul pick.
  7. Rory McIlroy is overrated...

    Maybe a little off topic, but I see everyone says he is streaky. What do you think makes him so streaky? Personal issues, desire, difficult swing alignments/timing, or what? Just curious as to what makes him this way. I don't think it's strictly putting. His long game comes and goes too as we saw at the Masters and other tournaments. Maybe his swing has too wide of dispersion gap (hooks and blocks)? I dunno, what do you guys think?
  8. Augusta's Front 9 vs Back 9

    I think the back 9 is a bit better, the setup is a little better for dramatic finishes and it's "prettier," At the same time, there are some great holes on the front- the two par 5's are gettable and could provide drama if you played the back first and then the front as the back.
  9. Bernhard Langer

    He's a stud on the senior tour.
  10. What happened to Brooks Koepka?

    As much as he hits down, I'm not surprised with the slow comeback. He hits down pretty hard and with speed.
  11. Missing right wouldn't leave much surface to land on for the chip though.
  12. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    It may be, but it's not for me. Personal preference and taste. Don't care anything for it. You could give me world cup tix and I wouldn't care. I really like football and would know a bit about it. People like different things. You give me a guitar owned/played by Jimmy Paige... now we're on to something lol.
  13. Football category dumbfounds Jeopardy contestants

    I don't know man. Football just isn't the "jam" for some people. You ask me some soccer questions and I won't get many correct.
  14. I take more or less a scrape after the ball. I don't take those dollar bill divots that fly 20 yards ahead when you hit them. When I've tried doing that, it feels really steep to me. I think at least a bit of turf disturbance after the ball is good if nothing else for a more consistent strike on the ball. If you pick it or dig it, as long as you do it everytime you'll gain good consistent strikes with more predictable results.
  15. Yeah you're right, but I think I can get up and down from there.

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