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  1. Welcome to TST! My experience here is that most participants appear humble, down to earth and have so far provided reasonable advice when I asked for it.
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth is renowned for its variety of golf options. Share your top picks for public golf courses the area. Texas Star Golf Course www.texasstargolf.com Tierra Verde Golf Club www.arlingtongolf.com The Tribute Golf Club www.thetributegc.com Dallas Cowboys Golf Club www.cowboysgolfclub.com Stevens Park Golf Course www.stevensparkgolf.com
  3. Great point and that's what I considered, too. I already checked tickets for Cowboys and Mavericks games in the upcoming season (I am a big NBA fan actually). Speaking of golf - recently the PGA relocated its headquarters to Frisco near Dallas. It is interesting that you have a team rooting retirement plan 😉
  4. Not yet; time will tell. I have not watched a single NFL game in my (European) life so far - I can still be swayed. Mavericks maybe, although I moved here too late and missed Dirk Nowitzki.
  5. To conclude, we have finally moved to Dallas.
  6. That's a great service! Impressive. Some suggestions: - Cool box packed with tiny pre-frozen face towels (for head and neck) - Umbrella - Cart - Golf sleeves (cooler than a long-sleeve shirt) - Mountable battery powered fan - Frozen water bottles
  7. Good luck and welcome to TST!
  8. Nave

    An intro

    Welcome to TST!
  9. Today I received a newsletter from Steam about their summer sale. There is one casual mini-golf game called Golf It - it is on 50% discount until July 10th. I have not tried it yet; it has pretty good reviews though. Save 50% on Golf It! on Steam Golf It! is a multiplayer Minigolf game with focus on a dynamic, fun and creative multiplayer experience. One of the most exciting features is a...
  10. Welcome to TST and welcome back to the game of golf!
  11. That is an amazing story @dogburger and such a coincidence that you played there, too. From tear gas to three rounds of golf and finally to a weekend competition - happy ending. Nice to meet you in this forum.
  12. Welcome to TST! I"m on my way to Texas.
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