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  1. Text, email, or call. If you want to keep in touch with someone, you can and you will.
  2. It depends on what the event is, who is in the field, and which course it is. For instance, if it is like the BMW or other flagship event of the Euro Tour, I'm watching that. But I also like watching the LPGA at times, too, because the top ladies are similar to me in terms of ball speed but play lightyears better of course! Watching the top ladies on the Tour is very inspiring for my own game.
  3. You can do this even better with Game Golf or Arccos. Handicap doesn't tell much. Gotcha. Common. LOL nice
  4. Why do you care what your handicap is any way? I always do gross even if that means I get destroyed. I’ve never cared about net scores.
  5. I wonder about this. Tiger, prior to Haney, moved off the ball quite a bit. His head wasn't that steady. He had a lot of lateral movement off the ball, including his head (and it didn't just swivel; it moved laterally), but of course he also gained all that lateral movement, and then some, on the downswing to follow through. Note: I realize this post is ever so slightly off topic because the topic is about dropping the head, but the post does relate to head movement more generally, in response to others' posts.
  6. Try out different hybrids or fairway woods even. The benefits of hybrids and fairway woods are immense, e.g., higher launch, more spin, steeper descent angle to hold greens, more forgiving, more ball speed, etc. However, to your point, you can't have a hook machine. Therefore, you should consider trying out different hybrids or look to fairway woods. You can find such clubs that sit open at address.
  7. In my opinion, a heavier shaft is not going to change anything. The hybrid you have is too upright for you, you toe strike it, or you have serious face to path issues. Go test different hybrids or work on your swing or even check out fairway woods instead. I have one hybrid, a 4h, and I have 3w, 5w, and 7w, in part because hybrids tend to hook for me as well the lower the loft is. Not the case for fairway woods, plus I like the extra stopping power. My 4h is actually a bit open at address, which helps.
  8. Goes to show how much of a skill hitting it far really is, apart from the skill to hit it far in the first place.
  9. As much as I hate this, I'd say you're probably right. It would be cool to see him him the US Senior Open to complete his USGA collection.
  10. Companies wanting to hold onto "the traditions of the game" sort of thing or not wanting to see terrible tan lines?
  11. Folks I know that have or currently live out there say "but it's a dry heat!" 🙂
  12. America’s best cities for golfers What is the best city in the U.S. for golfers? It’s a subjective question, but one that Coventry Direct has looked to answer in a recent study. Coventry Direct collected data on each of America’s 100 largest cities (based on... What say you? Where is the best place to live and play golf? I think this list did a somewhat decent job of weighing all the factors going into deciding the list (although I feel like maybe they glossed over taxes...California).
  13. Yep. Should've been a '68 or '70 (peak years in my mind).
  14. I'm not saying we should do anything. I'm just saying what I prefer. I appreciate both styles to an extent and think both "collections" should be available to customers. I just think many companies have gone too far to the Rickie side of things for my liking.
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