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  1. 5 hours? I hope you’re joking. You can play “fast” and still have an enjoyable time. Fast doesn’t mean you run to every shot, grab a club, and swing. Fast simply means be ready to execute your shot once it is your turn. You can do a lot of things when it is not your turn in order to be ready to play your shot. Ready golf. People got stuff to besides golf. Plus, pace of play is usually a “rule” and perhaps even tracked by marshals at some courses.
  2. Be careful that you’re not getting it through excessive face rotation; it’s easy to do that. Further, The whole “no effort” deal is largely misconstrued/explained in my opinion. The golf swing takes effort; really we’re talking about efficiency and technical fluidity v. wasted/excessive movement. But the golf swing does take effort. Effortless power is merely a marketing ploy.
  3. Right, but it’s a good way to measure your progress because the sticks don’t have a face that will rotate, giving a false sense of speed. Think of it like tracking your weights/reps in powerlifting and watching the progress over time. I recommend if you don’t have access to a launch monitor to book a session 1x/month to track your driver clubhead speed and ball speed. In between, track your stick speed and see if there is growth over time in both departments. I agree.
  4. @billchao or the Adams Tight Lies 2 titanium. I went from hating 3w to loving it. I have one in 13.5*. I like the shallow faced woods; I feel like the lack of the big head makes me feel I can strike it higher in the face for better launch. I hit it on some tee boxes and never use a tee.
  5. Gotcha. Yes, you're right if he wants to stay where he is and not change anything about delivery, then he is likely capped because if he lowers his spin, then it is possible he may lose yards due to his already low launch; he needs spin to keep the ball airborne. You're right. I suppose my post was more along the lines of making a change and improving delivery as opposed to staying "as-is."
  6. First, the chart you posted is normalized data; we don't know whether his numbers are normalized or actual data (could be wind and other conditions). Second, his ball speed will increase if he reduces his spin loft, as that is what is actually meant by "compression." Hence, he will get more distance from the increased ball speed and hitting more up with less spin. A healthy launch with low 2k spin or even 1700-1900 spin will give great results in carry and total distance. I prefer low 2k, as the 1700-1900 spin range is bomb city, it is quite unstable and can drop out of the air if you're not careful. I've done this test many times on my gc2 and have seen great results working it out myself. Note: I said all this is assuming he wants to and can make the change. 🙂
  7. In my opinion, your spin is way too high. However, spin and launch angle must work in tandem at a given speed. Nonetheless, I still say it is too high. My ball speed is similar to yours, and I like to launch the ball much higher (13-15*) and spin it under 2400; but, I like to hit more up on driver than you do. This will give much better carry with driver. You want a descent angle with driver to be about 40* so you get good carry and rollout. irons, you'll want close to 50* for stopping power. 3w is usually in between, but you can go either on the driver side for max distance or closer to the irons to get it to stop. No, he has a lot more than a couple of yards on the table. Mid-3k spin is way too much for driver, especially with his ball speed and still hitting up on it. He should drop 1k in spin and get a higher launch; granted, this is assuming he can make the change. Regardless, it is more than a mere couple of yards.
  8. Those look slippery. Do you have sweaty hands and/or play in humidity? I can't even play without a rain glove and full cords, and even then I gotta towel everything and hope for the best.
  9. People like to think they can take a shortcut and "buy" their way to better golf; for most, good golf takes a lot of work, and people don't like to work. "It can't possibly be ME that's the problem here! It's this driver! I need a new one!"
  10. If you want to remain in an echo chamber, start your own forum or group text chat; your post is a thread within a forum that a) you do not own and b) others can join in.
  11. A lot of people play a different shape with driver than they do with irons. Many pros hit fades with driver and draws with irons. I personally hit a push draw stock with every club, but I know a lot people who love a fade with driver and draw their irons- they feel like the driver fade will stay in play. (Whether that’s true or not is another matter) Look into angle of attack.
  12. I know what you said, but what I said still remains. No one can even begin to help you. There are many factors to look at in a golf swing. Strike, face to path, angle of attack, dynamic loft, etc. Then there’s what you are doing in the swing to bring about your delivery of the club, not to mention the fact that we soften don’t feel and what is real. Post a video when you can. There’s a lot of pros and better players with swing knowledge on this forum.
  13. Dude, you've totally missed what everyone has said. People have said that there is nothing wrong with a fade, so long as it isn't a slice, to which you agreed. They have also stated that more often than not, issues are swing-related; that doesn't mean issues cannot arise from equipment. Being properly fitted for your clubs can make a difference; no one has disputed that. Nonetheless, you did above complain about a 1/4 chance of a slice; that is not an equipment issue and you are either a) not honestly evaluating your own game or b) lying in saying you hit everything else so fantastic all the time. Things to consider with driver- have you been on a good launch monitor to check your delivery? Have you checked strike? I know there are some people out there trying whatever they can to make a sale, but making the broad generalizations you have and acting the way you are is very ass-holish. People on this site are very helpful and will give a honest opinion. Further, I bet if you blindtested clubs and shafts etc, you'd be surprised what was best for you. Crossfield has loads of videos dispelling myths like shafts and flex etc.
  14. How can anyone even begin to help you without it? What you think is happening and the truth are often not the same.
  15. I might try it out next regrip. I've heard of them and held a grip handle in hand before with that grip, but went back with old reliable.
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