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  1. I agree; however, proper chokes can be accomplished. Practicing BJJ folks do them often. This goes back to your training argument. Nonetheless, obviously we'd like to see it not have to get to that point to begin with--de-escalation techniques.
  2. Additionally, the folks that complained about lock-downs and shutting everything down also complain about the masks. I think the masks are a good, reasonable middle ground position to try to keep businesses open and restore some version of normalcy. If anything, folks should be happy to wear a mask as a reasonable burden and otherwise enjoy going about your day; it beats staying at home and not making a living or doing other things.
  3. Spieth did something similar, although he didn't berate the camera crew, when he hit some bad shots and lost in a major. I can't recall which major it was or when it was, but I remember he essentially lost the tournament there and the camera crew was right up close to him, and Spieth asked them to get the camera out of his face. I think he said something like "please don't point at my face." Can't remember. Bryson should know he's going to be a hot topic and that people want to see him--the good and the bad. He's out in public in a recorded professional sporting event. Don't take things too personally; the camera guy is just doing his job. If you don't want "your brand ruined" then don't do something that you think can ruin it. Had Bryson had his time of being upset but eventually let it go, and didn't confront the camera guy, then this wouldn't have even been a story. Lots of pros get mad on the course, curse up a storm, throw a club or hit the ground, but they don't confront the camera guy for recording what the pro himself did.
  4. I wouldn't use foam balls. Get a mat and a good net for use with the simulator. I do the same with my set up at home.
  5. 04, 05, and 14 were my favorites.
  6. No worries. Again, it depends on the player; some do it and some don't. Rory, DJ, ZJ, and lots of guys have forward lean at address. Although Stenson does not have it at his static address, as soon as he does that little "sit back" move he does, he leans it. I don't see it as a band-aid and certainly not a bad thing at all. Having your hands a little forward of your zipper and a bit of shaft lean is a good thing as it helps set up a good downswing intention.
  7. Your message as typed is a bit unclear. Are you saying: 1) that good golfers don't have forward lean at address or 2) that good golfers don't have forward lean at impact? If you meant #1, that's not true. There are many professionals who play with forward lean at address. Some will have the shaft more vertical at address because they already lean it so much on the downswing. Others, like Rory, will have some lean at address. Some will have a lot of lean at address and some will only have a little. I'm no pro, but I set up with forward lean at address with every club but putter. Only my ball position changes--I still have the grip pointed somewhere around my front (left) hip. I do this because it helps me to see/feel the correct impact position; I don't lean it a ton naturally in my swing, so I like to have some at address. I then lean it a tad bit more at impact and it helps me hit the correct launch window while hitting down, taking a nice divot. If you meant #2, you're obviously wrong. All great players have forward shaft lean at impact.
  8. But of course! Uh huh. I bet. Find another pro. I believe in golf instruction; don't get me wrong. However, you have to find the right one and one that will make you better. Once you get the right pro, sell out 100% to their game plan for you and don't deviate. It's far too easy to go rogue after one bad round and try to fix it yourself. Stick to the plan you and your coach created. If you get off track, go back for another visit, but also make sure you're actually doing what you're supposed to be doing because feel ain't always real.
  9. I echo what @boogielicious and @GolfLug said.
  10. This is the problem here. You're not a 19 handicap because of the clubs you own; you are a 19 handicap because of your swing. If you need an adjustment on loft/lie, those changes can be done on your current clubs most likely. Sounds to me like the pro is just trying to sell you some clubs or charge you a fitting fee. I'd stick with getting quality instruction and improving my golf game and adjust my existing clubs to match the swing I'm trying to achieve. Then, if you so desire, buy clubs at a later date. For some reason, golfers are so quick to make that next big purchase with the hope that we can "buy" our way to a better game. Once that shiny newness rubs off, we see that we didn't need to spend our money on clubs and should've spent it on improving oneself.
  11. You can buy an inexpensive tripod for your phone off Amazon. I don't really think of stuff like that. For me, I set up with a bit of forward shaft lean at address, then I take the club to the top, and on the downswing, I just feel/envision a "hula hoop track" by which I can swing the club head down and through the ball. I feel the club head travel down and through the ball, with the low point of the hula hoop out in front.
  12. Great post. I pay special attention to my start line with respect to ballstriking and putting. My miss, both with putting and striking, tends to be a bit of a push, so I try to start the ball as close to 0* as I can. I hit a lot of FIR, GIR, and good putts when I control my start line. With putting, I try to “pop” the ball on 0* and feel it hold that line (like the ruler drill). With striking, I try to feel my “hula hoop” downswing down and around at 0*.
  13. I agree with this. I think there a couple of things going on, at least for me: 1) When you're hitting it solidly, you're getting max efficiency, and in turn, ball speed. The ball just springs off the face and flies long and straight, requiring less effort. Conversely, when you're toeing it or heeling it, your efficiency is down, so you feel like you have to swing harder to get the results you desire. 2) Good shots breed confidence and make you "feel better." When I play well, I can walk another 18 or 36 holes and play all day. When I'm not striking it solidly, the round can't end soon enough in some cases because you feel battered, tired, and worn out from the lack of return on your efforts. A) I would start with hitting the ball out of the middle of the club first. You'll be more efficient with what you currently possess. As stated above, if you're not hitting the ball solidly in the face of the club, you're not playing golf efficiently and the ball is flying shorter, with less ball speed, and, generally speaking, more curvature. Perhaps start with little chip shots, working your way up to pitch shots, then punch shots, 3/4 swings, and gradually up to a full swing. Work on feeling the strike on the face--did you heel it? Did you toe it? A bit fat or thin? Use some foot spray on the face or face tape and always strive for that centered strike. B) If you are striking the ball solidly and still like you aren't getting what you think you should get out of your striking, you may want to look into lessons with a good pro and dive into the body mechanics to improve your motion and speed. You may want to do this anyway to help with A), above, anyway.
  14. And here we still are... Ok, so get a pushcart and walk faster... Your squats and deadlifts should take care of this; no need to carry a bag.
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