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  1. Mr_Slice

    Super Bowl

    The latest poll on ESPN: "Do you think officiating mistakes affected the outcome of Superbowl XL?" Yes - 62% No - 38% Somehow, I doubt the 62% of 80,000+ votes all came from Seattle. The whole world saw a poorly officated game yesterday and the Seahawks can at least hold their heads high knowing that they were, at a minimum , the equals of the champs. You're right, I overreacted. But I wasn't the only one that thought this game could have been much closer even with the Seahawks mistakes. Congrats on the title. I don't remember when the last one was, but I'm guessing this is
  2. Mr_Slice

    Super Bowl

    Erik, I've lived in Seattle a total of five years. My wife is from here and this is now where we've decided will be our home for as long as the Navy lets us stay here and when we retire. I never had any connection to Philly other than liking some players. I do have that connection now to Seattle, so back-off. You're in the minority on this one, man. 59% of the country thinks that officiating mistakes changed the outcome of game. And last night 39% said that poor officiating was the thing they'd remember most about this Super Bowl. I'm not the only one who KNOWS the Seahawks got screwed. Bu
  3. Mr_Slice

    Super Bowl

    Thanks for clearing up the pylon rule. I wasn't aware that both feet had to be in before hitting the pylong for it to count. Ben's TD was questionable. There was not conclusive evidence either way, which is why I can't be upset that they didn't overturn it. I see it bugs you that I'm calling out the East Coast bias. Well, maybe it's a little hard to swallow the truth. The entire Super Bowl event was about Pittsburgh with Seattle being a sideshow. From day one the media stories were slanted and that kept happening all the way through the officiating and advertising. Do you know how many of th
  4. Mr_Slice

    Super Bowl

    No, there were TWO touchdowns called back, and even the commentators said that the catch by Jackson in the back of the end zone should have been a TD. The other was when Jackson's left foot hit inbounds and his right foot hit the pylon. If you hit the pylon it's a TD, right? I'm not arguing Ben's QB dive for a TD. That was super-close and at least they reviewed it. But they didn't review the one I mentioned above where they called D-Jack out of bounds. And calling a penalty on Hasselbeck for making a tackle!? The entire game was full of bad calls. Holding calls were made when there wasn't ho
  5. Mr_Slice

    Super Bowl

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the NFL would so blatantly rig a game. East Coast bias is one thing but this entire Super Bowl was another. Two weeks of Pittsburgh this and Pittsburgh that, then hours of pre-game talking about Pittsburgh and then one horrible call after another. The zebras are the ones who should have won this game. All I wanted was a FAIR game and we couldn't even get that much. Makes me want to never watch another football game. As for Pittsburgh, they deserve to be congratulated. I'm not saying Seattle would have won, but I damn well know that without taking T
  6. These are my two favorite golfers so I would have preferred to vote for a tie. :)
  7. This was discussed a lot by the announcers during the Mercedes Championships. The way they put it, Michael was trying to give the finger to the PGA Tour. He wants to do what he wants to do and suffer no consequences for not following the rules of the Tour. Now, I don't necessarily agree with the PGA Tour rules, but Campbell knew what he was doing. If he does indeed want to be a "worldwide" player then that's fine, but many (Els, Goosen, etc.) have done the same thing and managed to keep their cards without ever having a problem. I personally don't like Campbell. Didn't like him winning the U
  8. Well, the bonus point tournaments really can carry you. I'm in 5th place overall and skipped one entire week and only managed 30-something points in the other. The two bonus point weeks my team did great, though.
  9. Mr_Slice

    2005 NFL Season

    True. And you were right. That was a close game and I think this one will be close, as well. I also adopted ALL Seattle teams when moving back here, since I now know this is going to be my home for most of the remainder of my life, so for the record I suffered through the Mariners season faithfully. Just clarifying my non-bandwagon status. :) That's fine and dandy, but this isn't college football. You can't choose your schedule in the NFL. They played the schedule they had and they dominated it, then they beat Washington despite playing a bad game and not having the NFL MVP and destr
  10. Mr_Slice

    2005 NFL Season

    It's amazing to me that the national media and general population are still giving NO respect to Seattle. Last night the polls were showing about a 65-70% favoring for Pittsburgh, and I got into work this morning and had to listen to eight-hundred excuses about how Carolina would have won if they had a running game. I can't help but be frustrated that no one can just accept and respect that the Seahawks have played the schedule given to them and beaten all comers. Last night was total domination. The game against Pitt will be a fun one for sure. I say it's pretty evenly matched and both
  11. Mr_Slice

    2005 NFL Season

    You also know a couple of guys in Washington who are absolutely giddy right now (and praying that the next 3 quarters are more of the same). Congrats to the Steelers! Edit: SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME!
  12. I changed my foursome on Monday evening based on the golfers that ESPN said would be playing. I did forget that the tournament started today, though, and now I have four golfers selected whom none of are actually playing. Guess I'll be dropping to the bottom of the group.
  13. Ditto. I was screaming all day Thursday and Friday about that pathetic coverage. Michelle Wie, in dead last place, and I have to watch every single shot she takes. Not once did I see an Adam Scott shot. Totally unacceptable to me. I don't care if she is the media darling or not, it's a golf tournament... it's a competitive, professional sports event and they made it into a paparazzi parade.
  14. I read the article, too, and planned to keep my eye on him. Apparently distance does mean something, since Mr. Watson took 4th place to himself in his first PGA Tour event. Considering the field, I think he more than impressed.
  15. He looked good all week. Well, his game looked good. He is actually looking pretty chunky.
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