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  1. ncates00

    A Common Error in Accuracy vs. Distance

    My coach always said, “if you can’t hit the ball, you can’t play golf. If you can’t putt, you can’t go low.” Err on the side of great ballstriking, at least you’re still playing golf. Hit the ball well, particularly with speed and not too much curve or at least a predictable curve.
  2. ncates00

    What are you listening to?

    Today I listened to some Audio Adrenaline and John Mayer. Tomorrow will probably be some Andy Timmons and St. Paul and the Broken Bones.
  3. ncates00

    Golf Practice Drills

    When I do putting practice (not very much at all), I have done something sort of similar. I like to put a penny on the green and just putt to that as the hole. I try to roll the ball over the penny to hear the click and run the ball past about 6” or so.
  4. ncates00

    Swing speed anomaly

    Maybe. Try a lighter driver. It won’t make much of a difference though. I mean we’re talking grams here. A lighter driver isn’t going to take you from 102-105 clubspeed to 110 plus. That takes a lot of training and even then, you may not get there. But as I said, start a swing thread and post video. Include accurate launch monitor data as well.
  5. ncates00

    Swing speed anomaly

    That’s not what you said earlier. You gave a range of 7 mph up to 127. So which is it? and no. Not necessarily. People are different and so are deliveries. Get a video up and get on a reliable launch monitor. And like I said, if your top ball speed range with driver is only 152, (ranged down to 146 even as you said) you’re not swinging as fast as you think.
  6. ncates00

    Swing speed anomaly

    First of all, I have the super speed sticks and radar too. I also own a gc2. From my experience, the radar reads higher than what you actually swing. With a high end ball speed of 152 with driver, you definitely don’t swing 117 mph. If your range is 147-152, you swing about 102-105 I can almost guarantee. I’m not much faster myself, and your numbers are close to mine with driver and 6i both. You probably don’t swing 6i as fast as you think either. You might be a bit steep on the irons leading to some trap/pull draws perhaps that inflate the ball speed on the irons. I have been doing that myself and I am usually around 123-126 mph with my 6i- carry of about 175-180. The super speed and radar are great tools to measure your progress with the sticks, but just keep in mind that they do tend to read high, but they will usually consistently read high so you can use them to gauge progress over time. To measure your progress with a golf ball, look at improvements in ball speed and clubhead speed with a launch monitor. (I don’t have hmt with my gc2 but I can get on a local trackman sometimes to run them in tandem for club data).
  7. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Regardless of who the caddie could be, Tiger made a mistake. You’re making assumptions that Stevie or name your “better caddie” would’ve said something differently. Caddies are very helpful to the pro game. I’m not denying that. I think a lot of people on here are just taking it a bit too far with the case with Tiger without any real knowledge of the inner workings of the relationship. Too much arm chair quarterbacking. Tiger has Joe for a reason and I think it’s working. Tiger shot the best round he’s ever shot at the players with a “not so good caddie.” Unless you’re behind the ropes with them I don’t think we can judge what’s going on with them. To me, Tiger just isn’t executing. It’s not a caddie issue and I don’t think he would make that kind of excuse. It’s down to him not executing plain and simple. At the end of the day, it’s down to ME as a player what I produce. In actual team sports, a coach can only do so much, but it comes down to execution by the players. Same for Tiger.
  8. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Tiger isn't going to blame the caddie. It's down to him. Anything else is an excuse. Agreed.
  9. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    Golf is not a team sport. The caddie does not hit the ball and the player is the boss. He makes all decisions final. Anything else is just an excuse. Eternal locus of control excuse.
  10. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    The golfer is to blame. He hits the golf ball. He could possibly use a better caddie, but we don't know the inside scoop and conversations between player and caddie- although I wish we could just tune in and listen to them instead of these commentators.
  11. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    That's what Jordan said- not Tiger. That may or may not have actually been a factor in his decision making.
  12. ncates00

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    He said he had a perfect SW number (127 to carry and 133 hole), but the breeze picked up into his face. He said he hit a good shot- so I'll take him at his word. SW seems to be too little club, but he is TW and a speedy one at that. I just would worry even if he got the carry that the ball would have so much spin on it and zip off the green.
  13. ncates00

    Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    Thanks man, I try to work hard. I wouldn’t call myself advanced by any means. I just enjoy lifting and challenging myself to get stronger. I wanted to put together a simple, easy to follow powerlifting routine with some good assistance moves. It’s probably not the best strength routine, but for me it’s been really good. As you can see, I do 2 main PL lifts per lift day, with a focus on the first one in the assistance moves. I use the Wendler 531 app to track my progress. If you get the premium version you can create your own lifts (like pull-ups, farmers walks, etc) and track them as well I stick to it pretty well, other than the insanity cardio as I said. I’m so lazy when it comes to the cardio side. Funny thing is, my first sport was basketball and I also ran varsity cross country in high school. Hate running now. Just the repetitive motion of running really gets me hurt. Insanity however has never gotten me injured- just too lazy to stick with it. That’s gotta change.
  14. ncates00

    3 Wood Recommendations

    Best 3w all around out there in my opinion. I use the 3 and the 5. The smaller profile helps me get the ball higher on the face with some shaft lean to get a higher launch with less spin OFF THE GROUND. Amazing fairway woods. You can find longer ones off a tee, but if you have trouble hitting woods off the turf even if you have some shaft lean, you can't go wrong here. I use them off the deck no problem and off the tee (barely off the ground). And...they're inexpensive on ebay.

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