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  1. Welcome to TST! Congratulations, it is great that you are part of this community now!
  2. Welcome to TST! Have fun.
  3. Welcome to TST. Great decision to take lessons at the beginning of your golf adventure. Looking forward to seeing your golf swing video in the future.
  4. Hello I am new to Dallas and I started practicing at the driving range of the Duck Creek Golf Club these days. If anyone is in the area, I'd be happy to meet and greet at the range. I usually practice on Tuesdays or Fridays.
  5. I'm 40 and I agree with you - I have used very expensive balls and I actually felt/saw the difference in the impact and distance. However the price-reward-ratio did not make sense for me as I lost the balls. For now I will use the cheapest I can find, and after I have lowered my score consistently I may switch to high-end balls again.
  6. Great that you are integrating golf as part of your settled lifestyle - welcome to TST.
  7. Nave

    Hello All

    This is one of the reasons why I keep playing golf. Welcome to TST.
  8. Welcome to TST. I lived in the UK for ten years. Glad that you joined the forum and found your way back to golf.
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