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  1. Hello. I moved out of Texas. Does anyone want to become the owner of this Dallas–Fort Worth Golfers club please? Thank you, Nave
  2. Welcome to TST. Looking forward to reading some of your comments and posts here.
  3. Welcome to TST! This forum is awesome and you are awesome!
  4. Welcome to TST. Many of us have gone through a similar journey as you. I enjoyed all the lows and all the highs. Have fun!
  5. Good call, and the raise is justified.
  6. Here is a comparison from skiing, a sport which heavily relies on legs. Hermann Maier, who was an Austrian Olympic skier: - August 2001: Crushed right leg in a motorcycle accident - Doctors recommended amputation or a risky complete reconstructive surgery and years of rehab with uncertain results - January 2003: Returned to the sport and won several championships at the elite level Hermann Maier was called The Herminator after his return. Every injury is different and every physique and mental capability is different. Tiger will be back; he wouldn't want to end his career
  7. Thank you all for the amazing responses. Hey @Darkfrog today I actually tried the mental concept for uphill/downhill putts after reading your post - thank you, that helped and gave me something to focus on! Until now I was just putting without any strategy. The comments here have become so valuable, that I will come back to them regularly as I practice. Sadly no typo. With around 4-5 foot putts I have a disastrous distance control. I putt either way too weak/strong and it gets further away or rolls in a different direction, then I need another two putts to get back. If I hit it clos
  8. You guys are awesome. I threw away everything, although I am still a gamer. Recently my wife and I started playing Beat Saber VR on the PS4 Pro. We are in the process of remodeling one of our rooms to a PC/console gaming room. I used to collect the Nintendo Game & Watch rare models and impulsively decided to sell every handheld and bought a new golf set with it. These days I am trying a couple of PSVR games, although I mostly play on my PC (Steam).
  9. * I mean my first birdie.
  10. Hey, thank you for your thorough feedback - you make valid counterpoints. My 4 feet average is 3-putts, and I am scheduled to participate in a series of putting workshops 😐 My iron accuracy is questionable it seems - you are right. It may be based on rescuing my terrible driver shots out of the roughs and bunkers and accurately getting me to the fairway and/or green. Even when I hit an e.g. 140 yard iron shot straight to the green, I walk the green with fear of 3-4-putting. If the ball is more than 4 feet away or at the fringe, then I am done. Once, and only that one time, I was lucky wit
  11. Great fact based no BS commentary. Sounds like she filtered out a series of different and significant injuries. He was well above average fit and hopefully will recover and return to a normal life.
  12. Thanks for your story. Seems like a realistic timeframe for me, too - as I read that in other posts as well. Maybe I am too optimistic to achieve that in only one year. I see. That's another factor which I will have to face. I broke 90 on my home course. I will probably get a reality check after I play more on other, perhaps more difficult courses. Thanks for your input! That is very interesting. I like the breakdown of what worked for you. My coach and I are working on a playbook for me and have set out specific goals to shave off strokes in particular areas of my weakness. Thanks
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