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  1. I see your point, but I’m not as good of a golfer as you. I’ve not got par or broken par for 18 (I’ve done both for 9 though).
  2. It’s good. You should check out the videos too. I’ve only watched the first video and some of the second. They’re good too so far. You can get a discount on the videos for having purchased the book. There’s a code somewhere.
  3. I guess to answer your question more directly though: I just don’t like the idea of giving or taking strokes. Just count the strokes and that’s it. I get the concept about different abilities, ages, and all that; I just don’t play that way when I can help it. There’s no satisfaction in winning that way. You didn’t really win. It was only because of the adjustment. As I’ve said previously, it’s not any one else’s fault that another is any better or worse than another golfer. I know it’s not the same thing, but it’s akin, to me, to a friend of mine who basically plays preferred lies al
  4. I’ve already addressed this above. Yet you continue to go down this off topic trail. I know my game and what I shoot. “Winning” because I get strokes isn’t really winning. I handicap things for my kids, e.g., giving them a head start on a race, not playing 100%, etc. but not with golf. If that means I shoot 77 or 85 to a buddy who’s off +1, and I lose, so what? It’s golf. Golf isn’t my life; it’s a game I enjoy playing. I’m not out there trying to win stuff or make money. I make plenty of money at my real job—thank God. *good, not plenty. All of us are underpaid haha.
  5. Ah. You’re both probably right then. When he said “worse,” I thought he meant of degree not amount.
  6. I’m not immune to being wrong. Maybe you’re right. Only to that person’s ego. Well, I guess also in some way to the tournament and the other players if their ego causes slow play, but we’ve seen on tour folks who had no business being there, so it is what it is. Not sure how this is relevant, but Hell if I know. Expired. Left my club I was previously a member. Used The Grint for a while, but then it became a paid service, and I went back to school. Got busy. I haven’t played much in the last several years. Trying to get back into it. If I can make more time
  7. Sure. I know that’s true, but, like the OP points out, dishonesty is rampant. Which is why some of us just play gross, just as the OP is contemplating.
  8. Sure it relates. Read above. He said he may not play in these tournaments again. I said don’t play or just do the gross flight. Looks like it relates to me. It’s not my fault or your fault that another has more, or less, ability than another. Lowest score wins (or should win), not the lowest adjusted/net score. You’ve never played in a gross tournament before? Many clubs have a gross flight (some clubs say any one can enter and some will say must be at least a certain handicap) and also the typical handicapped flights. Whenever possible, I do gross. I tend to stay
  9. You make good points about participation. However, I know that I felt much better about winning high school matches (not handicapped) than placing well in club tournaments (often handicapped). I prefer playing straight up, win or lose. Too often folks lie about handicaps, so I don’t give strokes to any one if we’re playing for anything.
  10. Work out at home. I’ve had dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bars, and yoga mats at home for a decade. I bought my own power rack about 4 years ago. It’s the way to go. As to the distance part, maybe look into getting a good launch monitor. You can keep an eye on your ball speed and club head speed and try to work on it. Sounds like you went the “buy new clubs” route, but it’s nice being able to quantify what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing is half the battle. Then you can work to fix it.
  11. Umm play golf. Enter a score for each hole. Add them up. That is your score. Pretty simple. If you’re referring to how do you do in these tournaments, then either don’t enter or just go in the gross flight. Plenty of folks do this. Steve Spurrier, former Gators head coach, talks about this all the time. Pretty sure he’s just an am like us too. As far as “fair” goes, how is gross not fair? We all play by the same rules and the lowest score wins. That’s as fair as it gets. The fact that someone is better than you or me doesn’t make it less fair. I play gross with my friends w
  12. This is why I don’t care about handicapping. Just play gross score.
  13. Given these facts, I doubt speed is your primary concern right now.
  14. By your logic, practice swings can ruin your swing as well. Learning to swing fast is a skill. You can work on speed and then work it into your swing over time.
  15. I have LSW in paperback, and I just purchased the video set. Downloading it now. Excited to watch later.
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