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  1. Nave

    I'm New

    Welcome to TST
  2. Welcome to TST. Greetings from your German speaking 'neighbor', however I live in Dallas, TX now.
  3. Correction, Tiger is actually not in that series I mentioned above. He is in this video with them instead:
  4. Thank you for your comment and I wish you a good recovery!
  5. Recently I came across these golf adds and I thought that some of us (fanboys) may actually enjoy watching them. It is a series of ads in which the camera is rolling while Rory, Tiger, Jason and others are playing a golf scramble. You can find the series numbered as #5CRAMBLE HOLE 1, HOLE 2, etc. on YouTube. (I do not own any product from this brand and I am not promoting it. Just sharing for entertainment purposes). Here is the first video:
  6. 275 views and no comment. I guess it is because it is winter here and the holiday season?
  7. Welcome to TST from Dallas, TX. Your numbers sound good. I wish that your dream becomes reality.
  8. Welcome to TST. There is a Member Swings section where we can post videos of our swings and ask for feedback. The more actively you contribute to this forum, in other posts, the more feedback you may get for your swing video.
  9. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.
  10. If anyone wants to say hi, I often go to the driving range at the Highlands Performance Golf Center after work. It is in Carrollton. Besides that I am mostly in Dallas and Plano. The Highlands Golf Performance Center |
  11. Hi all After setting up the DFW club I was informed that it is a good idea to post here, too. If you are interested in meeting, please name the course you prefer to play at and post your level by replying to this post. So far we have @kbriscoe @txgolfer45 @OB-OG @vrw39 @dzclarkcpa @ShawnFenton @ElWagonne Club:
  12. Welcome to TST! Congratulations, it is great that you are part of this community now!
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