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  1. I've also been looking at the taylormade jetspeed.
  2. Thank you. I really dont know my handicap but it has to be quite high. I have a taylormade r7 460 driver in 10.5 degree with a stiff 60 fujikura shaft. I can hit well but not very often. I know a different driver isnt going to magically change my game but maybe I could get a little better forgiveness and a little more length. The 915 I was looking at was average condition with stiff shaft and 10.5 degree loft.
  3. How would a used 915 D2 driver treat a hack like me? I need a used driver that's forgiving enough that I can get fairly cheap. Getting custom fitted with brand new equipment is out of the question for me and I can pick up one of these drivers up for 100 bucks. What are your thoughts.
  4. I can't find much info on Founders Club Fresh Metal woods. You can get them on Amazon for 45 dollars and they have decent reviews on there. Has anybody used them and are they worth the money? I personally can't spend hundreds of dollars on one club so these are right in my budget. Thank you.
  5. Has anybody ever played single length irons? I'm new to the game and I have some trouble transitioning from club to club. The idea of all your clubs being the same length makes sense to me. What are your thoughts?
  6. I found a set of Cleveland CG4 CMM irons that comes with a taylormade r7 10.5 driver for 75 bucks. I am a new golfer and I'm not good in any sense. Would these be a good deal and are they hack friendly?
  7. I am fairly new to golf and I have a cheap set of golf clubs. I am developing my swing and I've been told its decent for a beginner. My problem is that I often hit thin or off the toe, sometimes missing or rolling on top of the ball. There's alot to be done with my swing but I'm 6'6" and I think my clubs are possibly too short. I cant afford a custom fitted set and I don't want to waste the time on cheap clubs. I found some Cleveland CG4 irons with a taylormade r7 driver for 75 bucks and I could add 1 to 1.5 inches to them. What are your thoughts?
  8. My cheapo putter seems to have the same lie angle and and is an inch longer than the ping and it sits pretty level for me. If I added 4 inches and choked down 3 inches that should give me the same angles as the cheapo while also giving me the counterweight I'm looking for. Would 4 inches be safe since I'd only be gripping an inch of it? I'm thinking about just adding the 3 inches for the counterbalanced grip and leaving it at that.
  9. Sorry I'm a little new to this. If I hold the putter flat to the ground it feels like I'm too far away from the ball. If I hold it where I want to where I'm closer to the ball the toe is pointed down and often rubs the ground. I have another cheapo putter that is an inch longer and appears to have the same lie angle and it feels more comfortable. I'm assuming if I add an inch plus the three inches to achieve the counterbalanced grip that the lie angle would work. I know adding 4 inches is a lot but since it's a putter I figured it would handle the stress.
  10. I have a 34" 388 gram ping ketsch cadence that I believe is too short for me and the toe hangs below the heel. I'm 6'6" and I want to either add 5 inches or replace the shaft and add a counterbalanced grip. If I just add length will that bring the lie angle up or willthe toe hang even more?
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