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  1. Better than a lot of today's computer-made music, autotune, etc. Some young people like it when musicians are skilled and can play instruments/sing themselves. --------- Hopefully Rory can keep this going as he travels down to Georgia.
  2. I think you're missing out with no fairway wood. I highly recommend the Adams Tight Lies 2 Titanium fairway woods. I used to game the original back in the day, and I was so happy when they brought them back. You can snag them on ebay for pretty cheap. I have a 13* 3 wood and love it. I can't stand the chunky fairway woods because I feel like I can't hit the ball higher in the face to get the high launch/lower spin. With the shallower face of the Adams, you absolutely can. This helps with those long par 5 approaches to roll it up to the green, or you can even hit down a little bit more to add more spin so it'll stop quicker for you. I hit it off the tee ground with no tee as well. I'm not a high speed player (I swing about 105 mph with driver), but the ball launches well for me. With the 3 wood, I get about 12-15* launch, 148 ball speed, and 235 yards of carry with it on my gc2. Sometimes I can nuke one out there (for my clubhead speed) when I catch one with driver-like spin. You could put a hybrid in to sit under the fairway wood about 15 yards shorter. I think you really need a distance club for fairway shots too and a 3 wood is the way to go in my opinion.
  3. Wow. Why do you care what someone else wears? I understand a general dress code rule to a degree, but a white belt? I think a white belt looks good so long as the shoes are white. That's the key--you want your shoes and belt to match. Typically your hat (if you wear one) also matches or is a complementary color. I wear black hat, black belt and shoes. I also wear (GASP!) white hat, white belt and white shoes. Sometimes I'll wear white hat, brown belt and brown shoes. By no means do I follow the "Rickie Fowler look," and I don't think a white belt necessarily reaches that threshold. THAT look is more about the flamboyancy of the whole package. Even then, who cares? He's still wearing "golf attire"--it's just the bright colors. I think I'll also concede a bit to the traditional notions to say that, also this is very context-specific. If playing with friends at your home course, I don't think it matters much on the attire; just have fun. I wear a polo and short typically. If however, you are playing at a "nicer" course on the road, you haven't played there before, or if playing with corporate clients/partners, you should err on the side of conservatism. Here, I would wear "simpler" shirt (no logos or a Ralph Lauren polo) with pants and tucked. I would also likely skip out on a hat. To be fair, I think your blanket statement against white belts is pretty silly. White belts aren't destroying golf. I think I have made a pretty reasonable statement that most people tend to follow anyway.
  4. Why not? If you have a reasonably predictable start line for your shots (or azimuth), then you should go for it. Controlling your shot window is a really good skill to work on.
  5. In a noir jazz mood today. Yesterday was a metal shuffle of things on pandora: all that remains, trivium, killswitch engage, etc.
  6. Get on a good launch monitor and get your carry numbers. Fill the gap you need. I try to get about 12-15 yard gaps through the bag. Seems like your 52 to PW is too far apart. Maybe want to check out a 50 or bend it to where you need it. Again, book an extended session to gap test your carry numbers on a good launch monitor.
  7. Which rules are they so bent out of shape about? The drop doesn't seem to matter, caddies standing behind the players makes sense to me, repairing marks makes sense, but the flagstick rule could be a good argument because it clearly makes it easier. No one seems to be complaining so much about that one, because Rickie is taking "dump" drops and others complain about the caddie rule. If anything, complain about the flagstick rule. Or, just play the game, because other than the flagstick rule, I don't see how any of the rules have a material impact to their play, aside from ignorance of how the rules work.
  8. As said above, go test clubs on a good launch monitor as compared to your own gear. I dare say you will see some measurable performance increase on fitted equipment every decade or so, so you may due. But, go and test new stuff against your clubs and find out. Best of luck.
  9. Like @dennyjones mentioned, be sure to use the @ symbol or quote to get someone's attention. Yeah I'll post some. It'll be this weekend probably though- midterms and crazy busy. You don't need much though. I stated pretty much all I have. The biggest key once you have your sim and a good mat is getting a solid hitting net/screen/sheet. You don't want to be hitting balls through a cheap net.
  10. Nice. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a decent little setup. I run gc2 with fr1 on a desktop in my garage. I use a country club elite mat and thick projector sheets. I also set the gc2 on a 25lb olympic plate to match the height of my mat.
  11. I have the original FR1 software. There's no monthly fee for FR1. I don't know about FSX. I have the range and like 4-5 courses.
  12. I recommend getting a used GC2. I have one and love it. Don't waste your time on protee or anything like that. You could get by with something not as nice, like a mevo or something, and just track ball speed. You'll gain a lot of feel just by measuring ball speed and how that felt to you even though I wouldn't trust any directional metrics. GC2, trackman, quad, etc of course give you the works but at a price.
  13. Definitely no. I've had one hole in one in my life. I'd need more goes than 250 per day. Like @David in FL said, the potential upside just isn't worth the risk. Plus, there was no mention of weather in the hypo.
  14. Sure but with limited time, I think I'll stick with where I get most bang for my buck trying to hit good drives and GIR. I practice chipping here and there, but the benefits of ballstriking far outweigh chipping for busy people. And my chippers do just fine 🙂
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