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  1. I purchased it last year for the first time, and I think mine runs through Bay Hill or close to that. If you have free time on Thursday and Friday morning, it's well worth the purchase. I found out I really don't have a lot of free time those two days most weeks, so I didn't end up using it as much as I'd hoped. I'm not one who can go back and watch it if I already know the golfer scores. I did, however, watch Furyk finish off his 58 on PGA TOUR Live. So that was a highlight!
  2. I appreciate the honesty from Mcilroy now, but it would've been a lot better if he would've used that as his reasoning all along. The Zika excuse was used by several golfers, and I wonder how many just didn't feel like making the trip to Brazil and playing. I may be in the minority, but the Olympic golf thing didn't really move the needle for me. I watched a little, but I was more interested in the swimming and other events. I'll stick to the four majors, Players, FedEx Cup Playoffs, WGC events, Ryder/Presidents Cup, etc. for my most enjoyable golf events to watch on tv.
  3. I didn't think of that, but that's definitely valid reasoning. I try to follow the Web.com Tour more, but it's tough because a high number of events aren't on TGC. It was nice watching today without PGA TOUR competition. The same goes for college golf during the Mon-Wed NCAA Championship coverage.
  4. Hey Dave, I hope things are going well for you and your family! I've been off Facebook awhile, so I don't get to keep up with everyone as well anymore. Congrats on the win week one along with Kpaulhus! It's going to be a fun and super competitive season!
  5. Southern Hills in Tulsa comes to mind! Bring it on! It's a fantastic golf course and a great challenge, but the 2007 PGA Championship featured sweltering heat and humidity.
  6. My 9-year old and I played 18 holes last Wednesday. It was our first round in a couple months, and the weather was great for late December in Oklahoma (65 degrees, very little wind). I shot an 84. I had a bunch of pars, but a few doubles kept the round from being a lot better. Luke shot a 110 which is one of the best rounds he's ever shot. It was probably the best he has hit the ball over and 18-hole stretch. He got a Callaway golf net for Christmas, so we'll be hitting a lot of balls the next several years! Haha
  7. He won a month and a half after that, so I definitely don't think it kept him down too long. He was never going to outperform his amazing 2015 season, and quite frankly, he may never be that dominant again. He'll be a mainstay in the top 10 or 15 for a LONG TIME though! He's one of the faces of golf and for great reason. He wears his heart in his sleeve and sometimes looks like a baby, but he's a class act through and through. I can't ever fully commit to him because he went to Texas (said OK State was 2nd choice damnit), but he's one of the handful of golfers I always enjoy watching.
  8. Like a couple others stated, his priorities definitely changed. He once withdrew from the Canadian Open while in the lead to make the trip to see one of his kids born. The guy took some heat for it, but he has his things in the right order for sure. Then again, I'm rolling with a Swingin Pete avatar, so I'm clearly a huge Mahan fan. There's too much talent there for Hunter to disappear forever. He's had a rough go for awhile, but he'll be back in the spotlight at some point in time. At least I hope so. He was fun to watch when he got the irons dialed in!
  9. I'm a golf fan, so I'll watch a little bit of the Fall portion of the wraparound season if some of my favorites are in the mix, but I start ramping up interest with the Tournament of Champions! That being said, I pretty much go all in with the PGA TOUR when the action hits Scottsdale for the Waste Management. I used to use the Match Play as my starting point, but since that's been moved back later in the season, the 16th hole at Scottsdale now gets me going full speed ahead.
  10. The Players moving to May was a weather thing I believe. Rain was an issue quite often when it was played in March, although I loved having it before The Masters! I'm completely on board with the PGA Championship moving to May, and more importantly, the FedEx Cup Playoffs finishing Labor day weekend or before. The Playoffs have provided some very good golf in recent years, but the NFL swallows everything up once it starts. Haha. Very interesting stuff indeed! Trying to move things in order to avoid NFL competition is always a smart choice in the U.S.
  11. I'm in! I always visit the forum a couple weeks into the season and miss out on this league, but I got in this time around. I'm looking forward to it!
  12. I'll go with DJ winning his first when it comes to the men's game. It was long overdue, and I was happy to see it! That being said, my favorite 2016 major moment in all of golf was Brooke Henderson outdueling Lydia Ko and plenty others to win the Women's PGA. Fantastic final round and finish by the ladies!
  13. Sergio has a decent record here and will probably be in the mix on Sunday, and Justin Rose's tee-to-green game should be great at Riviera. That being said, we're all wanting a Rory-Jordan Sunday back-nine showdown! Things probably won't work out that way, but I bet it'll be a pretty star-studded leader board on Sunday.
  14. Novak Djokovic is on an insane run right now. Murray had a few openings today to make the Aussie Open Final close, but it wasn't to be. If Djokovic wins Roland Garros, he'll accomplish the career grand slam and Djokovic Slam. He's unreal right now! On a side note, it looks like Milos Raonic is close to joining the top group. I'm excited to watch him in 2016.
  15. I'm sure we all would've preferred to see Fowler, Day, etc. in contention today, but there are plenty of decent names near the top. One of the co-leaders is a former Players champ, and that Jimmy Walker fella is pretty good at golf too. Woodland, DJ, and many others certainly aren't out either because of the crazy weather.
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