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  1. Hey Alberto - what a coincidence that you live around there. Nice to meet you in this forum and thank you for your comment.
  2. Welcome to TST. Enjoy!
  3. Hello and welcome to TST. Home sweet home in a TX golf community - perfect!
  4. Hey! Welcome to TST. I wish you lots of fun on your golf journey!
  5. I usually use the cheapest bundle of branded lost balls I can find, otherwise I use whichever Titleist I have received as a gift. The balls in the photo are all gifts and I have kept them for the days when my handicap will be low enough to benefit from their quality. Today I realized that one has the year 2013 on the package - do golf balls have an expiration date? I have kept them at cool room temperatures, boxed in a shelf all this time.
  6. Welcome to TST. I feel that your set must be more meaningful and more enjoyable - like how Hattori Hanzō custom assembled his ninja sword selectively (Kill Bill movie). I wish you lots of fun on your return to golf!
  7. Welcome to TST. In regards to what you wrote: I've only experienced productive commentary, respectful and supportive members who seem to have fun regardless of handicap.
  8. Yeah, I agree and for me the best way to add that time/cool-down element is to play with others on the sim (we do that in winter). Basically playing 18 holes in a group.
  9. I don't. The reason I practice at the range is to improve my swing and work on fixing specific problems I had on the course. (I have a coach). The best way to "replicate an actual round" is to play actual golf or alternatively, in regards to your "replicate" question: play a round on the simulators that have a hydraulic platform (see picture). Sure, at the range you can start with the driver, change to long iron etc and end it with a putter and take a short break. However that only replicates the change of clubs. In my neighborhood almost all golf simulators have hydraulic platforms with artificial mats for rough, sand and fairway. (That's not me on the picture, it is the first image with a tilted platform that I found on the web)
  10. Nave

    Hi boys!!

    That is awesome! Welcome to TST. Looking forward to reading your posts.
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