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  1. I ordered a SNES Mini game system with games preloaded on it for me and the kids. I think it’ll be cool. My son has been collecting the super Mario lego stuff, and we thought a simple video game system would be cool to play too.
  2. I gotta agree with @onthehunt526: SG tee to green. Ballstriking is critical.
  3. Yep, or Firestone. Tiger has won at Bay Hill 9x and 8x each at the other two. Pretty darn good.
  4. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/ranking-tiger-woods-nine-tournament-victories-bay-hill Tiger at Bay Hill.
  5. Did you even listen to BK’s comments? He indicated that BD didn’t do anything to bother him other than just being a bit loud as BD initially started walking outside. However, BK even admitted that as BD walked behind him, at least BD talked a little more quietly. Given all the facts and circumstances here, it doesn’t seem like BD was trying to mess with him at all. BK just doesn’t like BD.
  6. Maybe. Or maybe the guys who rank higher are simply better at it than he is. Hard to be great at everything.
  7. He talks about “the interview” and Bryson some in this video clip. He said he thinks it’s great for the game, and he also said that Bryson didn’t say anything to him to upset him, but that Bryson was “really loud” when he walked by him. FYI, the comments are dispersed throughout the video a bit as different questions are asked by reporters.
  8. Probably 4h (195 carry) for me. Maybe my 7w (205-10 carry). But once I get to my u510 (or 5w) or my 3w, it better be a par 5 😀
  9. Hardly is the case in law. Yeah, but the law requires a little more analysis than that. There are rules and elements that must be met.
  10. I agree. And, as I have already laid out above somewhere in this thread, it’s likely unconstitutional.
  11. Maybe. But you’re assuming that war is the only “hard time” one can endure. You’re also assuming that people today don’t appreciate what they have or that they haven’t endured their own personal “hard times.” Again, you’re assuming only one kind of “hard time.” Financial crises, family strife, work problems, mental issues, physical limitations, disability, lost loved ones, health issues, and countless other things are also “hard times” one can endure. You’re also assuming there were less spoiled people back in the day. Sure, but so can being successful. You’re a
  12. I enjoy it as well. Coercion by a government to do it, as seen by the Texas example, however, is a problem.
  13. Not really. He’s 50th on Tour in SG around the green. He’s gaining .216 against the field around the green. Besides, while shots around the green are important to saving strokes, there’s not as much SV in even shots around the green as there is in the tee game and approach play. In fact, the top SG around the green guy is Fabian Gomez with .800. Other than him, most of the guys are pretty bunched. On the other hand, Bryson leads the Tour with a whopping 1.109 SG off the tee alone. I would say Bryson needs to improve his SG approach because, while he ranks 46th and gaining .360 against
  14. I think she must’ve messed up the strike. At her speed, in the 150’s ball speed with driver, a 50* should easily fly 109. My pw is 48 (flies 125), and we are similar in terms of speed. I think she was really nervous and was missing the face.
  15. Well, it is discrimination (treating one differently than another), but it’s permissible discrimination. See above.
  16. He likely has no claim. Federal guidance has already provided that private employers can require you to get a vaccine from contagious disease; they can require to get tested for it as well. Because he tested positive, he has no one to blame but himself. Moreover, the argument that I think you’re getting at with regards to testing requirements and Jon being treated differently as a non-vaccinated person v. those who are vaccinated, likely will fail as well. The Tour can set its own policy in the interest of the health and safety of its players and its fans. Indeed, such policies are i
  17. Do you mainly use the 60 for partial wedge shots and the 54 for fuller shots? It could be that when you swing more fully, you’re steeper than when you do partial swings. Also, perhaps when you’re doing partial shots, maybe you’re using the bounce really well, but when you go to a fuller shot, you’re using more leading edge. Both wedges are D grind. D grind has a good amount of bounce. So, other than what I’ve already said above, I don’t see why you would take more divot with one and not the other.
  18. That’s your measuring stick? They didn’t die, so it’s ok? 🤦‍♂️
  19. I think the numbers disagree with you. It, unfortunately, has affected people differently. Some didn’t even know they had it, others were in bad shape for a bit, others still have lack of energy to this day, and many others lost their lives. I initially said this, but do you really think his playing competitors would be ok with this? You think they would give up the ability to go Mano y Mano with the leader to try to battle it out and catch him down the stretch? I wouldn’t give that up. Heck no. Why make it easier on the guy just because he got Covid? You think
  20. Amazon Devices Will Soon Be Sharing Your Internet Bandwidth With Your Neighbors. Here's How You Opt Out. Yikes, I hate when things like this happen without people knowing... So, apparently, Amazon has a... I’m no tech expert, but this sounds odd to me. I do not want to share my wifi with my neighbors. Moreover, couldn’t tech-savvy neighbors with access to my wifi also access my ring security system? Seems really wrong to me that this is an “opt out” thing instead of an “opt in” deal as well. Any techies out there have any thoughts?
  21. I gave my reasons above. I’d rather have an extra long club than an extra wedge. Wedges are easier to hit, including partial shots. I’d rather have more options at the long end of the bag because, with long clubs, it’s harder to “take something off” and still hold the green (the ball tends to come in lower and with less spin). My PW plays similar to yours—I fly it about 125y at 48*, but I also use it for partial shots down to where my 54* flies. Yeah, I know; I gotcha brother. Nice. I go: driver, 3w, 5w or my u510 driving iron, 7w, 4h, 5i through 48*, 54, and 60
  22. I’m considering signing up. Is there a way to add narratives or talk with an instructor about things or is it just video upload? I’d like to share narrative bits about what I’m thinking/trying to do, old habits I’m trying to overcome, my tendencies, etc. I can give launch monitor data as well where necessary. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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