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  1. Welcome to TST. Seems like you really love golf and landed at the perfect place here. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
  2. Nave

    Golf Video Games

    What the Golf? Seriously... what the ...
  3. Nave

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    It will happen. Did you take lessons? I saw your swing videos and even though I am not a good golfer, it appears to me that you improved from your first to most recent videos.
  4. Nave

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    What a year: birdie to par, great memory with father, and freshly married - wonderful 🙂
  5. Nave

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    Interesting, seems that many of us had a multi-year layoff from golf. I also just returned to golf after almost three years.
  6. Nave

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    Well, you broke 70 at 66; that is fantastic! Congratulations!
  7. Nave

    Breaking 100/90/80/70

    That is impressive. Yeah, I also felt that professional instruction made a big difference for me. Especially sticking to the same instructor if he/she is a good. Well done; that is amazing.
  8. 1) How long (years or rounds) did it take you to break the magic numbers and 2) what did make it possible for you? 100: 1 year, in my sixth round. I practiced several times per week at the range and played in the simulator. I decided to hit the driver less far to be more accurate. 90: 2 years, after I broke 100 (did not play often). Recorded videos of my swing. Took 10 lessons with a myTPI instructor. Developed a practice routine and studied the courses layouts. My improved short game rescued me. 80: N/A 70: N/A Copy & paste for your reply: 100: Text 90: Text 80: N/A 70: N/A
  9. Welcome to TST. Good to have you on board and I agree that it is time for lessons first and worry about the clubs later. Enjoy!
  10. I watched it last night, it is an amazing documentary. It was so well filmed that my wife walked out of the room a few times because it was tough to digest and difficult to look at the risk Alex was taking. I think Alex Honnold's body and brain function in ways most of us cannot remotely imagine and that was documented (medically) very well. I highly recommend it, if you can handle the tension and sweaty hands. However, I have one question: Should this type of risk taking be allowed?
  11. Once another player joined our foursome. He was around 6'6 tall. Every time he hit the driver, the impact was extremely loud and one could hear the ball take off like a rocket. Seriously though. However his distance was always just under 300 yards. I was curious and checked his driver club head - it was an illegal 750 CC head. What's even the point? I thought tour pros actually use smaller clubheads for their drivers.
  12. Seems like many of us used the same calculator 🙂
  13. Yes, that was funny. I agree! Some day the TST will celebrate the White Belt Day 🙂 hahahahaha 🙂
  14. Welcome to TST and I hope your return to golf goes well.
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