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  1. Fair enough. Nonetheless, your answer is why we don’t need intent involved in rules of golf. We don’t look at intent very much in most other sports. Even with intentional grounding in football we don’t ask what the quarterback’s intentions were.
  2. I never said this. I’m referring to “why.” Again, intent can be inferred. It’s done in court all the time and is treated as proven intent.
  3. Which is why intent can be inferred based upon the circumstances.
  4. “Deliberately” is the intent part. consciously and intentionally; on purpose. "the fire was started deliberately" I’m not sure 1) what is wrong or 2) why it’s not enough.
  5. Intent can be inferred from the circumstances and that is treated the same as “proving” it. Here, he hit a poor shot, watched his ball, walked briskly over toward where his ball is rolling back, saw the divot, and put his foot on it. I’d say that’s enough to infer intent and a breach of the new rule. That said, I don’t agree with your assessment of changing “to” to “that.” You can do a simpler change by simply deleting “deliberately.”
  6. I don't know. I didn't serve on the grand jury. Testimony of a grand jury is not discoverable unless a witness testifies at trial or the requesting party shows a particularized need for release of the transcript. Fed. R. Crim. Pro. § 6(e). Reforms have been sought but none have been heeded by Congress or the SCOTUS: right to counsel in grand jury proceedings, Prosecutors advise grand jury of any known exculpatory info, Prosecutors not allowed to present to grand jury inadmissible evidence, targets given right to testify, witnesses given transcripts of their testimony, and not naming pe
  7. And there is your mistake. That’s why we go by evidence and what the law says instead of some video you saw on the internet. That’s the same reason why we don’t blindly believe Trump won the election without any proof. Come on man. (I know that last part was off topic but I was trying to make a point). That's why we get paid what we do. 🙂
  8. Says who? You? I think I’ll go with what the law actually said, not you. I took criminal procedure in law school. Did you? @mclaren4life even this article which argues that the warrant was illegal states that the warrant obtained was a “no knock” warrant. Opinion | Breonna Taylor’s death was the result of Louisville police’s illegal no-knock warrant - The Washington Post She's just the latest casualty of a judicial system that refuses to protect the Fourth Amendment. You’re getting off track here and talking about things it appears that you don’t und
  9. No it doesn’t make sense. Who cares what the witnesses say if the law holds that no knock warrants are legally permissible. The whole point about what the witnesses say does not matter one iota in this case. However, because of Breonna’s Law, which bans no knock warrants moving forward, in future cases such testimony would matter. Both you and Erik are discussing a point that does not matter in this case; that’s why I called you both out on it.
  10. Then why say this? 🤦‍♂️ Apparently you do because 178 posts in on this forum, and you have forgotten how to use the @ symbol. 🙂
  11. First, if you want to discuss reply to someone, please use the @ to tag a person or quote them. False. No knock warrants were valid under KY law prior to this case and the subsequent new law banning no knock warrants. Moreover, no knock warrants, like all warrants, must be obtained from a judge.
  12. Because the grand jury did not choose to indict. I answered above. Maybe, but what does qualified immunity have to do with this case? As stated, the case didn't even make it past the grand jury hearing, so the discussion of immunity is moot. Perhaps. There are good arguments on both sides, but I tend to agree with you. That's not the reason for qualified immunity. Read some law review articles on the pros and cons and rationale of the immunity doctrine. Since when is following the law "damning?" Prior to this case
  13. If the recreation is accurate, then that’s very sad. However, it’s difficult to pierce the police’s qualified immunity. The case didn’t even make it past the grand jury to even consider that point. Moreover, prosecutors have a lot of discretion. It’s a tough situation with no clear answers unfortunately.
  14. I agree with you there. However, I’m not going to be so quick to judge a person whom I don’t know just because they play slow, the media portrays him as a “mad scientist,” or he screwed up once in how he dealt with a camera guy. To me, it’s no different than that one guy at the drive thru that got your order wrong once or like a poster on this forum, like me 😂, who went off and got warning points. Haha. I’d hope we have a little more compassion, or at least patience, for each other than that.
  15. I doubt that’s the most important skill he needs to learn.
  16. He’s a proven cheater though. There’s a difference. That character flaw is measurable as a violation of the rules.
  17. Eh I think that card is overplayed. I don’t know any of these guys personally. Tiger cheated on his wife with troves of women and no one cares. BDC made a dumb comment toward a camera guy about his brand. So what? I try to give the benefit of a doubt and reserve judgment unless I know the person personally. This is true though it seems. I like his videos.
  18. Why? BDC is a proven winner. KB just makes ball go far haha. I’ve watched several of his course vlogs, and they are fun to watch though. I just think it’s cool to see a guy change everything to go after distance and play at the highest level. Pretty interesting to me.
  19. If it counts then I’ve had an albatross! 🤣
  20. I love this shaft because I like to get close to 50* descent with most clubs. This shaft pops the ball up very high. I like a really high ball flight as my default with every club in my bag except driver and 3w because I can always flight it down. I have them in stiff in my irons. (Taylormade R9 Forged TP from Japan).
  21. Tiger has always been short and to the point, but from the first question, he looked so uncomfortable. His speech is fast and bumbling. Then there was that very uncomfortable question later on too. He looks like a daddy Tiger protecting his kid from other animals haha. Like he doesn’t wanna say anything to these ppl.
  22. I looked at Tesla’s but I had my cpa collect some data for me, and I’m going to hold off on Tesla’s for a while.
  23. Eh, it’ll be my daily driver. My wife already has our family vehicle. I think it’ll fit my needs.
  24. 100% agree with this. I think that’s in part why some longer players still hit down or play with more spin. Also, BDC won the USO largely on carry. Ppl talked about how some guys outdrove him at times but fail to mention that BDC carried the ball to that spot. He hit noon balls up around 190 mph ball speed with a crazy steep descent angle to keep it in play while others hit the 40* or shallower descent angle to roll it up to where he was. Hitting the ball high and with spin keeps the ball from rolling too much like you said.
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